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Law & Order


Police/courtroom drama, broadcast 1990-2010.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Anthony Anderson
15-Aug-1970   Kangaroo Jack, Barbershop
Dylan Baker
7-Oct-1959   Murder One
Dennis Boutsikaris
21-Dec-1952   Jerry Harper on The Jackie Thomas Show
Benjamin Bratt
16-Dec-1963   Hunk from Law & Order
John Carter
26-Nov-1927   Lt. John Biddle on Barnaby Jones
Scott Cohen
19-Dec-1961   The 10th Kingdom
Jeffrey DeMunn
25-Apr-1947   Citizen X
Bob Dishy
1934   Stage actor
George Dzundza
19-Jul-1945   Max Greevey on Law & Order
Ned Eisenberg
13-Jan-1957   Roger Kressler on Law & Order: SVU
Dennis Farina
29-Feb-1944 22-Jul-2013 Ray Barboni in Get Shorty
Tovah Feldshuh
27-Dec-1952   Kissing Jessica Stein
Dann Florek
1-May-1950   Law & Order: SVU
Alana De La Garza
18-Jun-1976   Connie Rubirosa on Law & Order
George Grizzard
1-Apr-1928 2-Oct-2007 Advise and Consent
Angie Harmon
10-Aug-1972   Ryan McBride on Baywatch Nights
Leslie Hendrix
5-Jun-1960   Dr. Rodgers on Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Jill Hennessy
25-Nov-1968   Crossing Jordan
John Benjamin Hickey
25-Jun-1963   Philip Stoddard on It's All Relative
Steven Hill
24-Feb-1922 23-Aug-2016 Adam Schiff on Law & Order
Ernie Hudson
17-Dec-1945   Warden Glenn on Oz
Michael Imperioli
26-Mar-1966   Christopher on The Sopranos
Fran Lebowitz
27-Oct-1950   Social satirist, Metropolitan Life
Carey Lowell
11-Feb-1961   ADA Jamie Ross on Law & Order
Roma Maffia
31-May-1958   Dr. Liz Cruz on Nip/Tuck
Jesse L. Martin
18-Jan-1969   Det. Green on Law & Order
S. Epatha Merkerson
28-Nov-1952   Lt. Van Buren on Law & Order
Michael Moriarty
5-Apr-1941   ADA on Law & Order
Joe Morton
18-Oct-1947   The brother from another planet
Chris Noth
13-Nov-1954   Mr. Big on Sex and the City
Glynnis O'Connor
19-Nov-1956   Ode to Billy Joe
Jerry Orbach
20-Oct-1935 28-Dec-2004 Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order
Linus Roache
1-Feb-1964   Pandaemonium
Elisabeth Rohm
28-Apr-1973   Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order
Ben Shenkman
26-Sep-1968   Pi
J. K. Simmons
9-Jan-1955   J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man
Jeremy Sisto
6-Oct-1974   Billy Chenowith on Six Feet Under
Paul Sorvino
13-Apr-1939   Det. Cerreta on Law & Order
Fred Thompson
19-Aug-1942 1-Nov-2015 Actor turned Senator from Tennessee
Lorraine Toussaint
4-Apr-1960   Renée Jackson on Any Day Now
Sam Waterston
15-Nov-1940   Asst DA Jack McCoy on Law & Order
Dianne Wiest
28-Mar-1948   Footloose
Dick Wolf
Film/TV Producer
20-Dec-1946   Producer of Law and Order


