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See also Romance, Comedy, Romantic Drama.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)Marc Webb
10 (1979)Blake Edwards
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)Gil Junger
12 Men of Christmas (2009)Arlene Sanford
20 Dates (1999)Myles Berkowitz
27 Dresses (2008)Anne Fletcher
27 Missing Kisses (2000)Nana Dzhordzhadze
30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968)Joseph McGrath
40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)Michael Lehmann
50 First Dates (2004)Peter Segal
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (2004)Jordan Hawley
90 Days (1985)Giles Walker
About Adam (2000)Gerard Stembridge
About Last Night... (1986)Edward Zwick
The Accidental Husband (2008)Griffin Dunne
Accidentally in Love (2011)David Burton Morris
According to Spencer (2001)Shane Edelman
Across the Moon (1995)Lisa Gottlieb
Adam & Steve (2005)Craig Chester
Adam and Evalyn (1949)Harold French
Adam's Rib (1949)George Cukor
Addicted to Love (1997)Griffin Dunne
The Admiral Was a Lady (1950)Albert S. Rogell
Advice from a Caterpillar (1999)Don Scardino
The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953)Don Weis
The Affairs of Martha (1942)Jules Dassin
The Affairs of Susan (1945)William A. Seiter
Affectionately Yours (1941)Lloyd Bacon
After Midnight (2004)Davide Ferrario
After Sex (2007)Eric Amadio
After Sex (2000)Cameron Thor
Afterglow (1997)Alan Rudolph
Agatha and the Storm (2004)Silvio Soldini
The Ages of Love (2011)Giovanni Veronesi
Alegre ma non troppo (1994)Fernando Colomo
Alex and Emma (2003)Rob Reiner
Alfie Darling (1976)Ken Hughes
Alias a Gentleman (1948)Harry Beaumont
All About Eve (1950)Joseph L. Mankiewicz
All About You (2001)Christine Swanson
All I Want (2002)Jeffrey Porter
All Men Are the Same (1994)Manuel Gómez Pereira
All Night Long (1981)Jean-Claude Tramont
All Over the Guy (2001)Julie Davis
All the Right Noises (1971)Gerry O'Hara
All the Vermeers in New York (1990)Jon Jost
The Allnighter (1987)Tamar Simon Hoffs
An Almost Perfect Affair (1979)Michael Ritchie
Almost You (1985)Adam Brooks
Along Came Polly (2004)John Hamburg
Always a Bride (1940)Noel M. Smith
An Amazing Couple (2002)Lucas Belvaux
The Ambassador's Daughter (1956)Norman Krasna
American Boyfriends (1989)Sandy Wilson
The American Mall (2008)Shawn Ku
American Wedding (2003)Jesse Dylan
Americano (2005)Kevin Noland
America's Sweethearts (2001)Joe Roth
Among Giants (1998)Sam Miller
Amore! (1993)Lorenzo Doumani
Amy's Orgasm (2001)Julie Davis
Anchors Aweigh (1945)George Sidney
And Baby Makes Three (1949)Henry Levin
And God Created Woman (1988)Roger Vadim
And So They Were Married (1936)Elliott Nugent
And the Angels Sing (1944)George E. Marshall
And They Lived Happily Ever After (2004)Yvan Attal
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever (1939)W. S. Van Dyke
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940)George B. Seitz
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble (1944)George B. Seitz
Andy Hardy's Double Life (1942)George B. Seitz
Angel (1937)Ernst Lubitsch
An Angel from Texas (1940)Ray Enright
Anger Management (2003)Peter Segal
Animal Behavior (1989)Kjehl Rasmussen, ...
Anna Magdalena (1998)Chung Man Yee
Annie Hall (1977)Woody Allen
The Annihilation of Fish (1999)Charles Burnett
Another Chance (1989)Jesse Vint
Another Cinderella Story (2008)Damon Santostefano
The Answer Man (2009)John Hindman
Antoine and Antoinette (1947)Jacques Becker
Anybody's Woman (1930)Dorothy Arzner
Anything But Love (2002)Robert Cary
Anything Else (2003)Woody Allen
The Apartment (1960)Billy Wilder
Appointment for Love (1941)William A. Seiter
Après vous... (2003)Pierre Salvadori
The April Fools (1969)Stuart Rosenberg
Are We There Yet? (2005)Brian Levant
Arlette (1997)Claude Zidi
The Art of Being Straight (2008)Jesse Rosen
The Art of Getting By (2011)Gavin Wiesen
The Artist (2011)Michel Hazanavicius
As Good As It Gets (1997)James L. Brooks
As You Like It (2006)Kenneth Branagh
As You Like It (1992)Christine Edzard
As You Like It (1936)Paul Czinner
Ask Any Girl (1959)Charles Walters
At First Sight (1995)Steven Pearl
At Long Last Love (1975)Peter Bogdanovich
Athena (1954)Richard Thorpe
Au Pair (1999)Mark Griffiths
Au Pair II (2001)Mark Griffiths
Avanti! (1972)Billy Wilder
Avenging Angelo (2002)Martyn Burke
The Awful Truth (1937)Leo McCarey
B. S. I Love You (1971)Steven Hilliard Stern
Baby Boom (1987)Charles Shyer
Baby, It's You (1983)John Sayles
Babycakes (1989)Paul Schneider
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)Irving Reis
Bachelor Apartment (1931)Lowell Sherman
Bachelor Bait (1934)George Stevens
Bachelor Flat (1962)Frank Tashlin
Bachelor Mother (1939)Garson Kanin
The Bachelor (1999)Gary Sinyor
BachelorMan (2003)John Putch
The Bachelor's Daughters (1946)Andrew L. Stone
The Back-up Plan (2010)Alan Poul
The Baker's Wife (1938)Marcel Pagnol
Ball of Fire (1941)Howard Hawks
The Bamboo Blonde (1946)Anthony Mann
Bar Girls (1994)Marita Giovanni
Barcelona (1994)Whit Stillman
Barefoot (2005)Til Schweiger
Barefoot in the Park (1967)Gene Saks
Barnie et ses petites contrariétés (2001)Bruno Chiche
The Baroness and the Butler (1938)Walter Lang
The Baxter (2005)Michael Showalter
Be Mine (2009)Dave Padilla
Beautiful Girl (2003)Douglas Barr
Beautiful Joe (2000)Stephen Metcalfe
Beautiful Lies (2010)Pierre Salvadori
Beauty & the Briefcase (2010)Gil Junger
Beauty and the Boss (1932)Roy Del Ruth
Because I Said So (2007)Michael Lehmann
Because of Him (1946)Richard Wallace
Bed & Breakfast (1991)Robert Ellis Miller
Bed & Breakfast: Love is a Happy Accident (2010)Marcio Garcia
Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)Rose Troche
Bedside Manner (1945)Andrew L. Stone
Bedtime Story (1941)Alexander Hall
Beg, Borrow or Steal (1937)William Thiele
Bell Book and Candle (1958)Richard Quine
Belle Epoque (1992)Fernando Trueba
The Belle of New York (1952)Charles Walters
Bells Are Ringing (1960)Vincente Minnelli
Benny & Joon (1993)Jeremiah S. Chechik
Best Friends (1982)Norman Jewison
The Best Man (1998)Pupi Avati
The Best Man (1999)Malcolm D. Lee
Betsy's Wedding (1990)Alan Alda
Better a Widow (1968)Duccio Tessari
Better Than Sex (2000)Jonathan Teplitzky
Big Business Girl (1931)William A. Seiter
Bigger Than the Sky (2005)Al Corley
The Biggest Fan (2002)Michael Criscione, ...
Billie (1965)Don Weis
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)Tommy O'Haver
The Bishop's Wife (1947)Henry Koster
The Black Marble (1980)Harold Becker
Blame It on Rio (1984)Stanley Donen
Blast from the Past (1999)Hugh Wilson
Blind Date (1987)Blake Edwards
Blind Date (1934)Roy William Neill
Blind Dating (2006)James Keach
Blindfold (1965)Philip Dunne
Blonde Ambition (2007)Scott Marshall
Blue Moon (2000)John A. Gallagher
Blue State (2007)Marshall Lewy
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938)Ernst Lubitsch
Bluff Master (2005)Rohan Sippy
Blume in Love (1973)Paul Mazursky
Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993)Michael Steinberg
Bollywood Queen (2002)Jeremy Wooding
Bollywood/Hollywood (2002)Deepa Mehta
Bongwater (1997)Richard Sears
Book of Love (1990)Robert Shaye
Boomerang (1992)Reginald Hudlin
Booty Call (1997)Jeff Pollack
Born Romantic (2000)David Kane
Born to Be Loved (1959)Hugo Haas
Born Yesterday (1993)Luis Mandoki
Born Yesterday (1950)George Cukor
Bossa Nova (2000)Bruno Barreto
The Bounty Hunter (2010)Andy Tennant
The Boy Friend (1971)Ken Russell
Boy Meets Girl (1998)Jerry Ciccoritti
Boy Toy (2011)Christie Will
A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004)Kevin Connor
Boyfriends (1996)Tom Hunsinger, ...
