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23 Paces to Baker Street (1956)Henry Hathaway
The 39 Steps (1935)Alfred Hitchcock
4.50 from Paddington (1987)Martyn Friend
8 Women (2002)François Ozon
Accused of Murder (1956)Joseph Kane
Acting on Impulse (1993)Sam Irvin
The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975)Gene Wilder
The Adventures of Arsène Lupin (1957)Jacques Becker
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)Alfred L. Werker
After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943)Lew Landers
After Office Hours (1935)Robert Z. Leonard
After the Thin Man (1936)W. S. Van Dyke
Agatha (1979)Michael Apted
Alias Bulldog Drummond (1935)Walter Forde
Alias Nick Beal (1949)John Farrow
All Good Things (2010)Andrew Jarecki
The Alphabet Murders (1965)Frank Tashlin
The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)Alexander Hall
Anazapta (2001)Alberto Sciamma
And the Sea Will Tell (1991)Tommy Lee Wallace
And Then There Were None (1945)René Clair
Angel Heart (1987)Alan Parker
Another Thin Man (1939)W. S. Van Dyke
Appointment with Death (1988)Michael Winner
Appointment with Murder (1948)Jack Bernhard
Apprentice to Murder (1988)Ralph L. Thomas
Arlington Road (1999)Mark Pellington
Arrest Bulldog Drummond (1939)James P. Hogan
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1940)Thorold Dickinson
Arsène Lupin (1932)Jack Conway
Arsène Lupin Returns (1938)George Fitzmaurice
Assassination of a High School President (2008)Brett Simon
Back in Circulation (1937)Ray Enright
Backfire (1950)Vincent Sherman
Backlash (1947)Eugene Forde
Baffled (1973)Philip Leacock
The Bat (1926)Roland West
Behind That Curtain (1929)Irving Cummings
The Benson Murder Case (1930)Frank Tuttle
Bermuda Mystery (1944)Benjamin Stoloff
Between (2005)David Ocanas
The Big Bang (2011)Tony Krantz
Big Brown Eyes (1936)Raoul Walsh
The Big Fix (1978)Jeremy Paul Kagan
The Big Sleep (1946)Howard Hawks
Bikini Island (1991)Anthony Markes
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970)Dario Argento
The Bishop Murder Case (1930)Nick Grindé, ...
Black & White (1999)Yuri Zeltser
The Black Camel (1931)Hamilton MacFadden
The Black Castle (1952)Nathan Juran
Black Cat Run (1998)D. J. Caruso
Black Dragons (1942)William Nigh
The Black Raven (1943)Sam Newfield
Black Widow (1954)Nunnally Johnson
Blonde Alibi (1946)Will Jason
Blood Relatives (1978)Claude Chabrol
Bloodline (1979)Terence Young
Blow-Up (1966)Michelangelo Antonioni
The Blue Dahlia (1946)George E. Marshall
Blue, White and Perfect (1942)Herbert I. Leeds
Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons (1960)W. Lee Wilder
A Blueprint for Murder (1953)Andrew L. Stone
Bodyguard (1948)Richard Fleischer
The Bookfair Murders (2000)Wolfgang Panzer
Boston Blackie and the Law (1946)D. Ross Lederman
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion (1945)Arthur Dreifuss
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)Michael Gordon
Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949)Seymour Friedman
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945)Arthur Dreifuss
Brick (2005)Rian Johnson
The Bride Wore Black (1968)François Truffaut
Brigham City (2001)Richard Dutcher
Bright Lights (1930)Michael Curtiz
Brown's Requiem (1998)Jason Freeland
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937)Norman Lee
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937)Louis King
Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937)James P. Hogan
Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938)Louis King
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934)Roy Del Ruth
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1947)Frank McDonald
Bulldog Drummond's Bride (1939)James P. Hogan
Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938)James P. Hogan
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937)Louis King
Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939)James P. Hogan
Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)Otto Preminger
Bury Me Dead (1947)Bernard Vorhaus
Busman's Honeymoon (1940)Arthur B. Woods
Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)Seth Grossman
The Calendar (1948)Arthur Crabtree
Call of the Jungle (1944)Phil Rosen
Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951)Victor Saville
Calling Philo Vance (1940)William Clemens
The Canary Murder Case (1929)Malcolm St. Clair, ...