Season One (1990)
1  Prescription for Death (13-Sep-1990)
   John Spencer
   Lee Tergesen
2  Subterranean Homeboy Blues (20-Sep-1990)
   Cynthia Nixon
3  The Reaper's Helper (4-Oct-1990)
4  Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (11-Oct-1990)
   Ron Silver
5  Happily Ever After (23-Oct-1990)
   Roxanne Hart
   Aida Turturro
6  Everybody's Favorite Bagman (30-Oct-1990)
   William H. Macy
7  By Hooker, By Crook (13-Nov-1990)
   Patricia Clarkson
   Courtney B. Vance
8  Poison Ivy (20-Nov-1990)
9  Indifference (27-Nov-1990)
10  Prisoner of Love (4-Dec-1990)
   Frances Conroy
11  Out of the Half-Light (11-Dec-1990)
   Frankie Faison
12  Life Choice (8-Jan-1991)
13  A Death in the Family (15-Jan-1991)
14  The Violence of Summer (5-Feb-1991)
   Philip Seymour Hoffman
   Samuel L. Jackson
   Megan Gallagher
15  The Torrents of Greed (Part 1) (12-Feb-1991)
   Christine Baranski
16  The Torrents of Greed (Part 2) (19-Feb-1991)
   Christine Baranski
17  Mushrooms (26-Feb-1991)
18  The Secret Sharers (12-Mar-1991)
19  The Serpent's Tooth (19-Mar-1991)
   George Morfogen
20  The Troubles (26-Mar-1991)
   Anthony Heald
21  Sonata For a Solo Organ (2-Apr-1991)
   Dominic Chianese
22  The Blue Wall (9-Jun-1991)
   John Doman

Season Two (1991)
1  Confession (17-Sep-1991)
2  The Wages of Love (24-Sep-1991)
3  Aria (1-Oct-1991)
   Lewis Black
   Lisa Nicole Carson
   Maura Tierney
4  Asylum (8-Oct-1991)
5  God Bless the Child (22-Oct-1991)
   Michelle Trachtenberg
6  Misconception (29-Oct-1991)
   Yancy Butler
   Luis Guzmán
7  In Memory Of (5-Nov-1991)
8  Out of Control (12-Nov-1991)
9  Renunciation (19-Nov-1991)
10  Heaven (26-Nov-1991)
11  His Hour Upon the Stage (10-Dec-1991)
12  Star Struck (7-Jan-1992)
   Allison Janney
   Werner Klemperer
13  Severance (14-Jan-1992)
14  Blood is Thicker... (4-Feb-1992)
   Nancy Marchand
   Nicholas Turturro
15  Trust (11-Feb-1992)
   Will Friedle
16  Vengeance (18-Feb-1992)
17  Sisters of Mercy (3-Mar-1992)
   William H. Macy
18  Cradle to Grave (31-Mar-1992)
   Victor Argo
   Tony Lo Bianco
19  The Fertile Fields (7-Apr-1992)
   Jerry Stiller
20  Intolerance (14-Apr-1992)
21  Silence (28-Apr-1992)
22  The Working Stiff (14-May-1992)
   Eli Wallach

Season Three (1992)
1  Skin Deep (23-Sep-1992)
   Claire Danes
2  Conspiracy (30-Sep-1992)
   Eric Bogosian
   Joe Morton
3  Forgiveness (7-Oct-1992)
4  The Corporate Veil (14-Oct-1992)
5  Wedded Bliss (21-Oct-1992)
   Vincent Pastore
6  Helpless (4-Nov-1992)
7  Self Defense (11-Nov-1992)
   Adam Arkin
8  Prince of Darkness (18-Nov-1992)
9  Point of View (25-Nov-1992)
10  Consultation (9-Dec-1992)
11  Extended Family (6-Jan-1993)
   Joyce Van Patten
12  Right to Counsel (13-Jan-1993)
13  Night and Fog (3-Feb-1993)
   Eric Bogosian
14  Promises to Keep (10-Feb-1993)
   Lindsay Crouse
15  Mother Love (24-Feb-1993)
   Edie Falco
16  Jurisdiction (3-Mar-1993)
   Michael Badalucco
17  Conduct Unbecoming (10-Mar-1993)
   Julianna Margulies
18  Animal Instinct (17-Mar-1993)
   Allan Arbus
19  Virus (21-Apr-1993)
   Dana Elcar
20  Securitate (5-May-1993)
   Alan King
21  Manhood (12-May-1993)
22  Benevolence (19-May-1993)
   Camryn Manheim