Boys and Girls (2000)Robert Iscove
Brassed Off (1996)Mark Herman
Bread & Tulips (2000)Silvio Soldini
Bread, Love and Dreams (1953)Luigi Comencini
The Break-Up (2006)Peyton Reed
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)Blake Edwards
Breakfast for Two (1937)Alfred Santell
Breakin' All the Rules (2004)Daniel Taplitz
Breaking All the Rules (1985)James Orr
Breaking Up (1997)Robert Greenwald
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (1979)Lou Antonio
The Breakup Artist (2004)Vincent Rubino
Breathing Room (1996)Jon Sherman
Bridal Fever (2008)Ron Oliver
Bridal Suite (1939)Wilhelm Thiele
The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941)William Keighley
The Bride Comes Home (1935)Wesley Ruggles
Bride for Sale (1949)William D. Russell
The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful (1956)Pierre Gaspard-Huit
The Bride Walks Out (1936)Leigh Jason
Bride Wars (2009)Gary Winick
The Bride Wore Boots (1946)Irving Pichel
The Bride Wore Red (1937)Dorothy Arzner
Brides Are Like That (1936)William McGann
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)Beeban Kidron
Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)Sharon Maguire
Bringing Up Baby (1938)Howard Hawks
Broadway Damage (1997)Victor Mignatti
Broken English (2007)Zoe R. Cassavetes
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000)Greg Berlanti
Brown Sugar (2002)Rick Famuyiwa
Burning Annie (2003)Van Flesher
A Business Affair (1994)Charlotte Brandstrom
But Not For Me (1959)Walter Lang
The Butcher's Wife (1991)Terry Hughes
Butterflies Are Free (1972)Milton Katselas
Buying the Cow (2002)Walt Becker
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953)David Butler
Café au lait (1993)Mathieu Kassovitz
Café Olé (2000)Richard Roy
Cain and Mabel (1936)Lloyd Bacon
Cake (2005)Nisha Ganatra
California Suite (1978)Herbert Ross
Camelot (1967)Joshua Logan
The Cameraman (1928)Edward Sedgwick
Camille (2007)Gregory Mackenzie
Can't Be Heaven (2000)Richard Friedman
Can't Buy Me Love (1987)Steve Rash
Can't Hardly Wait (1998)Harry Elfont, ...
Cape No. 7 (2008)Te-Sheng Wei
Caramel (2007)Nadine Labaki
Career Opportunities (1991)Bryan Gordon
Carefree (1938)Mark Sandrich
Carolina (2003)Marleen Gorris
Carry On Cruising (1962)Gerald Thomas
Carry on Emmannuelle (1978)Gerald Thomas
Carry On Jack (1964)Gerald Thomas
Carry On Nurse (1959)Gerald Thomas
Casual Sex? (1988)Geneviève Robert
The Cat and the Fiddle (1934)William K. Howard
Catch and Release (2006)Susannah Grant
Caught in the Draft (1941)David Butler
Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)Lee Toland Krieger
Celeste in the City (2004)Larry Shaw
Ceremony (2010)Max Winkler
César and Rosalie (1972)Claude Sautet
Cha-cha-chá (1998)Antonio del Real
Chalet Girl (2011)Phil Traill
Champagne (1928)Alfred Hitchcock
Chances Are (1989)Emile Ardolino
Chaos Theory (2007)Marcos Siega
Chapter Two (1979)Robert Moore
Charley's Aunt (1956)Hans Quest
Charly (2002)Adam Thomas Anderegg
Chasing Destiny (2001)Tim Boxell
Chasing Liberty (2004)Andy Cadiff
Chatterbox (1943)Joseph Santley
Chef's Special (2008)Nacho G. Velilla
Cherry (1999)Jon Glascoe, ...
Cherry (2010)Jeffrey Fine
Chicken Tikka Masala (2005)Harmage Singh Kalirai
Chicks, Man (1999)Jeremy Wagener
Chinese Odyssey 2002 (2002)Jeffrey Lau
Christmas in Boston (2005)Neill Fearnley
Christmas in Connecticut (1945)Peter Godfrey
Christmas in July (1940)Preston Sturges
The Church Mouse (1934)Monty Banks
A Cinderella Story (2004)Mark Rosman
City of Women (1980)Federico Fellini
Class (1983)Lewis John Carlino
Climbing High (1938)Carol Reed
Club Med (1986)Bob Giraldi
Clueless (1995)Amy Heckerling
Cluny Brown (1946)Ernst Lubitsch
Coast to Coast (1980)Joseph Sargent
The Coca-Cola Kid (1985)Dusan Makavejev
Coffee Date (2006)Stewart Wade
Cold Feet (1983)Bruce Van Dusen
Colombian Love (2004)Shay Kanot
Come Live With Me (1941)Clarence Brown
Come September (1961)Robert Mulligan
Comeback Season (2006)Bruce McCulloch
Coming Soon (1999)Colette Burson
Coming to America (1988)John Landis
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)P. J. Hogan
Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber (2005)Dana Lustig
Confessions of an American Bride (2005)Douglas Barr
Confetti (2006)Debbie Isitt
Confusion of Genders (2000)Ilan Duran Cohen
Continental Divide (1981)Michael Apted
Conversations with Other Women (2005)Hans Canosa
Cool Blue (1990)Mark Mullin, ...
Corrina, Corrina (1994)Jessie Nelson
Costa Brava (1995)Marta Balletbò-Coll
Cote d'Azur (2005)Olivier Ducastel, ...
A Couch in New York (1996)Chantal Akerman
The Counterfeit Contessa (1994)Ron Lagomarsino
A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)Charlie Chaplin
Courting Courtney (1997)Paul Tarantino
The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942)George B. Seitz
Cousin, cousine (1975)Jean Charles Tacchella
Cousins (1989)Joel Schumacher
Cover Girl (1944)Charles Vidor
Cowboys and Angels (2000)Gregory C. Haynes
Coyote Ugly (2000)David McNally
Crazy Eyes (2012)Adam Sherman
Crazy Moon (1987)Allan Eastman
The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder (1974)Arthur Hiller
Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)Glenn Ficarra, ...
Crazylove (2005)Ellie Kanner
Creator (1985)Ivan Passer
Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)Woody Allen
Crossing Delancey (1988)Joan Micklin Silver
Crush (2001)John McKay
Cry for Happy (1961)George E. Marshall
The Cure for Love (1949)Robert Donat
Curtain Call (1999)Peter Yates
Curtain Up (1952)Ralph Smart
Cyrus (2010)Jay Duplass, ...
Daddy Long Legs (1931)Alfred Santell
A Damsel in Distress (1937)George Stevens
Dance Hall (1941)Irving Pichel
Dancing Co-Ed (1939)S. Sylvan Simon
The Dancing Masters (1943)Malcolm St. Clair
Danny Deckchair (2003)Jeff Balsmeyer
Dark Eyes (1987)Nikita Mikhalkov
The Dark Side of the Heart (1992)Eliseo Subiela
Date Movie (2006)Aaron Seltzer
Date Night (2010)Shawn Levy
Dating the Enemy (1996)Megan Simpson Huberman
David & Layla (2006)Jay Jonroy
Dawg (2002)Victoria Hochberg
Dead Letter Office (1998)John Ruane
Deal of a Lifetime (1999)Paul Levine
The Deal (2008)Steven Schachter
Dear Claudia (1999)Chris Cudlipp
Dear Heart (1964)Delbert Mann
Dear Ruth (1947)William D. Russell
The Decoy Bride (2011)Sheree Folkson
Dedication (2007)Justin Theroux
Definitely, Maybe (2008)Adam Brooks
Delicious (1931)David Butler
Deliver Us from Eva (2003)Gary Hardwick
Design for Living (1933)Ernst Lubitsch
Design for Scandal (1941)Norman Taurog
Designing Woman (1957)Vincente Minnelli
Desire (1936)Frank Borzage
Desk Set (1957)Walter Lang
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)Susan Seidelman
The Devil to Pay! (1930)George Fitzmaurice
Devotion (1931)Robert Milton
Diana & Me (1997)David Parker
The Dilemma (2011)Ron Howard
Dinner and Driving (1997)Lawrence Trilling
Dinner at Eight (1933)George Cukor
Dirty Love (2005)John Mallory Asher
The Disorderly Orderly (1964)Frank Tashlin
The Divorce of Lady X (1938)Tim Whelan
Divorcing Jack (1998)David Caffrey
Do Not Disturb (1965)Ralph Levy
Doc Hollywood (1991)Michael Caton-Jones
The Doctor Takes a Wife (1940)Alexander Hall
Dog Park (1998)Bruce McCulloch
Don Juan DeMarco (1995)Jeremy Leven
A Dona da História (2004)Daniel Filho
Doña Herlinda and Her Son (1985)Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
Don't Do It (1994)Eugene Hess
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1999)Willi Patterson
Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990)Malcolm Mowbray
Dopamine (2003)Mark Decena
Double Harness (1933)John Cromwell
Down Argentine Way (1940)Irving Cummings
Down to Earth (2001)Chris Weitz, ...
Down to You (2000)Kris Isacsson
Down with Love (2003)Peyton Reed
Dr. T & the Women (2000)Robert Altman
Dream for an Insomniac (1996)Tiffanie DeBartolo
Dream Girl (1948)Mitchell Leisen
Dream Wife (1953)Sidney Sheldon
Drink Drank Drunk (2005)Tung-Shing Yee
Drive Me Crazy (1999)John Schultz
Dry Cleaning (1997)Anne Fontaine
The Eagle (1925)Clarence Brown
East Side of Heaven (1939)David Butler
East Side Story (2006)Carlos Portugal
Easy Living (1937)Mitchell Leisen
Easy to Love (1934)William Keighley
Easy to Wed (1946)Edward Buzzell
Easy Virtue (2008)Stephan Elliott
Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)Ang Lee
Eating Out (2004)Q. Allan Brocka
Edge of Seventeen (1998)David Moreton
Ed's Next Move (1996)John Walsh
The Egg and I (1947)Chester Erskine
Eight Days a Week (1997)Michael Davis
El mismo amor, la misma lluvia (1999)Juan José Campanella
Electric Dreams (1984)Steve Barron
The Electric Horseman (1979)Sydney Pollack
Elsa & Fred (2005)Marcos Carnevale
Elvis Has Left the Building (2004)Joel Zwick
Emergency Wedding (1950)Edward Buzzell
Emma (1996)Douglas McGrath
Enchanted April (1935)Harry Beaumont
The End (1978)Burt Reynolds
Enemies: A Love Story (1989)Paul Mazursky
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995)Christopher Monger
Enter Madame (1935)Elliott Nugent
Entropy (1999)Phil Joanou
Erotikon (1920)Mauritz Stiller
Eternally Yours (1939)Tay Garnett
Eve Knew Her Apples (1945)Will Jason
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993)Gus Van Sant
Ever Since Eve (1937)Lloyd Bacon
Every Girl Should Be Married (1948)Don Hartman
Every Man Needs One (1972)Jerry Paris
Everybody Wants to Be Italian (2007)Jason Todd Ipson
Everyone Says I Love You (1996)Woody Allen
Everything You Want (2005)Ryan Little
The Ex (2007)Jesse Peretz
Ex-Lady (1933)Robert Florey
Excess Baggage (1997)Marco Brambilla
Exit Smiling (1926)Sam Taylor
Expiration Date (2006)Rick Stevenson
Failure to Launch (2006)Tom Dey
Faintheart (2008)Vito Rocco
Faithful in My Fashion (1946)Sidney Salkow
Falling for Grace (2007)Fay Ann Lee
Falling in Love Again (1980)Steven Paul
Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door (2006)Armand Mastroianni
The Family Man (2000)Brett Ratner
Family Plan (2005)David S. Cass, Sr.