Cancel My Reservation (1972)Paul Bogart
The Carey Treatment (1972)Blake Edwards
A Caribbean Mystery (1989)Christopher Petit
A Caribbean Mystery (1983)Robert Michael Lewis
The Caribbean Mystery (1945)Robert Webb
Carnal Innocence (2011)Peter Markle
The Case of the Black Cat (1936)William C. McGann
The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)Michael Curtiz
The Case of the Howling Dog (1934)Alan Crosland
The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935)Archie Mayo
The Case of the Mukkinese Battle-Horn (1956)Joseph Sterling
The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (1971)Sergio Martino
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937)William Clemens
The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936)William Clemens
The Casino Murder Case (1935)Edwin L. Marin
Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)Martin Campbell
Castle in the Desert (1942)Harry Lachman
Cat and Mouse (1975)Claude Lelouch
The Cat and the Canary (1979)Radley Metzger
The Cat and the Canary (1927)Paul Leni
The Cat Creeps (1946)Erle C. Kenton
The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)Dario Argento
The Cater Street Hangman (1998)Sarah Hellings
A Certain Justice (1998)Ross Devenish
Chance Meeting (1959)Joseph Losey
The Chance of a Lifetime (1943)William Castle
Charade (1963)Stanley Donen
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981)Clive Donner
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937)Eugene Forde
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)Harry Lachman
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)H. Bruce Humberstone
Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)H. Bruce Humberstone
Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)H. Bruce Humberstone
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940)Lynn Shores
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)Norman Foster
Charlie Chan Carries On (1931)Hamilton MacFadden
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness (1939)Herbert I. Leeds
Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)Louis King
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938)H. Bruce Humberstone
Charlie Chan in London (1934)Eugene Forde
Charlie Chan in Meeting at Midnight (1944)Phil Rosen
Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)Norman Foster
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)Lewis Seiler
Charlie Chan in Reno (1939)Norman Foster
Charlie Chan in Rio (1941)Harry Lachman
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935)James Tinling
Charlie Chan in the Trap (1946)Howard Bretherton
Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)Eugene Forde
Charlie Chan: In the Secret Service (1944)Phil Rosen
Charlie Chan's Chance (1932)John G. Blystone
Charlie Chan's Courage (1934)Eugene Forde, ...
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (1933)Hamilton MacFadden
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940)Eugene Forde
Charlie Chan's Secret (1936)Gordon Wiles
Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958)Michael Anderson
The Cheap Detective (1978)Robert Moore
Child of Glass (1978)John Erman
Chinatown (1974)Roman Polanski
The Chinese Cat (1944)Phil Rosen
The Chinese Ring (1947)William Beaudine
Circle of Danger (1951)Jacques Tourneur
Circus of Fear (1966)John Moxey
City After Midnight (1957)Compton Bennett
The Clairvoyant (1982)Armand Mastroianni
A Clean Kill (1999)Roxanne Messina Captor
Clockers (1995)Spike Lee
A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946)Lew Landers
The Clouded Yellow (1951)Ralph Thomas
Club Havana (1945)Edgar G. Ulmer
Clue (1985)Jonathan Lynn
Compromising Positions (1985)Frank Perry
The Confessional (1995)Robert Lepage
Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)Edward Dmytryk
Convergence (1999)Gavin Wilding
Cottage to Let (1941)Anthony Asquith
Counter-Espionage (1942)Edward Dmytryk
Cover Up (1949)Alfred E. Green
Coyote Waits (2003)Jan Egleson
Crack-Up (1946)Irving Reis
Crime by Night (1944)William Clemens
The Crime Doctor's Courage (1945)George Sherman
The Crime Doctor's Diary (1949)Seymour Friedman
Crime Doctor's Man Hunt (1946)William Castle
Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (1943)Eugene J. Forde
Crime Doctor's Warning (1945)William Castle
The Crimson Kimono (1959)Samuel Fuller
The Crimson Rivers (2000)Mathieu Kassovitz
The Crooked Circle (1932)H. Bruce Humberstone
Crowned and Dangerous (1997)Christopher Leitch
The Crucifer of Blood (1991)Fraser C. Heston
Cry Uncle! (1971)John G. Avildsen
Cry Wolf (1947)Peter Godfrey
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001)Woody Allen
Curtain at Eight (1933)E. Mason Hopper
D.O.A. (1988)Annabel Jankel, ...
The Dain Curse (1978)E. W. Swackhamer
Dangerous Corner (1934)Phil Rosen
Dangerous Crossing (1953)Joseph M. Newman
Dangerous Money (1946)Terry O. Morse
A Dark Adapted Eye (1994)Tim Fywell
Dark Alibi (1946)Phil Karlson
The Dark Hour (1936)Charles Lamont
Dark Purpose (1964)George E. Marshall, ...