Season Four (1993)
1  Sweeps (15-Sep-1993)
   Robert Klein
   Melissa Leo
2  Volunteers (29-Sep-1993)
3  Discord (6-Oct-1993)
4  Profile (13-Oct-1993)
   James Earl Jones
5  Black Tie (20-Oct-1993)
6  Pride and Joy (27-Oct-1993)
7  Apocrypha (3-Nov-1993)
   Bibi Besch
8  American Dream (9-Nov-1993)
9  Born Bad (16-Nov-1993)
10  The Pursuit of Happiness (1-Dec-1993)
11  Golden Years (5-Jan-1994)
   Jan Miner
12  Snatched (12-Jan-1994)
13  Breeder (19-Jan-1994)
14  Censure (2-Feb-1994)
   Jane Kaczmarek
15  Kids (9-Feb-1994)
16  Big Bang (2-Mar-1994)
   Vincent Pastore
17  Mayhem (9-Mar-1994)
18  Wager (30-Mar-1994)
   Steve Harris
   Keith Hernandez
19  Sanctuary (13-Apr-1994)
20  Nurture (4-May-1994)
   Christine Baranski
   Camryn Manheim
21  Doubles (18-May-1994)
   John Heard
22  Old Friends (25-May-1994)
   Allison Janney

Season Five (1994)
1  Second Opinion (21-Sep-1994)
   Elizabeth Ashley
2  Coma (28-Sep-1994)
   Larry Miller
3  Blue Bamboo (5-Oct-1994)
   Laura Linney
   Aida Turturro
4  Family Values (12-Oct-1994)
5  White Rabbit (19-Oct-1994)
6  Competence (2-Nov-1994)
7  Precious (9-Nov-1994)
8  Virtue (23-Nov-1994)
   Anthony Heald
9  Scoundrels (30-Nov-1994)
   Edie Falco
10  House Counsel (4-Jan-1995)
   Vincent Pastore
11  Guardian (11-Jan-1995)
   Courtney B. Vance
12  Progeny (25-Jan-1995)
13  Rage (1-Feb-1995)
   Courtney B. Vance
14  Performance (8-Feb-1995)
15  Seed (15-Feb-1995)
16  Wannabe (15-Mar-1995)
17  Act of God (22-Mar-1995)
   Steve Harris
18  Privileged (5-Apr-1995)
19  Cruel and Unusual (19-Apr-1995)
20  Bad Faith (26-Apr-1995)
21  Purple Heart (3-May-1995)
   Dominic Chianese
22  Switch (17-May-1995)
23  Pride (24-May-1995)

Season Six (1995)
1  Bitter Fruit (20-Sep-1995)
2  Rebels (27-Sep-1995)
3  Savages (18-Oct-1995)
4  Jeopardy (1-Nov-1995)
5  Hot Pursuit (8-Nov-1995)
   Amanda Peet
6  Paranoia (15-Nov-1995)
   Sandy Duncan
7  Humiliation (22-Nov-1995)
8  Angel (29-Nov-1995)
9  Blood Libel (3-Jan-1996)
   Chris Cooper
10  Remand (10-Jan-1996)
   Abe Vigoda
11  Corpus Delicti (17-Jan-1996)
12  Trophy (31-Jan-1996)
13  Charm City (2-Feb-1996)
   Richard Belzer
   Andre Braugher
14  Custody (21-Feb-1996)
15  Encore (28-Feb-1996)
   Larry Miller
16  Savior (13-Mar-1996)
   Kristanna Loken
17  Deceit (27-Mar-1996)
   Mary Beth Hurt
18  Atonement (10-Apr-1996)
   Michael Imperioli
19  Slave (21-Apr-1996)
20  Girlfriends (1-May-1996)
   Dana Ivey
21  Pro Se (8-May-1996)
22  Homesick (15-May-1996)
   Patti LuPone
23  Aftershock (22-May-1996)
   Jennifer Garner
   Giancarlo Esposito