The Family Stone (2005)Thomas Bezucha
The Family Way (1966)John Boulting, ...
Fanfan (1993)Alexandre Jardin
Fanny and Elvis (1999)Kay Mellor
Fanny Hill (1983)Gerry O'Hara
The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935)Victor Fleming
The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953)Henry Levin
The Farmer's Wife (1928)Alfred Hitchcock
Fast and Loose (1930)Fred C. Newmeyer
Fast Company (1953)John Sturges
Fast Company (1938)Edward Buzzell
Fast Food Fast Women (2000)Amos Kollek
Father Goose (1964)Ralph Nelson
Father Takes a Wife (1941)Jack Hively
Father's Little Dividend (1951)Vincente Minnelli
The Favor (1994)Donald Petrie
Feeling Minnesota (1996)Steven Baigelman
Fetching Cody (2005)David Ray
Fever Pitch (2005)Bobby Farrelly, ...
Fever Pitch (1997)David Evans
Fight for Your Lady (1937)Ben Stoloff
Finding Bliss (2009)Julie Davis
Finding North (1998)Tanya Wexler
Fine Manners (1926)Richard Rosson
A Fine Romance (1991)Gene Saks
First Daughter (2004)Forest Whitaker
The First to Go (1997)John L. Jacobs
Fish Without a Bicycle (2003)Brian Austin Green
Fitzwilly (1967)Delbert Mann
The Five-Year Engagement (2012)Nicholas Stoller
The Flame of New Orleans (1941)René Clair
The Fleet's In (1942)Victor Schertzinger
Flight Angels (1940)Lewis Seiler
Flipped (2010)Rob Reiner
The Flirting Widow (1930)William A. Seiter
Flirting with Forty (2008)Mikael Salomon
Follow the Fleet (1936)Mark Sandrich
Follow Your Heart (1999)Lorenzo Doumani
Food of Love (1997)Stephen Poliakoff
Foolin' Around (1980)Richard T. Heffron
Fools for Scandal (1938)Mervyn LeRoy
Fools Rush In (1997)Andy Tennant
Fools Rush In (1949)John Paddy Carstairs
Footlight Serenade (1942)Gregory Ratoff
For Better and For Worse (1993)Paolo Barzman
For Better, For Worse (1954)J. Lee Thompson
For Heaven's Sake (1926)Sam Taylor
For Love of Ivy (1968)Daniel Mann
For Love or Money (1993)Barry Sonnenfeld
For Singles Only (1968)Arthur Dreifuss
For the Love of Mary (1948)Frederick De Cordova
Forces of Nature (1999)Bronwen Hughes
A Foreign Affair (1948)Billy Wilder
A Foreign Affair (2003)Helmut Schleppi
Forever Lulu (2000)John Kaye
Forever, Darling (1956)Alexander Hall
Forget Paris (1995)Billy Crystal
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)Nicholas Stoller
A Forgotten Tune for the Flute (1988)Eldar Ryazanov
Forsaking All Others (1934)W. S. Van Dyke
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)Mike Newell
The Four-Faced Liar (2010)Jacob Chase
Four's a Crowd (1938)Michael Curtiz
Frankie and Johnny (1991)Garry Marshall
Free and Easy (1941)George Sidney
French Exit (1995)Daphna Kastner
French Film (2008)Jackie Oudney
French Kiss (1995)Lawrence Kasdan
The French Kissers (2009)Riad Sattouf
The French Line (1954)Lloyd Bacon
French Without Tears (1940)Anthony Asquith
Friends & Lovers (1999)George Haas
Friends with Benefits (2011)Will Gluck
Friends With Money (2006)Nicole Holofcener
From Justin to Kelly (2003)Robert Iscove
From Prada to Nada (2011)Angel Gracia
The Fruit Is Ripe (1977)Sigi Rothemund
Full Ride (2002)Mark Hoeger
Funny About Love (1990)Leonard Nimoy
Funny Face (1957)Stanley Donen
Funny Valentine (2005)Jeff Oppenheim
The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957)Norman Taurog
Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (1983)Bruno Barreto
The Gang's All Here (1943)Busby Berkeley
The Gay Deception (1935)William Wyler
The Gay Lady (1949)Brian Desmond Hurst
Geek Charming (2011)Jeffrey Hornaday
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)Howard Hawks
Georgy Girl (1966)Silvio Narizzano
Get Well Soon (2001)Justin McCarthy
Getting It Right (1989)Randal Kleiser
Getting Married (1978)Steven Hilliard Stern
Getting Played (2005)David Silberg
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)Mark Waters
The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)Lee Kirk
Gigantic (2008)Matt Aselton
Gigli (2003)Martin Brest
The Gilded Lily (1935)Wesley Ruggles
Ginger in the Morning (1974)Gordon Wiles
Girl Fever (2002)Michael Davis
The Girl from Jones Beach (1949)Peter Godfrey
The Girl from Missouri (1934)Jack Conway
Girl Happy (1965)Boris Sagal
The Girl in the Café (2005)David Yates
The Girl in the Picture (1986)Cary Parker
The Girl Next Door (2004)Luke Greenfield
The Girl Said No (1930)Sam Wood
Girl Shy (1924)Fred C. Newmeyer, ...
The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped (1974)Bruce Bilson
The Girl with the Hat Box (1927)Boris Barnet
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob (1941)Richard Wallace
The Girls of Pleasure Island (1953)Alvin Ganzer, ...
Girls Will Be Girls (2003)Richard Day
Giving It Up (1999)Christopher Kublan
The Glass Bottom Boat (1966)Frank Tashlin
The Go-Getter (2007)Martin Hynes
God Is Great and I'm Not (2001)Pascale Bailly
The Goddess of 1967 (2000)Clara Law
God's Gift to Women (1931)Michael Curtiz
Going Steady (1958)Fred F. Sears
Going the Distance (2010)Nanette Burstein
The Golden Boys (2007)Daniel Adams
The Golden Coach (1953)Jean Renoir
Goldfish Memory (2003)Elizabeth Gill
Good Advice (2001)Steve Rash
The Good Fairy (1935)William Wyler
The Good Guy (2009)Julio DePietro
Good Luck Chuck (2007)Mark Helfrich
A Good Marriage (1982)Éric Rohmer
The Good Night (2007)Jake Paltrow
Goodbye Charlie (1964)Vincente Minnelli
The Goodbye Girl (1977)Herbert Ross
The Goodbye Girl (2004)Richard Benjamin
Goodbye, Columbus (1969)Larry Peerce
Goodbye, My Fancy (1951)Vincent Sherman
Gorgeous (1999)Vincent Kok
The Graduate (1967)Mike Nichols
Gray Matters (2006)Sue Kramer
Grease (1978)Randal Kleiser
Grease 2 (1982)Patricia Birch
The Great Lover (1949)Alexander Hall
The Greengage Summer (1961)Lewis Gilbert
Gregory's Girl (1981)Bill Forsyth
The Groom Wore Spurs (1951)Richard Whorf
Grounds For Marriage (1951)Robert Z. Leonard
Grumpier Old Men (1995)Howard Deutch
Guess Who (2005)Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Guest Wife (1945)Sam Wood
The Guru (2002)Daisy von Scherler Mayer
A Guy Thing (2003)Chris Koch
The Hairdresser's Husband (1990)Patrice Leconte
Hairshirt (2001)Dean Paras
Hands Across the Table (1935)Mitchell Leisen
Happiness Ahead (1934)Mervyn LeRoy
Happy Accidents (2000)Brad Anderson
Happy Together (1989)Mel Damski
HappyThankYouMorePlease (2010)Josh Radnor
Hard Promises (1991)Martin Davidson
Hard to Get (1938)Ray Enright
Harold Teen (1934)Murray Roth
Hav Plenty (1997)Christopher Scott Cherot
Having Wonderful Time (1938)Alfred Santell
He Said, She Said (1991)Ken Kwapis, ...
Head Over Heels (1979)Joan Micklin Silver
Head Over Heels (2001)Mark Waters
Heartaches (1981)Donald Shebib
The Heartbreak Kid (2007)Bobby Farrelly, ...
The Heartbreak Kid (1972)Elaine May
Heartbreaker (2010)Pascal Chaumeil
Heaven Can Wait (1943)Ernst Lubitsch
The Heavenly Body (1943)Alexander Hall
Hello, Dolly! (1969)Gene Kelly
Henry's Crime (2010)Malcolm Venville
Her Best Move (2007)Norm Hunter
Her Man Gilbey (1944)Harold French
Her Minor Thing (2005)Charles Matthau
Her Wedding Night (1930)Frank Tuttle
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)Alexander Hall
Here Comes the Navy (1934)Lloyd Bacon
Heroes and Villains (2006)Selwyn Roberts
He's Just Not That Into You (2009)Ken Kwapis
He's on My Mind (2009)Kazeem Molake
He's Such a Girl (2009)Sean Carr
Hi-Life (1998)Roger Hedden
High Spirits (1988)Neil Jordan
His Butler's Sister (1943)Frank Borzage
His Girl Friday (1940)Howard Hawks
His Private Secretary (1933)Phil H. Whitman
Hitch (2005)Andy Tennant
Holiday (1938)George Cukor
Holiday (1930)Edward H. Griffith
Holiday Affair (1949)Don Hartman
Holiday Affair (1996) Alan Myerson
Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)Ron Underwood
The Holiday (2006)Nancy Meyers
Home Fries (1998)Dean Parisot
Honeymoon (1947)William Keighley
Honeymoon Academy (1990)Gene Quintano
Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)Andrew Bergman
The Honeymooners (2003)Karl Golden
Honky Tonk (1941)Jack Conway
Hope Springs (2003)Mark Herman
The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962)Richard Thorpe
Hot Water (1924)Fred C. Newmeyer, ...
