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Star Trek


Science fiction drama, broadcast 1966-69.

Followed by numerous Star Trek movies, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Majel Barrett
23-Feb-1932 18-Dec-2008 Widow of Gene Roddenberry
James Doohan
3-Mar-1920 20-Jul-2005 Scotty on Star Trek
DeForest Kelley
20-Jan-1920 11-Jun-1999 Dr. McCoy on Star Trek
Walter Koenig
14-Sep-1936   Chekov on Star Trek
Nichelle Nichols
28-Dec-1932   Lt. Uhura on Star Trek
Leonard Nimoy
26-Mar-1931 27-Feb-2015 Commander Spock on Star Trek
Gene Roddenberry
19-Aug-1921 24-Oct-1991 Creator of Star Trek
William Shatner
22-Mar-1931   Captain Kirk on Star Trek
George Takei
20-Apr-1937   Lt. Sulu on Star Trek
Grace Lee Whitney
1-Apr-1930 1-May-2015 Yeoman Rand on Star Trek


Season One (1966)
1  The Man Trap (8-Sep-1966)
2  Charlie X (15-Sep-1966)
3  Where No Man Has Gone Before (22-Sep-1966)
4  The Naked Time (29-Sep-1966)
5  The Enemy Within (6-Oct-1966)
6  Mudd's Women (13-Oct-1966)
7  What Are Little Girls Made Of? (20-Oct-1966)
8  Miri (27-Oct-1966)
9  Dagger of the Mind (3-Nov-1966)
10  The Corbomite Maneuver (10-Nov-1966)
11  The Menagerie (Part 1) (17-Nov-1966)
12  The Menagerie (Part 2) (24-Nov-1966)
13  The Conscience of the King (8-Dec-1966)
14  Balance of Terror (15-Dec-1966)
15  Shore Leave (29-Dec-1966)
16  The Galileo Seven (5-Jan-1967)
17  The Squire of Gothos (12-Jan-1967)
18  Arena (19-Jan-1967)
19  Tomorrow is Yesterday (26-Jan-1967)
20  Court-Martial (2-Feb-1967)
21  The Return of the Archons (9-Feb-1967)
22  Space Seed (16-Feb-1967)
23  A Taste of Armageddon (23-Feb-1967)
24  This Side of Paradise (2-Mar-1967)
25  The Devil in the Dark (9-Mar-1967)
26  Errand of Mercy (23-Mar-1967)
27  The Alternative Factor (30-Mar-1967)
28  The City on the Edge of Forever (6-Apr-1967)
29  Operation: Annihilate! (13-Apr-1967)

Season Two (1967)
1  Amok Time (15-Sep-1967)
2  Who Mourns for Adonis? (22-Sep-1967)
3  The Changeling (29-Sep-1967)
4  Mirror, Mirror (6-Oct-1967)
5  The Apple (13-Oct-1967)
6  The Doomsday Machine (20-Oct-1967)
7  Catspaw (27-Oct-1967)
8  I, Mudd (3-Nov-1967)
9  Metamorphosis (10-Nov-1967)
10  Journey to Babel (17-Nov-1967)
11  Friday's Child (1-Dec-1967)
12  The Deadly Years (8-Dec-1967)
13  Obsession (15-Dec-1967)
14  Wolf in the Fold (22-Dec-1967)
15  The Trouble With Tribbles (29-Dec-1967)
16  The Gamesters of Triskelion (5-Jan-1968)
17  A Piece of the Action (12-Jan-1968)
18  The Immunity Syndrome (19-Jan-1968)
19  A Private Little War (2-Feb-1968)
20  Return to Tomorrow (9-Feb-1968)
21  Patterns of Force (16-Feb-1968)
22  By Any Other Name (23-Feb-1968)
23  The Omega Glory (1-Mar-1968)
24  The Ultimate Computer (8-Mar-1968)
25  Bread and Circuses (15-Mar-1968)
26  Assignment: Earth (29-Mar-1968)

Season Three (1968)
1  Spock's Brain (20-Sep-1968)
2  The Enterprise Incident (27-Sep-1968)
3  The Paradise Syndrome (4-Oct-1968)
4  And the Children Shall Lead (11-Oct-1968)
5  Is There in Truth No Beauty? (18-Oct-1968)
6  Spectre of the Gun (25-Oct-1968)
7  The Day of the Dove (1-Nov-1968)
8  For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (8-Nov-1968)
9  The Tholian Web (15-Nov-1968)
10  Plato's Stepchildren (22-Nov-1968)
11  Wink of an Eye (29-Nov-1968)
12  The Empath (6-Nov-1968)
13  Elaan of Troyius (20-Dec-1968)
14  Whom Gods Destroy (3-Jan-1969)
15  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (10-Jan-1969)
16  The Mark of Gideon (17-Jan-1969)
17  That Which Survives (24-Jan-1969)
18  The Lights of Zetar (31-Jan-1969)
19  Requiem for Methuselah (14-Feb-1969)
20  The Way to Eden (21-Feb-1969)
21  The Cloud Minders (28-Feb-1969)
22  The Savage Curtain (7-Mar-1969)
23  All Our Yesterdays (14-Mar-1969)
24  Turnabout Intruder (3-Jun-1969)

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