Darker Than Amber (1970)Robert Clouse
A Date with the Falcon (1942)Irving Reis
Dead Again (1991)Kenneth Branagh
The Dead Eyes of London (1961)Alfred Vohrer
Dead Gorgeous (2002)Sarah Harding
Dead Man's Eyes (1944)Reginald Le Borg
Dead Man's Folly (1986)Clive Donner
Dead Man's Island (1996)Peter H. Hunt
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982)Carl Reiner
Dead Men Tell (1941)Harry Lachman
The Dead Will Tell (2004)Stephen Kay
Deadline at Dawn (1946)Harold Clurman
Deadly Games (1982)Scott Mansfield
Death at Broadcasting House (1934)Reginald Denham
Death Cruise (1974)Ralph Senensky
The Death Kiss (1932)Edwin L. Marin
Death on the Nile (1978)John Guillermin
Death on the Set (1935)Leslie S. Hiscott
Deathtrap (1982)Sidney Lumet
Destination Murder (1950)Edward L. Cahn
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010)Hark Tsui
Devil (2010)John Erick Dowdle
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)Carl Franklin
Devil's Cargo (1948)John F. Link
Dinner at the Ritz (1937)Harold Schuster
Disappearance (2002)Walter Klenhard
Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate (1971)Ted Post
Docks of New Orleans (1948)Derwin Abrahams
Doomed to Die (1940)William Nigh
Double Exposure (1944)William Berke
The Double McGuffin (1979)Joe Camp
Downpayment on Murder (1987)Waris Hussein
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943)Willis Goldbeck
Dr. Morelle: The Case of the Missing Heiress (1949)Godfrey Grayson
Dr. Popaul (1972)Claude Chabrol
The Draughtsman's Contract (1983)Peter Greenaway
Dressed to Kill (1941)Eugene Forde
Dressed to Kill (1946)Roy William Neill
Dublin Nightmare (1958)John Pomeroy
Eddie and the Cruisers (1983)Martin Davidson
The Electronic Monster (1958)Montgomery Tully
The Elephant God (1979)Satyajit Ray
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (1941)James P. Hogan
Ellery Queen, Master Detective (1940)Kurt Neumann
Emil and the Detectives (1931)Gerhard Lamprecht
Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)James P. Hogan
The Event (2003)Thom Fitzgerald
Everybody Wins (1990)Karel Reisz
Everything to Gain (1996)Michael Miller
Evidence of Blood (1998)Andrew Mondshein
Evil Under the Sun (1982)Guy Hamilton
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)Stephen Roberts
Exotica (1994)Atom Egoyan
Experiment Perilous (1944)Jacques Tourneur
Extramarital (1998)Yael Russcol
Eyes in the Night (1942)Fred Zinnemann
The Eyes of Annie Jones (1964)Reginald Le Borg
The Face of Fu Manchu (1965)Don Sharp
Face of the Frog (1959)Harald Reinl
Fade to Black (2006)Oliver Parker
Fair Warning (1937)Norman Foster
The Falcon and the Co-eds (1943)William Clemens
The Falcon in Danger (1943)William Clemens
The Falcon in Hollywood (1944)Gordon Douglas
The Falcon in Mexico (1944)William Berke
The Falcon in San Francisco (1945)Joseph H. Lewis
The Falcon Out West (1944)William Clemens
The Falcon Strikes Back (1943)Edward Dmytryk
The Falcon Takes Over (1942)Irving Reis
The Falcon's Adventure (1946)William Berke
The Falcon's Alibi (1946)Ray McCarey
The Falcon's Brother (1942)Stanley Logan
Fallen Angel (1945)Otto Preminger
The Fallen Idol (1948)Carol Reed
Fanny and Alexander (1982)Ingmar Bergman
Farewell, My Lovely (1975)Dick Richards
Fast and Furious (1939)Busby Berkeley
Fast and Loose (1939)Edwin L. Marin
Fast Company (1995)Gary Nelson
Fear in the Night (1947)Maxwell Shane
The Feathered Serpent (1948)William Beaudine
Fermat's Room (2007)Luis Piedrahita, ...
Find the Blackmailer (1943)D. Ross Lederman
Firecracker (2004)Steve Balderson
First Degree (1998)Stephen Eckelberry
Fissures (2006)Alanté Kavaïté
Fletch (1985)Michael Ritchie
Fletch Lives (1989)Michael Ritchie
The Florentine Dagger (1935)Robert Florey
Fly Away Baby (1937)Frank McDonald
Fog Island (1945)Terry Morse
Fog Over Frisco (1934)William Dieterle
The Fool Killer (1965)Servando González
Footsteps in the Dark (1941)Lloyd Bacon
Forget Mozart (1985)Miroslav Luther
Four Men and a Prayer (1938)John Ford
Fragment of Fear (1970)Richard C. Sarafian
The Franchise Affair (1951)Lawrence Huntington
Frenchman's Farm (1987)Ron Way
Frozen with Fear (2000)Paul Lynch
Gallant Sons (1940)George B. Seitz
The Gaunt Stranger (1938)Walter Forde
The Gay Falcon (1941)Irving Reis
The Ghost Camera (1933)Bernard Vorhaus
The Ghost of Greville Lodge (2000)Niall Johnson
The Ghost Ship (1943)Mark Robson
Ghosted (2009)Monika Treut
The Girl Hunters (1963)Roy Rowland
Girl in the Headlines (1963)Michael Truman
Girl in the News (1940)Carol Reed
Girl Missing (1933)Robert Florey
The Glass Key (1935)Frank Tuttle
The Glass Tomb (1955)Montgomery Tully
The Golden Eye (1948)William Beaudine
The Good German (2006)Steven Soderbergh
Gorilla at Large (1954)Harmon Jones
Gosford Park (2001)Robert Altman
The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939)Alfred E. Green
Grand Exit (1935)Erle C. Kenton
Grave Misconduct (2008)Armand Mastroianni
The Great Mouse Detective (1986)Ron Clements, ...