Hotel de Love (1996)Craig Rosenberg
The Hottie and the Nottie (2008)Tom Putnam
House Calls (1978)Howard Zieff
Houseboat (1958)Melville Shavelson
The Housekeeper (2002)Claude Berri
HouseSitter (1992)Frank Oz
How Do You Know (2010)James L. Brooks
How Much Do You Love Me? (2005)Bertrand Blier
How Sweet It Is! (1968)Jerry Paris
How To Commit Marriage (1969)Norman Panama
How to Go Out on a Date in Queens (2006)Michelle Danner
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)Donald Petrie
How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)Jean Negulesco
How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life (1968)Fielder Cook
Hugo Pool (1997)Robert Downey, Sr.
Hysteria (2011)Tanya Wexler
I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)Amy Heckerling
I Do (But I Don't) (2004)Kelly Makin
I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (2006)Eric Lartigau
I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore (1992)Robert Marcarelli
I Dream Too Much (1935)John Cromwell
I Hate Valentine's Day (2009)Nia Vardalos
I Like Your Nerve (1931)William McGann
I Live My Life (1935)W. S. Van Dyke
I Love N.Y. (1988)Gianni Bozzacchi (as "Alan Smithee")
I Love Trouble (1994)Charles Shyer
I Love You Baby (2001)Alfonso Albacete, ...
I Love You Too (2010)Daina Reid
I Love You, Don't Touch Me! (1997)Julie Davis
I Love You, Man (2009)John Hamburg
I Married an Angel (1942)W. S. Van Dyke
I Met Him in Paris (1937)Wesley Ruggles
I Think I Do (1997)Brian Sloan
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006)Jeff Garlin
I Was a Male War Bride (1949)Howard Hawks
I Was a Teenage Faust (2002)Thom Eberhardt
I Will, I Will... for Now (1976)Norman Panama
I.Q. (1994)Fred Schepisi
An Ideal Husband (1947)Alexander Korda
An Ideal Husband (1999)Oliver Parker
If a Man Answers (1962)Henry Levin
If Lucy Fell (1996)Eric Schaeffer
If Only (2004)Gil Junger
If You Could Only Cook (1935)William A. Seiter
If You Only Knew (2000)David Snedeker
I'll Be There (2003)Craig Ferguson
I'll Be Yours (1947)William A. Seiter
I'll Take Sweden (1965)Frederick De Cordova
I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006)Chan-wook Park
I'm No Angel (1933)Wesley Ruggles
I'm Reed Fish (2006)Zackary Adler
I'm Through with White Girls (2007)Jennifer Sharp
I'm with Lucy (2002)Jon Sherman
Imagine Me & You (2005)Ol Parker
The Impatient Years (1944)Irving Cummings
The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)Anthony Asquith
Impromptu (1991)James Lapine
In July (2000)Fatih Akin
In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)Alex Holdridge
In the Land of Women (2006)Jon Kasdan
In the Weeds (2000)Michael Rauch
Indiscreet (1958)Stanley Donen
The Inkwell (1994)Matty Rich
Intolerable Cruelty (2003)Joel Coen
Invitation to the Wedding (1983)Joseph Brooks
Iris Blond (1999)Carlo Verdone
Irma la Douce (1963)Billy Wilder
It (1927)Clarence G. Badger
It Could Happen to You (1994)Andrew Bergman
It Had to Be You (2000)Steven Feder
It Had to Be You (1947)Don Hartman, ...
It Happened One Night (1934)Frank Capra
It Should Happen to You (1954)George Cukor
It Started in Naples (1960)Melville Shavelson
It Started with a Kiss (1959)George E. Marshall
It Takes Two (1995)Andy Tennant
Italian for Beginners (2000)Lone Scherfig (uncredited)
Italian Movie (1993)Roberto Monticello
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)Nick Hurran
It's Complicated (2009)Nancy Meyers
It's Love I'm After (1937)Archie Mayo
It's My Turn (1980)Claudia Weill
It's Not You, It's Me (2004)Juan Taratuto
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)Jamie Babbit
Jack and Jill vs. the World (2008)Vanessa Parise
Jack and Sarah (1995)Tim Sullivan
Jack Goes Boating (2010)Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002)David Michael Latt
Janice Beard: 45 Words Per Minute (1999)Clare Kilner
Janice Meredith (1924)E. Mason Hopper
Janie (1944)Michael Curtiz
Je préfère qu'on reste amis (2005)Olivier Nakache, ...
Jeannie (1941)Harold French
Jeffrey (1995)Christopher Ashley
The Jerk Theory (2009)Scott S. Anderson
Jersey Girl (2004)Kevin Smith
Jet Lag (2002)Danièle Thompson
Jet Pilot (1957)Josef von Sternberg
Jewel Robbery (1932)William Dieterle
Jimmy the Gent (1934)Michael Curtiz
Jit (1990)Michael Raeburn
Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)John Patrick Shanley
John and Mary (1969)Peter Yates
John Loves Mary (1949)David Butler
Joy of Sex (1984)Martha Coolidge
Judge Hardy's Children (1938)George B. Seitz
Julia Has Two Lovers (1991)Bashar Shbib
Juliet of the Spirits (1965)Federico Fellini
Just a Gigolo (1931)Jack Conway
Just a Kiss (2002)Fisher Stevens
Just a Walk in the Park (2002)Steven Schachter
Just Add Water (2008)Hart Bochner
Just Desserts (2004)Kevin Connor
Just Friends (2005)Roger Kumble
Just Go With It (2011)Dennis Dugan
Just Like Heaven (2005)Mark Waters
Just Married (2003)Shawn Levy
Just Tell Me What You Want (1980)Sidney Lumet
Just the Ticket (1999)Richard Wenk
Just the Way You Are (1984)Edouard Molinaro
Just Wright (2010)Sanaa Hamri
Just Write (1997)Andrew Gallerani
Kansas City Princess (1934)William Keighley
Kate & Leopold (2001)James Mangold
Keeping the Faith (2000)Edward Norton
Kettle of Fish (2006)Claudia Myers
Key to the City (1950)George Sidney
The Keyhole (1933)Michael Curtiz
Kill the Man (1999)Tom Booker, ...
Kimberly (1999)Frederic Golchan
The King and the Chorus Girl (1937)Mervyn LeRoy (uncredited)
Kiss and Make-Up (1934)Harlan Thompson
Kiss Me Goodbye (1982)Robert Mulligan
Kiss Me Kate (1953)George Sidney
Kiss Me, Stupid (1964)Billy Wilder
Kiss the Bride (2002)Vanessa Parise
Kiss the Bride (2007)C. Jay Cox
Kiss Them for Me (1957)Stanley Donen
The Kiss (2003)Gorman Bechard
Kisses for Breakfast (1941)Lewis Seiler
Kissing a Fool (1998)Doug Ellin
Kissing Cousins (2008)Amyn Kaderali
Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Knocked Up (2006)Judd Apatow
L.A. Story (1991)Mick Jackson
L.A. Without a Map (1998)Mika Kaurismäki
La bonne soupe (1964)Robert Thomas
La Boum (1980)Claude Pinoteau
La Boum 2 (1982)Claude Pinoteau
Labor Pains (2009)Lara Shapiro
Labor Pains (2000)Tracy Alexson
Ladies' Day (1943)Leslie Goodwins
Ladies in Love (1936)Edward H. Griffith
Ladies Should Listen (1934)Frank Tuttle
The Lady Eve (1941)Preston Sturges
Lady in a Jam (1942)Gregory La Cava
The Lady Is Willing (1942)Mitchell Leisen
A Lady of Chance (1928)Robert Z. Leonard
The Lady of Scandal (1930)Sidney Franklin
The Lady Says No (1952)Frank Ross
A Lady Takes a Chance (1943)William A. Seiter
Lady with a Past (1932)Edward H. Griffith
L'Animal (1977)Claude Zidi
Larry Crowne (2011)Tom Hanks
The Last Fling (1987)Corey Allen
Late Bloomers (1996)Julia Dyer
Latin Lovers (1953)Mervyn LeRoy
Laughter (1930)Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast
Law of Desire (1987)Pedro Almodóvar
Laws of Attraction (2004)Peter Howitt
Lazybones (1935)Michael Powell
Le cavaleur (1979)Philippe de Broca
Le coeur des hommes (2003)Marc Esposito
Le courage d'aimer (2005)Claude Lelouch
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain (2001)Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Leap Year (2010)Anand Tucker
Leatherheads (2008)George Clooney
L'Effrontée (1985)Claude Miller
Left Right and Centre (1959)Sidney Gilliat
Legal Eagles (1986)Ivan Reitman
Lena's Holiday (1991)Michael Keusch
Leo and Loree (1980)Jerry Paris
Les grandes manoeuvres (1955)René Clair
Let the Game Begin (2010)Amit Gupta
Let Us Be Gay (1930)Robert Z. Leonard
Let's Dance (1950)Norman Z. McLeod
Let's Live a Little (1948)Richard Wallace
Let's Make It Legal (1951)Richard Sale
Let's Make Love (1960)George Cukor
A Letter for Evie (1946)Jules Dassin
Letter to Brezhnev (1985)Chris Bernard
A Letter to Three Wives (1949)Joseph L. Mankiewicz
L'Étudiante (1998)Claude Pinoteau
L'homme de ma vie (1992)Jean-Charles Tacchella
Libeled Lady (1936)Jack Conway
Liberal Arts (2012)Josh Radnor
License to Wed (2007)Ken Kwapis
Lie Down with Dogs (1995)Wally White
Lies & Alibis (2006)Kurt Mattila, ...