Season Seven (1996)
1  Causa Mortis (18-Sep-1996)
2  ID (25-Sep-1996)
   Aida Turturro
3  Good Girl (7-Oct-1996)
   Taye Diggs
   Jennifer Esposito
   Giancarlo Esposito
4  Survivor (23-Oct-1996)
5  Corruption (30-Oct-1996)
6  Double Blind (6-Nov-1996)
7  Deadbeat (13-Nov-1996)
   Vincent Pastore
   Jerry Stiller
8  Family Business (20-Nov-1996)
9  Entrapment (8-Jan-1997)
10  Legacy (15-Jan-1997)
11  Menace (5-Feb-1997)
   John Cullum
   Tony Lo Bianco
12  Barter (12-Feb-1997)
   Victor Argo
13  Matrimony (19-Feb-1997)
14  Working Mom (26-Feb-1997)
15  D-Girl (13-Mar-1997)
   Robert Culp
   Janeane Garofalo
   Lauren Graham
16  Turnaround (20-Mar-1997)
   Lauren Graham
17  Showtime (27-Mar-1997)
   Janeane Garofalo
   Lauren Graham
18  Mad Dog (2-Apr-1997)
   Burt Young
19  Double Down (16-Apr-1997)
   Edie Falco
20  We Like Mike (30-Apr-1997)
   John Doman
21  Passion (7-May-1997)
22  Past Imperfect (14-May-1997)
   David McCallum
23  Terminal (21-May-1997)

Season Eight (1997)
1  Thrill (24-Sep-1997)
2  Denial (8-Oct-1997)
3  Navy Blues (15-Oct-1997)
   Patti LuPone
4  Harvest (29-Oct-1997)
5  Nullification (5-Nov-1997)
6  Baby, It's You (12-Nov-1997)
   Richard Belzer
   Yaphet Kotto
7  Blood (19-Nov-1997)
8  Shadow (26-Nov-1997)
   Dominic Chianese
9  Burned (10-Dec-1997)
   Robert Vaughn
10  Ritual (17-Dec-1997)
   Steve Landesberg
11  Under the Influence (7-Jan-1998)
12  Expert (21-Jan-1998)
13  Castoff (28-Jan-1998)
14  Grief (4-Feb-1998)
   Edie Falco
15  Faccia a Faccia (25-Feb-1998)
16  Divorce (4-Mar-1998)
   Jill Clayburgh
17  Carrier (1-Apr-1998)
   Michael Pitt
18  Stalker (15-Apr-1998)
19  Disappeared (22-Apr-1998)
20  Burden (24-Apr-1998)
21  Bad Girl (29-Apr-1998)
   Robert Vaughn
22  Damaged (6-May-1998)
23  Tabloid (13-May-1998)
24  Monster (20-May-1998)
   Robert Vaughn

Season Nine (1998)
1  Cherished (23-Sep-1998)
2  DWB (7-Oct-1998)
3  Bait (14-Oct-1998)
4  Flight (21-Oct-1998)
5  Agony (4-Nov-1998)
6  Scrambled (11-Nov-1998)
7  Venom (18-Nov-1998)
8  Punk (25-Nov-1998)
9  True North (9-Dec-1998)
   John Doman
10  Hate (6-Jan-1999)
11  Ramparts (13-Jan-1999)
12  Haven (10-Feb-1999)
13  Hunters (10-Feb-1999)
14  Sideshow (17-Feb-1999)
   Richard Belzer
15  Disciple (24-Feb-1999)
   Frances Conroy
16  Harm (3-Mar-1999)
17  Shield (24-Mar-1999)
18  Juvenile (14-Apr-1999)
19  Tabula Rasa (21-Apr-1999)
20  Empire (5-May-1999)
   Julia Roberts
21  Ambitious (12-May-1999)
   Joe Piscopo
22  Admissions (19-May-1999)
23  Refuge (Part 1) (26-May-1999)
24  Refuge (Part 2) (26-May-1999)

TV Movie
 Exiled: A Law & Order Movie (8-Nov-1998)

Season Ten (1999)
1  Gunshow (22-Sep-1999)
2  Killerz (29-Sep-1999)
3  DNR (6-Oct-1999)
   Lindsay Crouse
   John Heard
4  Merger (13-Oct-1999)
5  Justice (10-Nov-1999)
   Richard Masur
6  Marathon (17-Nov-1999)
7  Patsy (24-Nov-1999)
8  Blood Money (1-Dec-1999)
9  Sundown (15-Dec-1999)
10  Loco Parentis (5-Jan-2000)
11  Collision (26-Jan-2000)
12  Mother's Milk (9-Feb-2000)
13  Panic (16-Feb-2000)
   Tom Berenger
14  Entitled (18-Feb-2000)
   Jane Alexander
   Richard Belzer
   Mariska Hargitay
   Christopher Meloni
15  Fools For Love (23-Feb-2000)
   Mariska Hargitay
   Christopher Meloni
16  Trade This (1-Mar-2000)
   Michael Gross
17  Black, White and Blue (22-Mar-2000)
   Earl Hindman
   Kevin Smith
18  Mega (5-Apr-2000)
   Michael McKean
   Annette O'Toole
19  Surrender Dorothy (26-Apr-2000)
20  Untitled (3-May-2000)
21  Narcosis (10-May-2000)
22  High & Low (17-May-2000)
23  Stiff (24-May-2000)
24  Vaya Con Dios (24-May-2000)
   George Morfogen
   Joe Morton