Green for Danger (1947)Sidney Gilliat
The Greene Murder Case (1929)Frank Tuttle
Guilty as Hell (1932)Erle C. Kenton
Guilty Conscience (1985)David Greene
The Guilty (1947)John Reinhardt
The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag (1992)Allan Moyle
Gunn (1967)Blake Edwards
Hammett (1982)Wim Wenders
Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947)William Beaudine
Harlequin (1980)Simon Wincer
The Hatter's Ghost (1982)Claude Chabrol
Having Wonderful Crime (1945)A. Edward Sutherland
Heaven's Prisoners (1996)Phil Joanou
Hell's Half Acre (1954)John H. Auer
The Hidden Eye (1945)Richard Whorf
High Terrace (1956)Henry Cass
High Tide (1947)John Reinhardt
The Hollywood Mom's Mystery (2004)David S. Cass, Sr.
Home to Danger (1951)Terence Fisher
Home, Sweet Homicide (1946)Lloyd Bacon
Homicide (1991)David Mamet
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)Sidney Lanfield
The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002)David Attwood
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1988)Brian Mills
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)Terence Fisher
The Hound of the Baskervilles (2000)Rodney Gibbons
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1978)Paul Morrissey
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1983)Douglas Hickox
The Hour of 13 (1952)Harold French
The House of Fear (1939)Joe May
The House of the Seven Hawks (1959)Richard Thorpe
The House on Telegraph Hill (1951)Robert Wise
The House That Mary Bought (1994)Simon MacCorkindale
Hukkle (2002)György Pálfi
Humanité (1999)Bruno Dumont
Hunt the Man Down (1950)George Archainbaud
The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting (1979)Raoul Ruiz
The I Inside (2003)Roland Suso Richter
I Love a Mystery (1945)Henry Levin
I Love Trouble (1948)S. Sylvan Simon
I, the Jury (1982)Richard T. Heffron
Ice Blues (2008)Ron Oliver
Identity (2003)James Mangold
The Illusionist (2006)Neil Burger
In the Electric Mist (2009)Bertrand Tavernier
In the Heat of the Night (1967)Norman Jewison
In the Name of the Italian People (1971)Dino Risi
Incident in a Small Town (1994)Delbert Mann
The Inner Circle (1946)Phil Ford
Inner Sanctum (1948)Lew Landers
Innocent Lies (1995)Patrick Dewolf
Inspecteur Lavardin (1986)Claude Chabrol
Inspector Bellamy (2009)Claude Chabrol
An Inspector Calls (1954)Guy Hamilton
Inspector Hornleigh (1939)Eugene Forde
Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday (1939)Walter Forde
International Crime (1938)Charles Lamont
The Intruder (1999)David Bailey
Invisible Ghost (1941)Joseph H. Lewis
The Invisible Menace (1938)John Farrow
Island in the Sky (1938)Herbert I. Leeds
Jack's Back (1988)Rowdy Herrington
The Jade Mask (1945)Phil Rosen
Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't (2005)Armand Mastroianni
Jealousy (1945)Gustav Machaty
Jennifer (1953)Joel Newton
Jigsaw (1962)Val Guest
Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders (1974)Jeremy Paul Kagan
The Kennel Murder Case (1933)Michael Curtiz
Kid Glove Killer (1942)Fred Zinnemann
Kill or Be Killed (1950)Max Nosseck
Kill or Cure (1962)George Pollock
The Kiss Before the Mirror (1933)James Whale
Knight Moves (1992)Carl Schenkel
The Lady from Shanghai (1947)Orson Welles
The Lady in Question (1999)Joyce Chopra
Lady in the Lake (1947)Robert Montgomery
Lady of Burlesque (1943)William A. Wellman
Lady Possessed (1952)William Spier
The Langoliers (1995)Tom Holland
The Last of Sheila (1973)Herbert Ross
The Last Warning (1929)Paul Leni
The Late Edwina Black (1951)Maurice Elvey
The Late Show (1977)Robert Benton
Laura (1944)Otto Preminger
Le crime est notre affaire (2008)Pascal Thomas
Legal Eagles (1986)Ivan Reitman
A Life in the Balance (1955)Harry Horner, ...