Life as We Know It (2010)Greg Berlanti
Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941)George B. Seitz
A Life Less Ordinary (1997)Danny Boyle
Life or Something Like It (2002)Stephen Herek
Life Without Dick (2002)Bix Skahill
Lilacs in the Spring (1954)Herbert Wilcox
Lily, aime-moi (1975)Maurice Dugowson
Listen, Darling (1938)Edwin L. Marin
A Little Bit of Heaven (2011)Nicole Kassell
Little Black Book (2004)Nick Hurran
Little City (1997)Roberto Benabib
The Little Hut (1957)Mark Robson
Little Manhattan (2005)Mark Levin
Little Miss Marker (1980)Walter Bernstein
Little Old New York (1923)Sidney Olcott
A Little Romance (1979)George Roy Hill
A Little Sex (1982)Bruce Paltrow
Little White Lies (1989)Anson Williams
Live a Little, Love a Little (1968)Norman Taurog
Living on Love (1937)Lew Landers
Living on Tokyo Time (1987)Steven Okazaki
Living Out Loud (1998)Richard LaGravenese
Loco Love (2003)Bryan Lewis
Lola (1970)Richard Donner
Lola Versus (2012)Daryl Wein
Lonely Hearts (1982)Paul Cox
The Long, Long Trailer (1954)Vincente Minnelli
Look at Me (2004)Agnès Jaoui
Loose Ankles (1930)Ted Wilde
Loser (2000)Amy Heckerling
Lost & Found (1999)Jeff Pollack
Lost and Found (1979)Melvin Frank
A Lot Like Love (2005)Nigel Cole
Louisa (1950)Alexander Hall
Love & Other 4 Letter Words (2007)Steven Ayromlooi
Love & Sex (2000)Valerie Breiman
Love Actually (2003)Richard Curtis
Love Among Thieves (1987)Roger Young
Love and Action in Chicago (1999)Dwayne Johnson-Cochran
Love and Other Catastrophes (1996)Emma-Kate Croghan
Love and Other Disasters (2006)Alek Keshishian
Love and Other Drugs (2010)Edward Zwick
Love at First Hiccup (2009)Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Love Before Breakfast (1936)Walter Lang
Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health (1996)Manuel Gómez Pereira
Love Crazy (1941)Jack Conway
Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003)Troy Beyer
Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938)George B. Seitz
Love for Rent (2005)Shane Edelman
Love Hurts (2009)Barra Grant
Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961)Jack Sher
Love in a Puff (2010)Ho-Cheung Pang
Love in the Afternoon (1957)Billy Wilder
Love Is a Four Letter Word (2007)Harvey Frost
Love Is a Racket (1932)William A. Wellman
Love Is All There Is (1996)Joseph Bologna, ...
Love Is Better Than Ever (1952)Stanley Donen
Love Is Eternal While It Lasts (2004)Carlo Verdone
Love Is News (1937)Tay Garnett
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1946)Willis Goldbeck
The Love Letter (1999)Peter Chan
Love Life (2001)Ray Brady
Love on a Bet (1936)Leigh Jason
Love on the Run (1936)W. S. Van Dyke
Love on the Side (2004)Vic Sarin
Love Potion No. 9 (1992)Dale Launer
Love with the Proper Stranger (1963)Robert Mulligan
Love Wrecked (2005)Randal Kleiser
Love, etc. (1996)Marion Vernoux
Love, Sex and Eating the Bones (2003)David Sutherland
Love, Wedding, Marriage (2011)Dermot Mulroney
Lovelife (1997)Jon Harmon Feldman
Lover Come Back (1946)William A. Seiter
Lover Come Back (1961)Delbert Mann
Lovers and Other Strangers (1970)Cy Howard
Lover's Knot (1996)Peter Shaner
The Lovers! (1973)Herbert Wise
Love's Brother (2004)Jan Sardi
Love's Kitchen (2011)James Hacking
Love's Labour's Lost (2000)Kenneth Branagh
Loves of a Blonde (1965)Milos Forman
Lovesick (1983)Marshall Brickman
Lovesickness (2007)Mariem Pérez Riera, ...
Loving Couples (1980)Jack Smight
Loving Jezebel (1999)Kwyn Bader
Lucas (1986)David Seltzer
The Luck of the Irish (1948)Henry Koster
Lucky 13 (2005)Chris Hall
Lucky 7 (2003)Harry Winer
Lucky Break (1994)Ben Lewin
Lucky Me (1954)Jack Donohue
Lucky Partners (1940)Lewis Milestone
Luminarias (2000)José Luis Valenzuela
Lunatics: A Love Story (1991)Josh Becker
Mad About Mambo (2000)John Forte
Mad About You (1990)Lorenzo Doumani
Madagascar Skin (1995)Chris Newby
Made for Each Other (1939)John Cromwell
Made in Heaven (1952)John Paddy Carstairs
Made in Paris (1966)Boris Sagal
Made of Honor (2008)Paul Weiland
Mademoiselle (2001)Philippe Lioret
The Magic Flute (1975)Ingmar Bergman
Magic Town (1947)William A. Wellman
Maid in Manhattan (2002)Wayne Wang
The Maid (1991)Ian Toynton
Maid's Night Out (1938)Ben Holmes
Maisie Gets Her Man (1942)Roy Del Ruth
The Major and the Minor (1942)Billy Wilder
A Majority of One (1962)Mervyn LeRoy
Make Way for a Lady (1936)David Burton
Making Mr. Right (1987)Susan Seidelman
Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed (1989)Coline Serreau
Man About Town (1947)René Clair
Man Trouble (1992)Bob Rafelson
Man Wanted (1932)William Dieterle
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (1935)Stephen Roberts
The Man Who Loved Redheads (1955)Harold French
The Man Who Loved Women (1977)François Truffaut
The Man with Rain in His Shoes (1998)Maria Ripoll
Man-Proof (1938)Richard Thorpe
Management (2008)Stephen Belber
Manhattan (1979)Woody Allen
Mannequin (1987)Michael Gottlieb
Mannequin: On the Move (1991)Stewart Raffill
Man's Favorite Sport (1964)Howard Hawks
Manuale d'amore (2005)Giovanni Veronesi
Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (2005)Randall Miller
Marius (1931)Alexander Korda, ...
Marius and Jeannette (1997)Robert Guédiguian
Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944)Robert Z. Leonard
Marriage Italian-Style (1964)Vittorio De Sica
The Marriage-Go-Round (1961)Walter Lang
Marry Me! Marry Me! (1968)Claude Berri
The Marrying Kind (1952)George Cukor
The Marrying Man (1991)Jerry Rees
Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence (1998)Nick Hamm
Marty (1955)Delbert Mann
The Match (1999)Mick Davis
The Matchmaker (1958)Joseph Anthony
The MatchMaker (1997)Mark Joffe
The Mating Game (1959)George E. Marshall
The Mating Season (1980)John Llewellyn Moxey
A Matter of Resistance (1966)Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Maybe Baby (2000)Ben Elton
Maytime in Mayfair (1949)Herbert Wilcox
Me & Mrs. Jones (2002)Catherine Morshead
Me and Mrs. Jones (2001)Allen White
Me Myself I (1999)Pip Karmel
The Medicine Man (1930)Scott Pembroke
Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956)Roy Rowland
Meet Prince Charming (1999)Brett Parker
Meet the Parents (2000)Jay Roach
Men... (1985)Doris Dörrie
The Merry Widow (1934)Ernst Lubitsch
The Mexican (2001)Gore Verbinski
Micki + Maude (1984)Blake Edwards
Midnight (1939)Mitchell Leisen
Midnight in Paris (2011)Woody Allen
Midnight Talks (2008)Maciej Zak
Midsummer (1999)James Kerwin
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)Michael Hoffman
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1996)Adrian Noble
Mifune (1999)Søren Kragh-Jacobsen (uncredited)
Milk Money (1994)Richard Benjamin
Million Dollar Baby (1941)Curtis Bernhardt
A Millionaire for Christy (1951)George E. Marshall
The Millionairess (1960)Anthony Asquith
Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)John Cassavetes
Miracle Beach (1992)Skott Snider
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944)Preston Sturges
The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)Barbra Streisand
The Misadventures of Margaret (1998)Brian Skeet
The Misfits (1961)John Huston
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)Bharat Nalluri
The Model and the Marriage Broker (1951)George Cukor
A Modern Affair (1996)Vern Oakley
Modern Romance (1981)Albert Brooks
Mojave Moon (1996)Kevin Dowling
Moment by Moment (1978)Jane Wagner
The Mona Lisa Has Been Stolen (1966)Michel Deville
Monique (2002)Valérie Guignabodet
Monster-in-Law (2005)Robert Luketic
Monte Carlo (2011)Thomas Bezucha
Monte Carlo (1930)Ernst Lubitsch
A Month by the Lake (1995)John Irvin
Moonstruck (1987)Norman Jewison
More Than a Secretary (1936)Alfred E. Green
The More the Merrier (1943)George Stevens
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (2005)George Bamber
Move Over, Darling (1963)Michael Gordon
Movie Crazy (1932)Clyde Bruckman
The Movie Hero (2003)Brad T. Gottfred
Mozart and the Whale (2005)Petter Naess
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941)Alfred Hitchcock
Mr. Fix It (2006)Darin Ferriola
Mr. Jealousy (1997)Noah Baumbach
Mr. Lucky (1943)H. C. Potter
Mr. Wonderful (1993)Anthony Minghella
Mr. Write (1994)Charlie Loventhal
Mr. Wrong (1996)Nick Castle
Mrs. Miracle (2009)Michael M. Scott
Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith (2009)Armand Mastroianni
Much Ado About Nothing (1993)Kenneth Branagh
Mumford (1999)Lawrence Kasdan
Muriel's Wedding (1994)P. J. Hogan
Murphy's Romance (1985)Martin Ritt