Season Eleven (2000)
1  Endurance (18-Oct-2000)
   Rudy Giuliani
   Michael Showalter
2  Turnstile Justice (25-Oct-2000)
   Joe Lo Truglio
3  Dissonance (1-Nov-2000)
4  Standoff (8-Nov-2000)
5  Return (15-Nov-2000)
   Evan Handler
6  Burn Baby Burn (22-Nov-2000)
   Dan Lauria
   Joe Morton
   Clarence Williams III
7  Amends (29-Nov-2000)
8  Thin Ice (20-Dec-2000)
9  Hubris (10-Jan-2001)
10  Whose Monkey is it Anyway? (17-Jan-2001)
11  Sunday in the Park with Jorge (24-Jan-2001)
   Dan Lauria
12  Teenage Wasteland (7-Feb-2001)
   Jason Ritter
13  Phobia (14-Feb-2001)
14  A Losing Season (21-Feb-2001)
15  Swept Away - A Very Special Episode (28-Feb-2001)
16  Bronx Cheer (14-Mar-2001)
   Keith David
17  Ego (21-Mar-2001)
   Fran Lebowitz
18  White Lie (4-Apr-2001)
19  Whiplash (18-Apr-2001)
20  All My Children (2-May-2001)
21  Brother's Keeper (9-May-2001)
22  School Daze (16-May-2001)
23  Judge Dread (23-May-2001)
   Roxanne Hart
24  Deep Vote (23-May-2001)

Season Twelve (2001)
1  Who Let the Dogs Out? (26-Sep-2001)
   Melissa Leo
2  Armed Forces (3-Oct-2001)
   Fran Lebowitz
   Michael Murphy
3  For Love or Money (10-Oct-2001)
4  Soldier of Fortune (24-Oct-2001)
   John Cullum
   Lance Reddick
5  Possession (31-Oct-2001)
   John Schuck
6  Formerly Famous (7-Nov-2001)
   Gary Busey
   Joe Piscopo
7  Myth of Fingerprints (14-Nov-2001)
8  The Fire This Time (21-Nov-2001)
9  3 Dawg Night (28-Nov-2001)
   Kerry Washington
10  Prejudice (12-Dec-2001)
11  The Collar (9-Jan-2002)
12  Undercovered (16-Jan-2002)
13  DR 1-102 (30-Jan-2002)
14  Missing (6-Feb-2002)
15  Access Nation (27-Feb-2002)
   Frank Whaley
16  Born Again (6-Mar-2002)
17  Girl Most Likely (27-Mar-2002)
18  Equal Rights (3-Apr-2002)
19  Slaughter (10-Apr-2002)
20  Dazzled (24-Apr-2002)
21  Foul Play (1-May-2002)
22  Attorney Client (8-May-2002)
23  Oxymoron (15-May-2002)
24  Patriot (22-May-2002)
   Fran Lebowitz