The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)John Huston
Little Murder (2011)Predrag Antonijevic
The Living Dead (1934)Thomas Bentley
The Locked Door (1929)George Fitzmaurice
London After Midnight (1927)Tod Browning
London by Night (1937)Wilhelm Thiele
Lone Star (1996)John Sayles
The Lone Wolf in London (1947)Leslie Goodwins
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (1940)Sidney Salkow
The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady (1940)Sidney Salkow
The Lone Wolf Returns (1935)Roy William Neill
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (1941)Sidney Salkow
Lonely Street (2009)Peter Ettinger
Loser Takes All (2004)Laurent Bénégui
Love at Large (1990)Alan Rudolph
Love from a Stranger (1947)Richard Whorf
Love from a Stranger (1937)Rowland V. Lee
The Mad Miss Manton (1938)Leigh Jason
Made in U.S.A (1966)Jean-Luc Godard
The Maltese Falcon (1941)John Huston
Man in the Brown Suit (1989)Alan Grint
Man on a Swing (1974)Frank Perry
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1995)Bill Condon
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942)Herbert I. Leeds
The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975)Dean Hargrove
The Mandarin Mystery (1936)Ralph Staub
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)Woody Allen
The Mark of the Whistler (1944)William Castle
Marlowe (1969)Paul Bogart
The Mask of Dimitrios (1944)Jean Negulesco
Mastermind (1976)Alex March
Meet Boston Blackie (1941)Robert Florey
Meet Nero Wolfe (1936)Herbert J. Biberman
Memento (2000)Christopher Nolan
The Menace (1932)Roy William Neill
Midnight Heat (1996)Harvey Frost
The Midnight Man (1974)Roland Kibbee, ...
Midnight Manhunt (1945)William C. Thomas
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)Woody Allen
The Mighty Quinn (1989)Carl Schenkel
Mike's Murder (1984)James Bridges
The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)Wim Wenders
Miracle in Harlem (1948)Jack Kemp
Miracles for Sale (1939)Tod Browning
Mirage (1965)Edward Dmytryk
The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1992)Norman Stone
The Mirror Crack'd (1980)Guy Hamilton
Miss Pinkerton (1932)Lloyd Bacon
The Missing Juror (1944)Budd Boetticher
Missing Pieces (1983)Mike Hodges
Mix Me A Person (1962)Leslie Norman
Mon petit doigt m'a dit... (2005)Pascal Thomas
The Moon-Spinners (1964)James Neilson
The Moonstone (1934)Reginald Barker
The Morning After (1986)Sidney Lumet
Mortal Thoughts (1991)Alan Rudolph
Moss Rose (1947)Gregory Ratoff
The Most Terrible Time in My Life (1994)Kaizo Hayashi
The Moving Finger (1985)Roy Boulting
Mr. and Mrs. North (1942)Robert B. Sinclair
Mr. Dynamite (1941)John Rawlins
Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939)Herbert I. Leeds
Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938)Norman Foster
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939)Norman Foster
Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)James Tinling
Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939)Norman Foster
Mr. Sardonicus (1961)William Castle
Mr. Wong in Chinatown (1939)William Nigh
Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)William Nigh
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950)Norman Taurog
Mulholland Dr. (2001)David Lynch
Murder 101 (1991)Bill Condon
Murder 101 (2006)Christian I. Nyby II
Murder 101: College Can Be Murder (2007)John Putch
Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses (2007)David S. Cass, Sr.
Murder 101: New Age (2008)David S. Cass, Sr.
Murder Ahoy (1964)George Pollock
Murder at 1600 (1997)Dwight H. Little
Murder at the Gallop (1963)George Pollock
Murder at the Presidio (2005)John Fasano
Murder at the Vanities (1934)Mitchell Leisen
Murder by Death (1976)Robert Moore
Murder by Decree (1979)Bob Clark
Murder by Invitation (1941)Phil Rosen
Murder by Natural Causes (1979)Robert Day
Murder by Television (1935)Clifford Sanforth
Murder in a Small Town (1999)Joyce Chopra
Murder in the Blue Room (1944)Leslie Goodwins
Murder in the Fleet (1935)Edward Sedgwick
Murder in the Hamptons (2005)Jerry Ciccoritti
Murder in the Private Car (1934)Harry Beaumont
Murder in Three Acts (1986)Gary Nelson
A Murder Is Announced (1985)David Giles
Murder Most Foul (1964)George Pollock
A Murder of Quality (1991)Gavin Millar
Murder on a Bridle Path (1936)William Hamilton, ...
Murder on a Honeymoon (1935)Lloyd Corrigan
Murder on Flight 502 (1975)George McCowan
Murder on the Blackboard (1934)George Archainbaud
Murder on the Campus (1933)Richard Thorpe
Murder on the Orient Express (1974)Sidney Lumet
Murder on the Orient Express (2001)Carl Schenkel
Murder Over New York (1940)Harry Lachman
Murder She Purred: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (1998)Simon Wincer
Murder Will Out (1952)John Gilling
Murder with Mirrors (1985)Dick Lowry
Murder, My Sweet (1944)Edward Dmytryk
Murder, She Said (1962)George Pollock
Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)Robert Florey
The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1986)Jeannot Szwarc
Murders in the Zoo (1933)A. Edward Sutherland
Muss 'Em Up (1936)Charles Vidor
My Gun Is Quick (1957)Phil Victor, ...
The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu (1929)Rowland V. Lee
Mysterious Intruder (1946)William Castle
The Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)Norman Foster
The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1934)William Nigh
Mystery Broadcast (1943)George Sherman
Mystery Liner (1934)William Nigh
Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935)Stuart Walker
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1993)Timothy Forder
Mystery of Marie Roget (1942)Phil Rosen
The Mystery of Mr. Wong (1939)William Nigh
The Mystery of Rampo (1994)Rintaro Mayuzumi, ...
The Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943)William Beaudine
The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (1935)Denison Clift
Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)Michael Curtiz
The Mystery of the Yellow Room (2003)Bruno Podalydès
Mystery Team (2009)Dan Eckman
Mystery Woman (2003)Walter Klenhard
Mystery Woman: In the Shadows (2007)David S. Cass, Sr.
The Name of the Rose (1986)Jean-Jacques Annaud
Nancy Drew (2007)Andrew Fleming
Nancy Drew (2002)James Frawley
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939)William Clemens
Nancy Drew, Detective (1938)William Clemens
Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939)William Clemens
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter (1939)William Clemens
New Best Friend (2002)Zoe Clarke-Williams
Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939)Jacques Tourneur
Night at the Crossroads (1932)Jean Renoir
Night Moves (1975)Arthur Penn
A Night of Adventure (1944)Gordon Douglas
Night of January 16th (1941)William Clemens
The Night of the Generals (1967)Anatole Litvak
A Night to Remember (1943)Richard Wallace
Night Without Sleep (1952)Roy Ward Baker
Nightmare (1942)Tim Whelan
Nine Girls (1944)Leigh Jason
Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)A. Edward Sutherland
North by Northwest (1959)Alfred Hitchcock
The Notorious Landlady (1962)Richard Quine
The Notorious Lone Wolf (1946)D. Ross Lederman
November (2004)Greg Harrison
Number Seventeen (1932)Alfred Hitchcock
The Nurse's Secret (1941)Noel M. Smith
An Occasional Hell (1996)Salomé Breziner
The October Man (1947)Roy Ward Baker
Oliver's Travels (1995)Giles Foster
On the Other Hand, Death (2008)Ron Oliver
One Frightened Night (1935)Christy Cabanne
One Mysterious Night (1944)Budd Boetticher
One on Top of the Other (1969)Lucio Fulci
Ordeal by Innocence (1984)Desmond Davis
Out of the Black (2001)Karl Kozak
Over My Dead Body (1942)Malcolm St. Clair
The Oxford Murders (2008)Álex de la Iglesia
Paris nous appartient (1962)Jacques Rivette
Passport to Suez (1943)André de Toth
Passport to Treason (1956)Robert S. Baker
Past Tense (1994)Graeme Clifford
The Patient in Room 18 (1938)Bobby Connolly, ...
The Pearl of Death (1944)Roy William Neill
Peeper (1975)Peter Hyams
The Penguin Pool Murder (1932)George Archainbaud
Personal Indiscretions (2007)Yelena Lanskaya
The Phantom Broadcast (1933)Phil Rosen
The Phantom Light (1935)Michael Powell
Phantom of Chinatown (1940)Phil Rosen
The Phantom of Crestwood (1932)J. Walter Ruben
The Phantom of Paris (1931)John S. Robertson
The Phantom Thief (1946)D. Ross Lederman
Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)Peter Weir
The Pink Panther 2 (2009)Harald Zwart
A Place of One's Own (1945)Bernard Knowles
The Plot Thickens (1936)Ben Holmes
Poodle Springs (1998)Bob Rafelson
Possession (2002)Neil LaBute
Poulet au vinaigre (1985)Claude Chabrol
The President's Mystery (1936)Phil Rosen
Prime Suspect 2 (1992)John Strickland
Prime Suspect 4: Inner Circles (1995)Sarah Pia Anderson
The Princess Comes Across (1936)William K. Howard
Private Detective (1939)Noel Smith
The Private Eyes (1981)Lang Elliott
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)Billy Wilder
Problem Girls (1953)E. A. Dupont
Pursuit to Algiers (1945)Roy William Neill
Quai des Orfèvres (1947)Henri-Georges Clouzot
The Raven (2012)James McTeigue
Rear Window (1954)Alfred Hitchcock
Rebecca (1940)Alfred Hitchcock
The Red Dragon (1945)Phil Rosen
Rehearsal for Murder (1982)David Greene
Remains to be Seen (1953)Don Weis
Remember Last Night? (1935)James Whale
The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934)Walter Summers
The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu (1930)Rowland V. Lee
The Return of Mr. Moto (1965)Ernest Morris
The Return of the Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1974)Yves Robert
Revenge of the Stepford Wives (1980)Robert Fuest
The Riddle (2007)Brendan Foley
Rocky Mountain Mystery (1935)Charles Barton
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (1937)Mack V. Wright
Ruby Cairo (1993)Graeme Clifford
Sacrifice (2000)Mark L. Lester
Saddle Mountain Roundup (1941)S. Roy Luby
The Saint in London (1939)John Paddy Carstairs
The Saint in Palm Springs (1941)Jack Hively
The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943)Paul Stein
The Saint Strikes Back (1939)John Farrow
The Saint Takes Over (1940)Jack Hively
The Saint's Double Trouble (1940)Jack Hively
The Saint's Girl Friday (1953)Seymour Friedman
The Saint's Vacation (1941)Leslie Fenton
Saloon Bar (1940)Walter Forde
Sapphire (1959)Basil Dearden
The Scapegoat (1959)Robert Hamer
The Scarlet Claw (1944)Roy William Neill
The Scarlet Clue (1945)Phil Rosen
Scent of Mystery (1960)Jack Cardiff
Scotland Yard Investigator (1945)George Blair
A Scream in the Night (1935)Fred C. Newmeyer
Search for Danger (1949)Jack Bernhard
The Secret Fury (1950)Mel Ferrer
Secret of the Chateau (1934)Richard Thorpe
The Secret of the Purple Reef (1960)William Witney
The Secret of the Whistler (1946)George Sherman
Secrets of the Summer House (2008)Jean-Claude Lord
The Seven Dials Mystery (1981)Tony Wharmby
Seven Keys to Baldpate (1947)Lew Landers
Seven Keys to Baldpate (1935)William Hamilton, ...