Music From Another Room (1998)Charlie Peters
Must Love Dogs (2005)Gary David Goldberg
My Best Friend's Girl (1983)Bertrand Blier
My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)P. J. Hogan
My Best Girl (1927)Sam Taylor
My Boss's Daughter (2003)David Zucker
My Boyfriend's Back (1993)Bob Balaban
My Dear Secretary (1949)Charles Martin
My Fair Lady (1964)George Cukor
My Fake Fiancé (2009)Gil Junger
My Father the Hero (1991)Gérard Lauzier
My Father the Hero (1994)Steve Miner
My Favorite Brunette (1947)Elliott Nugent
My Favorite Wife (1940)Garson Kanin
My First Mister (2001)Christine Lahti
My First Wedding (2005)Laurent Firode
My Friend Irma (1949)George E. Marshall
My Future Boyfriend (2011)Michael Lange
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (1999)Kenneth Schapiro
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2010)Daryn Tufts
My Last Five Girlfriends (2009)Julian Kemp
My Love Came Back (1940)Curtis Bernhardt
My Lucky Star (1938)Roy Del Ruth
My Man Godfrey (1936)Gregory La Cava
My Sassy Girl (2008)Yann Samuell
My Sassy Girl (2001)Jae-young Kwak
My Suicidal Sweetheart (2005)Michael Parness
My Teacher's Wife (1995)Bruce Leddy
My Tutor (1983)George Bowers
My Wife Is an Actress (2001)Yvan Attal
My Wife's Best Friend (1952)Richard Sale
Mystic Pizza (1988)Donald Petrie
Naked in New York (1993)Daniel Algrant
Naughty Arlette (1949)Edmond T. Gréville
Navy Blues (1929)Clarence Brown
Near Mrs. (1992)Baz Taylor
The Neighbor (2007)Eddie O'Flaherty
Neptune's Daughter (1949)Edward Buzzell
Nervous Ticks (1993)Rocky Lang
Never a Dull Moment (1950)George E. Marshall
Never Again (2001)Eric Schaeffer
Never Been Kissed (1999)Raja Gosnell
Never Say Die (1939)Elliott Nugent
Never Wave at a WAC (1952)Norman Z. McLeod
New in Town (2009)Jonas Elmer
A New Kind of Love (1963)Melville Shavelson
A New Leaf (1971)Elaine May
The Next Best Thing (2000)John Schlesinger
Next Stop Wonderland (1998)Brad Anderson
A Nice Girl Like Me (1969)Desmond Davis
Nice Girl? (1941)William A. Seiter
Nice Girls Don't Explode (1987)Chuck Martinez
Nice Guys Sleep Alone (1999)Stu Pollard
Nick and Jane (1997)Richard Mauro
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)Peter Sollett
The Night We Never Met (1993)Warren Leight
Nina Takes a Lover (1994)Alan Jacobs
Nine Months (1995)Chris Columbus
Ninotchka (1939)Ernst Lubitsch
No More Ladies (1935)Edward H. Griffith
No Reservations (2007)Scott Hicks
No Small Affair (1984)Jerry Schatzberg
No Strings Attached (2011)Ivan Reitman
No Time for Love (1943)Mitchell Leisen
Nobody's Fool (1986)Evelyn Purcell
Nola (2003)Alan Hruska
Norbit (2007)Brian Robbins
North to Alaska (1960)Henry Hathaway
Not on the Lips (2003)Alain Resnais
Not With My Wife, You Don't! (1966)Norman Panama
Notting Hill (1999)Roger Michell
Now You Know (2002)Jeff Anderson
Nowhere to Go But Up (2003)Amos Kollek
The Object of My Affection (1998)Nicholas Hytner
Occasional Coarse Language (1998)Brad Hayward
The Oddball (1992)Jean Poiret
Oh, What a Night (1992)Eric Till
On an Island with You (1948)Richard Thorpe
On the Line (2001)Eric Bross
Once a Jolly Swagman (1949)Jack Lee
Once Upon a Dream (1949)Ralph Thomas
Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)Leo McCarey
Once Upon a Mattress (2005)Kathleen Marshall
The One and Only (1978)Carl Reiner
The One and Only (2002)Simon Cellan Jones
One Fine Day (1996)Michael Hoffman
One Heavenly Night (1931)George Fitzmaurice
One Hour With You (1932)Ernst Lubitsch
One Night in the Tropics (1940)A. Edward Sutherland
One Night with You (1948)Terence Young
One Rainy Afternoon (1936)Rowland V. Lee
One Sunday Afternoon (1948)Raoul Walsh
One Sunday Afternoon (1933)Stephen Roberts
One Wild Moment (1977)Claude Berri
The One (2003)Ron Lagomarsino
Only Human (2004)Dominic Harari, ...
Only the Lonely (1991)Chris Columbus
Only You (1992)Betty Thomas
Only You (1994)Norman Jewison
Opera Prima (1980)Fernando Trueba
The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them (1993)Matthew Meshekoff
Orchestra Seats (2006)Danièle Thompson
The Other Side of the Bed (2002)Emilio Martínez Lázaro
The Other Sister (1999)Garry Marshall
The Other Woman (1983)Melville Shavelson
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (1944)Lewis Allen
Our Modern Maidens (1929)Jack Conway
Our Wife (1941)John M. Stahl
Out to Sea (1997)Martha Collidge
Outsourced (2006)John Jeffcoat
Over Her Dead Body (2008)Jeff Lowell
Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984)Menahem Golan
Over the Moon (1939)Thornton Freeland
Overboard (1987)Garry Marshall
Overnight Delivery (1998)Jason Bloom
P.S. I Love You (2007)Richard LaGravenese
The Pad (and How to Use It) (1966)Brian G. Hutton
The Palm Beach Story (1942)Preston Sturges
Pan-Americana (1945)John H. Auer
Paper Heart (2009)Nicholas Jasenovec
Paperback Hero (1999)Antony J. Bowman
Paradise for Three (1938)Edward Buzzell
Pardon Mon Affaire (1976)Yves Robert
Paris Frills (1945)Jacques Becker
Paris When It Sizzles (1964)Richard Quine
Party Husband (1931)Clarence G. Badger
Passionada (2002)Dan Ireland
Pat and Mike (1952)George Cukor
Paternity (1981)David Steinberg
Pauline at the Beach (1983)Éric Rohmer
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)Francis Ford Coppola
Penny Princess (1952)Val Guest
The People I've Slept With (2009)Quentin Lee
People Will Talk (1951)Joseph L. Mankiewicz
The Perez Family (1995)Mira Nair
The Perfect Holiday (2007)Lance Rivera
The Perfect Man (2005)Mark Rosman
Perfect Romance (2004)Douglas Barr
The Perfect Snob (1941)Ray McCarey
The Perfect You (2002)Matthew Miller
Personal Property (1937)W. S. Van Dyke
The Personals (1982)Peter Markle
Phffft! (1954)Mark Robson
Piccadilly Jim (2004)John McKay
The Pick-up Artist (1987)James Toback
Picking Up & Dropping Off (2003)Steven Robman
The Pickle (1993)Paul Mazursky
Picnic on the Grass (1959)Jean Renoir
Picture Perfect (1997)Glenn Gordon Caron
Pie in the Sky (1996)Bryan Gordon
The Pill (2011)J. C. Khoury
Pillow Talk (1959)Michael Gordon
Pin-Up Girl (1944)H. Bruce Humberstone
Pipe Dream (2002)John Walsh
The Pizza Triangle (1970)Ettore Scola
Plan B (2009)Marco Berger
The Plastic Age (1925)Wesley Ruggles
Platinum Blonde (1931)Frank Capra
Play Girl (1941)Frank Woodruff
Play It Again, Sam (1972)Herbert Ross
Play the Game (2008)Marc Fienberg
Playmates (1972)Theodore J. Flicker
Please Believe Me (1950)Norman Taurog
Please Not Now! (1961)Jean Aurel, ...
Please, Please Me! (2009)Emmanuel Mouret
The Pleasure of His Company (1961)George Seaton
The Pleasure Seekers (1964)Jean Negulesco
Popcorn (2007)Darren Fisher
Portraits Chinois (1996)Martine Dugowson
Pot o' Gold (1941)George E. Marshall
Practically Yours (1944)Mitchell Leisen
Prelude to a Kiss (1992)Norman René
Pretty Polly (1967)Guy Green
Pretty Woman (1990)Garry Marshall
Pride and Prejudice (1940)Robert Z. Leonard
Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-Day Comedy (2003)Andrew Black
Prime (2005)Ben Younger
Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding (2006)Catherine Cyran
The Prince & Me (2004)Martha Coolidge
The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)Laurence Olivier
Prince Charming (2001)Allan Arkush
The Princess and the Pirate (1944)David Butler
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)Garry Marshall
Princess O'Rourke (1943)Norman Krasna
The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)Alexander Korda
Private Lives (1931)Sidney Franklin
Private School (1983)Noel Black
Promise Her Anything (1966)Arthur Hiller
The Proposal (2009)Anne Fletcher
Prudence and the Pill (1968)Fielder Cook, ...
Puccini for Beginners (2006)Maria Maggenti
The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)Woody Allen
Pursuit of Happiness (2001)John Putch
Pyrates (1991)Noah Stern
A Pyromaniac's Love Story (1995)Joshua Brand
Quality Street (1937)George Stevens
Quarter Life Crisis (2006)Kiran Merchant
Queens (2005)Manuel Gómez Pereira
Quiet Days in Hollywood (1997)Josef Rusnak
Rabbit Without Ears (2007)Til Schweiger
Rabbit Without Ears 2 (2009)Til Schweiger
Rafter Romance (1933)William A. Seiter
The Rage of Paris (1938)Henry Koster
Raising Waylon (2004)Sam Pillsbury
The Rat Race (1960)Robert Mulligan
Reaching for the Moon (1930)Edmund Goulding
Reality Bites (1994)Ben Stiller
The Rebound (2009)Bart Freundlich
Recién cazado (2009)Rene Bueno
The Red Mill (1927)Fatty Arbuckle
Red Salute (1935)Sidney Lanfield
Red-Headed Woman (1932)Jack Conway
The Reformer and the Redhead (1950)Melvin Frank, ...