Season Thirteen (2002)
1  American Jihad (2-Oct-2002)
2  Shangri-La (9-Oct-2002)
3  True Crime (16-Oct-2002)
   Tony Lo Bianco
4  Tragedy on Rye (30-Oct-2002)
5  The Ring (6-Nov-2002)
   Fran Lebowitz
6  Hitman (13-Nov-2002)
7  Open Season (20-Nov-2002)
8  Asterisk (27-Nov-2002)
9  The Wheel (11-Dec-2002)
   Chris Sarandon
10  Mother's Day (8-Jan-2003)
11  Chosen (15-Jan-2003)
12  Under God (5-Feb-2003)
13  Absentia (12-Feb-2003)
   Mandy Patinkin
   Andrew McCarthy
14  Star Crossed (19-Feb-2003)
15  Bitch (26-Feb-2003)
   Fred Grandy
   Fran Lebowitz
16  Suicide Box (26-Mar-2003)
   Gregory Hines
17  Genius (2-Apr-2003)
   Sonia Braga
18  Maritime (17-Apr-2003)
   John Doman
19  Seer (23-Apr-2003)
20  Kid Pro Quo (30-Apr-2003)
21  House Calls (7-May-2003)
   Michael Boatman
22  Sheltered (14-May-2003)
23  Couples (21-May-2003)
   Fran Lebowitz
24  Smoke (21-May-2003)
   Larry Miller

Season Fourteen (2003)
1  Bodies (24-Sep-2003)
2  Bounty (1-Oct-2003)
3  Patient Zero (8-Oct-2003)
4  Shrunk (22-Oct-2003)
5  Blaze (29-Oct-2003)
6  Identity (5-Nov-2003)
7  Floater (12-Nov-2003)
8  Embedded (19-Nov-2003)
9  Compassion (26-Nov-2003)
   Fran Lebowitz
10  Ill-Conceived (3-Dec-2003)
11  Darwinian (7-Jan-2004)
12  Payback (14-Jan-2004)
13  Married with Children (4-Feb-2004)
14  City Hall (11-Feb-2004)
   Lance Reddick
15  Veteran's Day (18-Feb-2004)
   Joe Morton
16  Can I Get a Witness? (25-Feb-2004)
17  Hands Free (3-Mar-2004)
18  Evil Breeds (24-Mar-2004)
19  Nowhere Man (31-Mar-2004)
20  Everybody Loves Raimondo's (14-Apr-2004)
21  Vendetta (21-Apr-2004)
   Fran Lebowitz
   Giancarlo Esposito
22  Gaijin (28-Apr-2004)
23  Caviar Emptor (12-May-2004)
24  C.O.D. (19-May-2004)

Season Fifteen (2004)
1  Paradigm (22-Sep-2004)
   Ron Silver
2  The Dead Wives Club (22-Sep-2004)
3  The Brotherhood (29-Sep-2004)
   Candice Bergen
   Giancarlo Esposito
4  Coming Down Hard (6-Oct-2004)
5  Gunplay (20-Oct-2004)
6  Cut (27-Oct-2004)
7  Gov Love (10-Nov-2004)
   Chris Sarandon
8  Cry Wolf (17-Nov-2004)
   Joe Piscopo
9  All in the Family (24-Nov-2004)
   Mercedes Ruehl
10  Enemy (1-Dec-2004)
11  Fixed (8-Dec-2004)
12  Mammon (5-Jan-2005)
13  Ain't No Love (12-Jan-2005)
14  Fluency (19-Jan-2005)
15  Obsession (9-Feb-2005)
16  The Sixth Man (16-Feb-2005)
17  License to Kill (23-Feb-2005)
18  Dining Out (2-Mar-2005)
19  Sects (30-Mar-2005)
20  Tombstone (13-Apr-2005)
21  Publish and Perish (20-Apr-2005)
   Michael Imperioli
22  Sport of Kings (4-May-2005)
   Michael Imperioli
23  In God We Trust (11-May-2005)
   Michael Imperioli
24  Locomotion (18-May-2005)
   Michael Imperioli
   Giancarlo Esposito

Season Sixteen (2005)
1  Red Ball (21-Sep-2005)
2  Flaw (28-Sep-2005)
   Mariska Hargitay
   Lynda Carter
3  Ghosts (5-Oct-2005)
   Lee Tergesen
4  Age of Innocence (12-Oct-2005)
5  Life Line (19-Oct-2005)
6  Birthright (2-Nov-2005)
7  House of Cards (9-Nov-2005)
8  New York Minute (16-Nov-2005)
9  Criminal Law (23-Nov-2005)
10  Acid (30-Nov-2005)
11  Bible Story (7-Dec-2005)
12  Family Friend (11-Jan-2006)


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