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1977)Herbert Ross
Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror (1938)George King
Sh! The Octopus (1937)William McGann
Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)W. S. Van Dyke
Shadow Play (1986)Susan Shadburne
The Shadow Strikes (1937)Lynn Shores
The Shadow (1933)George A. Cooper
Shadowman (1974)Georges Franju
Shadows in the Night (1944)Eugene Forde
Shadows on the Stairs (1941)D. Ross Lederman
Shadows Over Chinatown (1946)Terry O. Morse
Shamus (1973)Buzz Kulik
The Shanghai Chest (1948)William Beaudine
The Shanghai Cobra (1945)Phil Karlson
Sherlock Holmes (1932)William K. Howard
Sherlock Holmes (2009)Guy Ritchie
Sherlock Holmes (2010)Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Sherlock Holmes (1922)Albert Parker
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking (2004)Simon Cellan Jones
Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)Terence Fisher
Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear (1945)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman (1944)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror (1942)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death (1943)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)Boris Sagal
Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)Roy William Neill
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)Guy Ritchie
Sherlock, Jr. (1924)Buster Keaton
She's Dressed to Kill (1979)Gus Trikonis
Shock Corridor (1963)Samuel Fuller
Shock to the System (2006)Ron Oliver
Shoreditch (2003)Malcolm Needs
A Shot in the Dark (1933)George Pearson
A Shriek in the Night (1933)Albert Ray
Shuttlecock (1991)Tim Rose Price
Siesta (1987)Mary Lambert
The Sight (2000)Paul W.S. Anderson
The Sign of Four (2001)Rodney Gibbons
The Sign of Four (1987)Peter Hammond
The Sign of Four (1932)Graham Cutts
The Sign of Four (1983)Desmond Davis
The Silk Express (1933)Ray Enright
Silver City (2004)John Sayles
Sisters (2006)Douglas Buck
Sisters (1973)Brian De Palma
The Sky Dragon (1949)Lesley Selander
Sky Murder (1940)George B. Seitz
The Sleeping Car Murder (1965)Costa-Gavras
Sleuth (2007)Kenneth Branagh
Sleuth (1972)Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Slightly Honorable (1939)Tay Garnett
Smart Blonde (1937)Frank McDonald
Smash and Grab (1937)Tim Whelan
The Smiling Ghost (1941)Lewis Seiler
Smokescreen (1964)Jim O'Connolly
So Long at the Fair (1950)Antony Darnborogh, ...
A Soldier's Story (1984)Norman Jewison
Song of the Thin Man (1947)Edward Buzzell
The Spaniard's Curse (1958)Ralph Kemplen
Sparkling Cyanide (1983)Robert Michael Lewis
The Speckled Band (1931)Jack Raymond
Spellbound (1945)Alfred Hitchcock
The Sphinx (1933)Phil Rosen
The Spider (1945)Robert Webb
The Spider's Stratagem (1970)Bernardo Bertolucci
The Spider's Web (1960)Godfrey Grayson
The Spiral Staircase (1975)Peter Collinson
Spook Busters (1946)William Beaudine
Stacey (1973)Andy Sidaris
Star of Midnight (1935)Stephen Roberts
Station West (1948)Sidney Lanfield
The Stepford Wives (1975)Bryan Forbes
Stolen (2009)Anders Anderson
Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960)Val Guest
Strange Boarders (1938)Herbert Mason
The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)William Nigh
Strange Confession (1945)John Hoffman
The Strange Mr. Gregory (1945)Phil Rosen
Strange Shadows in an Empty Room (1976)Alberto De Martino (as "Martin Herbert")
A Study in Scarlet (1933)Edwin L. Marin
A Study in Terror (1965)James Hill
Stunts (1977)Mark L. Lester
Such a Lovely Town... (1979)Etienne Périer
Super-Sleuth (1937)Ben Stoloff
Suspicion (1941)Alfred Hitchcock
Sweater Girl (1942)William Clemens
Swimming Pool (2003)François Ozon
Switchback (1997)Jeb Stuart
Take My Life (1947)Ronald Neame
Take One False Step (1949)Chester Erskine
The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972)Yves Robert
The Teckman Mystery (1954)Wendy Toye
Ten Days Wonder (1971)Claude Chabrol
Ten Little Indians (1974)Peter Collinson
Ten Little Indians (1965)George Pollock
Ten Little Indians (1989)Alan Birkinshaw
Terror by Night (1946)Roy William Neill
Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937)Norman Foster
There's Always a Woman (1938)Alexander Hall
They Met in the Dark (1943)Carl Lamac
They Might Be Giants (1971)Anthony Harvey
They Only Kill Their Masters (1972)James Goldstone
A Thief of Time (2004)Chris Eyre
The Thin Man Goes Home (1945)Richard Thorpe
Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937)Norman Foster
Third Man Out (2005)Ron Oliver
The Third Man (1949)Carol Reed
Thirteen at Dinner (1985)Lou Antonio
The Thirteenth Chair (1929)Tod Browning
The Thirteenth Guest (1932)Albert Ray
The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960)Fritz Lang
The Ticket of Leave Man (1937)George King
Ticking Clock (2011)Ernie Barbarash
Time Out for Murder (1938)H. Bruce Humberstone
Tintin and the Temple of the Sun (1969)Eddie Lateste
To Catch a Thief (1955)Alfred Hitchcock
Toi... le venin (1958)Robert Hossein
Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010)Spike Brandt, ...