Regarding Henry (1991)Mike Nichols
Relative Values (2000)Eric Styles
The Reluctant Debutante (1958)Vincente Minnelli
Remember Me (2003)Gabriele Muccino
Remember the Night (1940)Mitchell Leisen
Remember? (1939)Norman Z. McLeod
Rendezvous in Paris (1995)Éric Rohmer
Rent Control (2002)David Eric Brenner
Repent at Leisure (1941)Frank Woodruff
The Republic of Love (2003)Deepa Mehta
The Return of Casanova (1992)Edouard Niermans
Revenge of the Bridesmaids (2010)James Hayman
Rich Men, Single Women (1990)Elliot Silverstein
The Richest Girl in the World (1934)William A. Seiter
Rings on Her Fingers (1942)Rouben Mamoulian
Road to Ruin (1991)Charlotte Brandstrom
Roman Holiday (1987)Noel Nosseck
Roman Holiday (1953)William Wyler
Romance & Cigarettes (2005)John Turturro
Romance in Manhattan (1935)Stephen Roberts
Romance on the High Seas (1948)Michael Curtiz
Romancing the Bride (2005)Kris Isacsson
Romanoff and Juliet (1961)Peter Ustinov
Romantic Comedy (1983)Arthur Hiller
Romantic Comedy 101 (2001)Peter DeLuise
The Romantic Englishwoman (1975)Joseph Losey
The Romantics (2010)Galt Niederhoffer
Roseanna's Grave (1997)Paul Weiland
Rosita (1923)Ernst Lubitsch
Rough Diamonds (1994)Donald Crombie
Roxanne (1987)Fred Schepisi
Roxie Hart (1942)William A. Wellman
Royal Wedding (1951)Stanley Donen
Ruby Sparks (2012)Jonathan Dayton, ...
Rumor Has It... (2005)Rob Reiner
Russian Doll (2001)Stavros Kazantzidis
The Russian Dolls (2005)Cédric Klapisch
Sabrina (1995)Sydney Pollack
Sabrina (1954)Billy Wilder
Sailor Beware (1952)Hal Walker
The Saturday Night Kid (1929)A. Edward Sutherland
Saving Face (2004)Alice Wu
Saving Silverman (2001)Dennis Dugan
Say It Isn't So (2001)James B. Rogers
Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)Ed Blum
School for Seduction (2004)Sue Heel
Scoop (2006)Woody Allen
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! (1948)F. Hugh Herbert
Sealed with a Kiss (1999)Ron Lagomarsino
The Seat Filler (2004)Nick Castle
Sebastian (1968)David Greene
Second Honeymoon (1937)Walter Lang
Secret Admirer (1985)David Greenwalt
The Secret Laughter of Women (1999)Peter Schwabach
See Jane Date (2003)Bob Berlinger
See You in September (2010)Tamara Tunie
Seeing Other People (2004)Wallace Wolodarsky
Send Me No Flowers (1964)Norman Jewison
Serendipity (2001)Peter Chelsom
Serving Sara (2002)Reginald Hudlin
Seven Chances (1925)Buster Keaton
Seven Days' Leave (1942)Tim Whelan
Seven Girlfriends (1999)Paul Lazarus
The Seven Year Itch (1955)Billy Wilder
Sex & the Other Man (1995)Karl Slovin
Sex and the City (2008)Michael Patrick King
Sex and the Single Girl (1964)Richard Quine
Sex Is Comedy (2002)Catherine Breillat
Sexo, Amor e Traição (2004)Jorge Fernando
Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas (1999)Antonio Serrano
Shake It About (2001)Hella Joof
Shakespeare in Love (1998)John Madden
Shall We Dance (1937)Mark Sandrich
Shall We Dance? (2004)Peter Chelsom
Shall We Kiss? (2007)Emmanuel Mouret
Shallow Hal (2001)Bobby Farrelly, ...
Shampoo (1975)Hal Ashby
She Done Him Wrong (1933)Lowell Sherman
She Married Her Boss (1935)Gregory La Cava
She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945)Alexander Hall
She's All That (1999)Robert Iscove
She's Having a Baby (1988)John Hughes
She's Out of My League (2010)Jim Field Smith
She's So Lovely (1997)Nick Cassavetes
She's the Man (2006)Andy Fickman
She's the One (1996)Edward Burns
Shooting Fish (1997)Stefan Schwartz
The Shop Around the Corner (1940)Ernst Lubitsch
Shopgirl (2005)Anand Tucker
Shore Leave (1925)John S. Robertson
Show People (1928)King Vidor
The Shrink Is In (2001)Richard Benjamin
Shut Up and Kiss Me! (2004)Gary "Tex" Brockette
Side Effects (2005)Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau
Sidewalks of New York (2001)Edward Burns
Simply Irresistible (1999)Mark Tarlov
Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)Paul L. Stein
Singles (1992)Cameron Crowe
The Singles Ward (2002)Kurt Hale
Skylark (1941)Mark Sandrich
The Sky's the Limit (1943)Edward H. Griffith
Sleep with Me (1994)Rory Kelly
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)Nora Ephron
Sliding Doors (1998)Peter Howitt
Slightly Dangerous (1943)Wesley Ruggles
A Smile Like Yours (1997)Keith Samples
Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)Ingmar Bergman
Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire (1999)Kevin Jordan
The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)Ernst Lubitsch
Snow Days (1999)Adam Marcus
Snowed Under (1936)Ray Enright
Sofabed (2006)Ulises Rosell
Solitaire for 2 (1995)Gary Sinyor
Some Girls (1988)Michael Hoffman
Some Like It Hot (1959)Billy Wilder
Someone Else (2006)Col Spector
Someone Like You... (2001)Tony Goldwyn
Something Borrowed (2011)Luke Greenfield
Something More (1999)Rob King, ...
Something New (2006)Sanaa Hamri
Something to Talk About (1995)Lasse Hallstrom
Something's Got to Give (1962)George Cukor
Something's Gotta Give (2003)Nancy Meyers
Son in Law (1993)Steve Rash
The Souler Opposite (1998)Bill Kalmenson
Soup for One (1982)Jonathan Kaufer
South Kensington (2001)Carlo Vanzina
Spanish Fly (1998)Daphna Kastner
Speaking of Sex (2001)John McNaughton
Speechless (1994)Ron Underwood
Speedway (1968)Norman Taurog
Spendthrift (1936)Raoul Walsh
Spin (2007)Henry Pincus
Spite Marriage (1929)Edward Sedgwick
Standing on Fishes (1999)Meredith Scott Lynn, ...
Starting Over (1979)Alan J. Pakula
Stay Away, Joe (1968)Peter Tewksbury
The Sterile Cuckoo (1969)Alan J. Pakula
The Stork Club (1945)Hal Walker
Storm in a Teacup (1937)Victor Saville, ...
The Story of Us (1999)Rob Reiner
Strange Bedfellows (1965)Melvin Frank
Strange Planet (1999)Emma-Kate Croghan
The Strawberry Blonde (1941)Raoul Walsh
Strictly Ballroom (1992)Baz Luhrmann
Strictly Business (1991)Kevin Hooks
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927)Ernst Lubitsch
The Student Prince (1997)Simon Curtis
Suddenly It's Spring (1947)Mitchell Leisen
Sueño (2005)Renée Chabria
Sugarbaby (1985)Percy Adlon
Summer Catch (2001)Michael Tollin
Summer Lovers (1982)Randal Kleiser
Summer Storm (2004)Marco Kreuzpaintner
Sunday in New York (1963)Peter Tewksbury
Sunday Lovers (1980)Bryan Forbes, ...
The Sure Thing (1985)Rob Reiner
Surrender (1987)Jerry Belson
The Swan (1956)Charles Vidor
Sweet Home Alabama (2002)Andy Tennant
Sweet Lies (1988)Nathalie Delon
Sweet November (2001)Pat O'Connor
The Sweetest Thing (2002)Roger Kumble
Swing Time (1936)George Stevens
The Swinger (1966)George Sidney
Swinging with the Finkels (2011)Jonathan Newman
Sylvia and the Phantom (1946)Claude Autant-Lara
Sylvia Scarlett (1935)George Cukor
Table for Three (2009)Michael Samonek
Tadpole (2002)Gary Winick
Take Me Home (2011)Sam Jaeger
A Tale of Springtime (1990)Éric Rohmer
Talk of the Town (1995)Rainer Kaufmann
The Tall Guy (1989)Mel Smith
The Taming of the Shrew (2005)David Richards
Tammy and the Bachelor (1957)Joseph Pevney
The Tao of Steve (2000)Jenniphr Goodman
The Taste of Others (2000)Agnès Jaoui
Tea for Two (1950)David Butler
Teacher's Pet (1958)George Seaton
Ted and Venus (1991)Bud Cort
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970)Otto Preminger
The Tender Trap (1955)Charles Walters
Textuality (2011)Warren P. Sonoda
Thank God He Met Lizzie (1997)Cherie Nowlan
That Certain Feeling (1956)Melvin Frank, ...
That Funny Feeling (1965)Richard Thorpe
That Lucky Touch (1975)Christopher Miles
That Midnight Kiss (1949)Norman Taurog
That Old Feeling (1997)Carl Reiner
That Touch of Mink (1962)Delbert Mann
That Uncertain Feeling (1941)Ernst Lubitsch
That Wonderful Urge (1948)Robert B. Sinclair
Theodora Goes Wild (1936)Richard Boleslawsky
There's Something About Mary (1998)Bobby Farrelly, ...
They All Kissed the Bride (1942)Alexander Hall
They're a Weird Mob (1966)Michael Powell
Thin Ice (1937)Sidney Lanfield
Things to Do Before You're 30 (2004)Simon Shore
Think Like a Man (2012)Tim Story
The Third Wheel (2002)Jordan Brady
Thirty Day Princess (1934)Marion Gering
This Happy Feeling (1958)Blake Edwards
This Is Not a Film (2003)Michael A. Nickles
This Is the Night (1932)Frank Tuttle
This Thing Called Love (1940)Alexander Hall
This Time Around (2003)Douglas Barr
This Time for Keeps (1942)Charles Reisner
This Year's Love (1999)David Kane
Those Endearing Young Charms (1945)Lewis Allen
A Thousand Clowns (1965)Fred Coe
Three Blind Mice (1938)William A. Seiter
Three Cheers for the Irish (1940)Lloyd Bacon
Three Guys Named Mike (1951)Charles Walters
Three Hearts for Julia (1943)Richard Thorpe
Three in the Attic (1968)Richard Wilson
Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)Richard Thorpe
Three of Hearts (1993)Yurek Bogayevicz
Three on a Couch (1966)Jerry Lewis
Three on a Date (1978)Bill Bixby
Three to Tango (1999)Damon Santostefano
Three Wise Girls (1932)William Beaudine
Threesome (1994)Andrew Fleming
The Thrill of It All (1963)Norman Jewison
A Ticklish Affair (1963)George Sidney
The Tiger and the Snow (2005)Roberto Benigni
A Tiger's Tale (1988)Peter Douglas
'Til There Was You (1997)Scott Winant
Time Share (2000)Sharon von Wietersheim
TiMER (2009)Jac Schaeffer
Tin Cup (1996)Ron Shelton
Tiptoes (2003)Matthew Bright
To Paris with Love (1955)Robert Hamer
Together Again (1944)Charles Vidor
Toi et Moi (2006)Julie Lopes-Curval
Tom Dick and Harry (1941)Garson Kanin
Tonight or Never (1931)Mervyn LeRoy
Tonight You're Mine (2011)David Mackenzie
Too Bad She's Bad (1954)Alessandro Blasetti
Too Beautiful for You (1989)Bertrand Blier
Too Many Husbands (1940)Wesley Ruggles
Too Many Lovers (1957)Henri Decoin
Too Young to Kiss (1951)Robert Z. Leonard
Top Secret Affair (1957)H. C. Potter
Tortilla Soup (2001)Maria Ripoll
The Town Went Wild (1944)Ralph Murphy
The Treatment (2006)Oren Rudavsky
Trenchcoat (1983)Michael Tuchner
Trick (1999)Jim Fall
Triumph of Love (2001)Clare Peploe
Trouble in Paradise (1932)Ernst Lubitsch
Trust the Man (2005)Bart Freundlich
The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996)Michael Lehmann
The Truth About Love (2004)John Hay
Tune in Tomorrow... (1990)Jon Amiel
Turnè (1990)Gabriele Salvatores
Twice Blessed (1945)Harry Beaumont
Two and Two Make Six (1962)Freddie Francis
Two Arabian Knights (1927)Lewis Milestone
Two Can Play That Game (2001)Mark Brown
Two Girls and a Guy (1997)James Toback
Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)Richard Thorpe
Two If By Sea (1996)Bill Bennett
Two Much (1996)Fernando Trueba
Two Ninas (1999)Neil Turitz
Two of a Kind (1983)John Herzfeld
Two Pennyworth of Hope (1952)Renato Castellani
Two Weeks Notice (2002)Marc Lawrence
Two-Faced Woman (1941)George Cukor
The Ugly Truth (2009)Robert Luketic
Un Amour de Sorcière (1997)René Manzor
Un fil à la patte (2005)Michel Deville
Under One Roof (2002)Todd Wilson
Under the Yum Yum Tree (1963)David Swift
Understanding Jane (1998)Caleb Lindsay
Undertaking Betty (2002)Nick Hurran
Unexpected Uncle (1941)Peter Godfrey
Unfaithfully Yours (1984)Howard Zieff
Unfinished Business (1941)Gregory La Cava
Unhitched (2005)Stefan Schwartz
Untamed Heart (1993)Tony Bill
Up Your Alley (1988)Bob Logan
Uptown Girls (2003)Boaz Yakin
Utilities (1983)Harvey Hart
Va savoir (2001)Jacques Rivette
Vagabond Lady (1935)Sam Taylor
Valentine's Day (2010)Garry Marshall
Value for Money (1955)Ken Annakin
Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)Wes Craven
Vanilla Sky (2001)Cameron Crowe
The Velocity of Gary (1998)Dan Ireland
Venus Beauty Institute (1999)Tonie Marshall
A Very Special Favor (1965)Michael Gordon
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)Woody Allen
Victor/Victoria (1982)Blake Edwards
View from the Top (2003)Bruno Barreto
Virtual Sexuality (1999)Nick Hurran
Viva Las Vegas (1964)George Sidney
Vivacious Lady (1938)George Stevens
Waiting Alone (2004)Dayyan Eng
Waitress (2007)Adrienne Shelly
Wake (2009)Ellie Kanner
Waking Up in Reno (2002)Jordan Brady
Walk Don't Run (1966)Charles Walters
Wallflower (1948)Frederick De Cordova
The Wedding Banquet (1993)Ang Lee
The Wedding Crashers (2005)David Dobkin
The Wedding Date (2005)Clare Kilner
Wedding Daze (2006)Michael Ian Black
The Wedding Planner (2001)Adam Shankman
Wedding Present (1936)Richard Wallace
Wedding Rehearsal (1932)Alexander Korda
The Wedding Singer (1998)Frank Coraci
Week-End in Havana (1941)Walter Lang
Week-End with Father (1951)Douglas Sirk
Weekend at the Waldorf (1945)Robert Z. Leonard
The Well-Groomed Bride (1946)Sidney Lanfield
Wendy Cracked a Walnut (1990)Michael Pattinson
We're in the Money (1935)Ray Enright
We're Not Married! (1952)Edmund Goulding
The West Wittering Affair (2006)David Scheinmann
Western (1997)Manuel Poirier
What a Girl Wants (2003)Dennie Gordon
What a Way to Go! (1964)J. Lee Thompson
What a Widow! (1930)Allan Dwan
What a Woman! (1943)Irving Cummings
What Happened Was... (1994)Tom Noonan
What Happens in Vegas... (2008)Tom Vaughan
What I Did for Love (1998)Jérôme Cornuau
What Love Is (2007)Mars Callahan
What Rats Won't Do (1998)Alastair Reid
What Women Want (2000)Nancy Meyers
Whatever It Takes (2000)David Raynr
What's Your Number? (2011)Mark Mylod
When Brendan Met Trudy (2000)Kieron J. Walsh
When Harry Met Sally (1989)Rob Reiner
When Harry Tries to Marry (2011)Nayan Padrai
When in Rome (2010)Mark Steven Johnson
When Ladies Meet (1941)Robert Z. Leonard
When Ladies Meet (1933)Harry Beaumont
When the Cat's Away (1996)Cédric Klapisch
When You're in Love (1937)Robert Riskin
Where is Fred!? (2006)Anno Saul
Where the Boys Are (1960)Henry Levin
Where the Boys Are '84 (1984)Hy Averback
While You Were Sleeping (1995)Jon Turteltaub
Whipped (2000)Peter M. Cohen
White Wedding (2009)Jann Turner
Who Made the Potatoe Salad? (2006)Damon "Coke" Daniels
Who Was That Lady? (1960)George Sidney
The Whole Shebang (2001)George Zaloom
Who's That Girl? (1987)James Foley
Why Change Your Wife? (1920)Cecil B. DeMille
Widows' Peak (1994)John Irvin
Wife vs. Secretary (1936)Clarence Brown
Wife, Doctor and Nurse (1937)Walter Lang
Wild About Harry (2000)Declan Lowney
The Wild Man of Borneo (1941)Robert B. Sinclair
The Wilde Girls (2001)Del Shores
Wilderness Love (2000)Jeffrey Reiner
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957)Frank Tashlin
Willie & Phil (1980)Paul Mazursky
Wimbledon (2004)Richard Loncraine
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004)Robert Luketic
Window Theory (2005)Andrew Putschoegl
With Love... from the Age of Reason (2010)Yann Samuell
Without Love (1945)Harold S. Bucquet
Without Reservations (1946)Mervyn LeRoy
The Wives He Forgot (2006)Mario Azzopardi
Woman Hater (1948)Terence Young
The Woman in Red (1984)Gene Wilder
A Woman Is a Woman (1961)Jean-Luc Godard
A Woman of Distinction (1950)Edward Buzzell
Woman of the Year (1942)George Stevens
Woman on Top (2000)Fina Torres
Women (1997)Luís Galvão Teles
The Women (2008)Diane English
The Women (1939)George Cukor
Woo (1998)Daisy von Scherler Mayer
Workaholic (1996)Sharon von Wietersheim
Working Girl (1988)Mike Nichols
The Worst Years of Our Lives (1994)Emilio Martínez Lázaro
X's & O's (2007)Kedar Korde
A Yank in London (1945)Herbert Wilcox
Year of the Carnivore (2009)Sook-Yin Lee
The Yellow Cab Man (1950)Jack Donohue
You Belong to Me (1941)Wesley Ruggles
You Can't Hurry Love (1988)Richard Martini
You Can't Run Away from It (1956)Dick Powell
You Can't Take It with You (1938)Frank Capra
You for Me (1952)Don Weis
You Gotta Stay Happy (1948)H. C. Potter
You Stupid Man (2002)Brian Burns
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)Woody Allen
You'll Never Get Rich (1941)Sidney Lanfield
Young Wives' Tale (1951)Henry Cass
The Youngest Profession (1943)Edward Buzzell
Yours, Mine and Ours (2005)Raja Gosnell
Youth in Revolt (2009)Miguel Arteta
You've Got Mail (1998)Nora Ephron
Zack and Reba (1998)Nicole Bettauer
Zerophilia (2005)Martin Curland
Zookeeper (2011)Frank Coraci

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