Tom Sawyer, Detective (1938)Louis King
Tony Rome (1967)Gordon Douglas
Topper Returns (1941)Roy Del Ruth
Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939)William Beaudine
Town on Trial (1957)John Guillermin
Train to Hell (1993)Carlo U. Quinterio
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round (1934)Benjamin Stoloff
Trapped by Boston Blackie (1948)Seymour Friedman
Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949)William Berke
Trent's Last Case (1952)Herbert Wilcox
The Trouble with Harry (1955)Alfred Hitchcock
True Crime (1996)Pat Verducci
The Truth About Charlie (2002)Jonathan Demme
The Truth (2006)George Milton
The Trygon Factor (1966)Cyril Frankel
Twenty Plus Two (1961)Joseph M. Newman
Twilight (1998)Robert Benton
Two O'Clock Courage (1945)Anthony Mann
Two on a Guillotine (1965)William Conrad
The Unholy Four (1954)Terence Fisher
The Unholy Night (1929)Lionel Barrymore
The Uninvited (1944)Lewis Allen
The Unknown Guest (1943)Kurt Neumann
The Unseen (1945)Lewis Allen
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1982)Christopher Petit
The Usual Suspects (1995)Bryan Singer
Vanilla Sky (2001)Cameron Crowe
Vanishing Act (1986)David Greene
The Velvet Touch (1948)John Gage
Voice of the Whistler (1945)William Castle
Voices from Within (1994)Eric Till
Warning Shot (1967)Buzz Kulik
Web of Evidence (1959)Jack Cardiff
Weekend Murders (1970)Michele Lupo
Weird Woman (1944)Reginald Le Borg
The Westing Game (1997)Terence H. Winkless
Wetherby (1985)David Hare
What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)Massimo Dallamano
When Eight Bells Toll (1971)Etienne Périer
When Strangers Marry (1944)William Castle
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1992)Charles Finch
Where's Marlowe? (1999)Daniel Pyne
While My Pretty One Sleeps (1997)Jorge Montesi
While the Patient Slept (1935)Ray Enright
Whispering Ghosts (1942)Alfred L. Werker
The Whistler (1944)William Castle
Whistling in Brooklyn (1943)S. Sylvan Simon
Whistling in Dixie (1942)S. Sylvan Simon
Whistling in the Dark (1941)S. Sylvan Simon
White Noise (2005)Geoffrey Sax
Who Done It? (1942)Erle C. Kenton
Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (1978)Ted Kotcheff
Who Killed Gail Preston? (1938)Leon Barsha
Who Killed Mary What'sername? (1971)Ernest Pintoff
Who? (1973)Jack Gold
Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)Paul Flaherty
Who's the Man? (1993)Ted Demme
Wicked, Wicked (1973)Richard L. Bare
The Wicker Man (2006)Neil LaBute
The Wicker Man (1973)Robin Hardy
Wicker Park (2004)Paul McGuigan
The Wicker Tree (2010)Robin Hardy
A Window in London (1940)Herbert Mason
Without a Clue (1988)Thom Eberhardt
Without Apparent Motive (1971)Philippe Labro
Witness for the Prosecution (1982)Alan Gibson
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)Billy Wilder
The Woman Condemned (1934)Dorothy Davenport
The Woman in Green (1945)Roy William Neill
The Woman in Question (1950)Anthony Asquith
The Woman in White (1948)Peter Godfrey
The Wyvern Mystery (2000)Alex Pillai
The Xango from Baker Street (2001)Miguel Faria, Jr.
Yankee Fakir (1947)W. Lee Wilder
You'll Find Out (1940)David Butler
Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)Barry Levinson
Your Name Poisons My Dreams (1996)Pilar Miró
Zero Effect (1998)Jake Kasdan

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