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Little House on the Prairie


Western farm drama, based on the autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Broadcast 1974-83.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Melissa Sue Anderson
26-Sep-1962   Little House on the Prairie
Alison Arngrim
18-Jan-1962   Nellie on Little House on the Prairie
Hermione Baddeley
13-Nov-1906 19-Aug-1986 Brighton Rock
Bonnie Bartlett
20-Jun-1929   Ellen Craig on St. Elsewhere
Jason Bateman
14-Jan-1969   Arrested Development
Richard Bull
26-Jun-1924 3-Feb-2014 Nels on Little House on the Prairie
Dean Butler
20-May-1956   Little House on the Prairie
Shannen Doherty
12-Apr-1971   Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210
Victor French
4-Dec-1934 15-Jun-1989 Highway to Heaven
Jonathan Gilbert
10-Jul-1968   Little House on the Prairie
Melissa Gilbert
8-May-1964   Little House on the Prairie
Karen Grassle
25-Feb-1944   Ma on Little House on the Prairie
Dabbs Greer
2-Apr-1917 28-Apr-2007 Rev. Alden on Little House
Moses Gunn
2-Oct-1929 16-Dec-1993 Bumpy Jonas in Shaft
Kevin Hagen
3-Apr-1928 9-Jul-2005 Little House on the Prairie
Matthew Laborteaux
1-Dec-1966   Little House on the Prairie
Patrick Labyorteaux
22-Jul-1965   Lt. Cmdr. Roberts on JAG
Michael Landon
31-Oct-1936 1-Jul-1991 Little House on the Prairie
Katherine MacGregor
12-Jan-1925   Little House on the Prairie
Merlin Olsen
15-Sep-1940 11-Mar-2010 Rams defensive tackle, FTD shill
Kyle Richards
11-Jan-1969   Little House on the Prairie
Charlotte Stewart
27-Feb-1941   Eva Beadle on Little House on the Prairie


1  Little House on the Prairie (30-Mar-1974)

Season One (1974)
1  Harvest of Friends (11-Sep-1974)
2  Country Girls (18-Sep-1974)
3  100 Mile Walk (25-Sep-1974)
4  Mr. Edwards' Homecoming (2-Oct-1974)
5  The Love of Johnny Johnson (9-Oct-1974)
6  If I Should Wake Before I Die (23-Oct-1974)
7  Town Party, Country Party (30-Oct-1974)
8  Ma's Holiday (6-Nov-1974)
9  School Mom (13-Nov-1974)
10  The Raccoon (20-Nov-1974)
11  The Voice of Tinker Jones (4-Dec-1974)
12  The Award (11-Dec-1974)
13  The Lord Is My Shepherd (18-Dec-1974)
14  Christmas At Plum Creek (25-Dec-1974)
15  Family Quarrel (15-Jan-1975)
16  Doctor's Lady (22-Jan-1975)
17  Plague (29-Jan-1975)
18  Circus Man (5-Feb-1975)
19  Child of Pain (12-Feb-1975)
20  Money Crop (19-Feb-1975)
21  Survival (26-Feb-1975)
22  To See the World (5-Mar-1975)
23  Founder's Day (7-May-1975)

Season Two (1975)
1  The Richest Man In Walnut Grove (10-Sep-1975)
2  Four Eyes (17-Sep-1975)
3  Haunted House (24-Sep-1975)
4  In the Big Inning (1-Oct-1975)
5  The Campout (8-Oct-1975)
6  The Spring Dance (29-Nov-1975)
7  Remember Me (Part 1) (5-Nov-1975)
8  Remember Me (Part 2) (12-Nov-1975)
9  Ebenezer Sprague (19-Nov-1975)
10  At the End of the Rainbow (10-Dec-1975)
11  The Gift (17-Dec-1975)
12  His Father's Son (7-Jan-1976)
13  The Talking Machine (14-Jan-1976)
14  The Pride of Walnut Grove (28-Jan-1976)
15  A Matter of Faith (4-Feb-1976)
16  The Runaway Caboose (11-Feb-1976)
17  Troublemaker (25-Feb-1976)
18  The Long Road Home (3-Mar-1976)
19  For My Lady (10-Mar-1976)
20  Centennial (17-Mar-1976)
21  Soldier's Return (24-Mar-1976)
22  Going Home (31-Mar-1976)

Season Three (1976)
1  The Collection (27-Sep-1976)
2  I'll Ride the Wind (4-Oct-1976)
3  The Race (11-Oct-1976)
4  Bunny (18-Oct-1976)
5  The Monster of Walnut Grove (1-Nov-1976)
6  Journey In the Spring (Part 1) (15-Nov-1976)
7  Journey In the Spring (Part 2) (22-Nov-1976)
8  Fred (29-Nov-1976)
9  The Bully Boys (6-Dec-1976)
10  The Hunters (20-Dec-1976)
11  Blizzard (3-Jan-1977)
12  Little Girl Lost (10-Jan-1977)
13  Quarantine (17-Jan-1977)
14  Little Women (24-Jan-1977)
15  Injun Kid (31-Jan-1977)
16  To Live With Fear (1) (14-Feb-1977)
17  To Live With Fear (2) (21-Feb-1977)
18  The Wisdom of Solomon (7-Mar-1977)
19  The Music Box (14-Mar-1977)
20  The Election (21-Mar-1977)
21  Gold Country (4-Apr-1977)

Season Four (1977)
1  Castoffs (12-Sep-1977)
2  Times of Change (19-Sep-1977)
3  My Ellen (26-Sep-1977)
4  The Handyman (3-Oct-1977)
5  The Wolves (17-Oct-1977)
6  The Creeper of Walnut Grove (24-Oct-1977)
7  To Run and Hide (31-Oct-1977)
8  The Aftermath (7-Nov-1977)
9  The High Cost of Being Right (14-Nov-1977)
10  The Fighter (21-Nov-1977)
11  Meet Me At the Fair (28-Nov-1977)
12  Here Come the Brides (5-Dec-1977)
13  Freedom Flight (12-Dec-1977)
14  The Rivals (9-Jan-1978)
15  Whisper Country (16-Jan-1978)
16  I Remember, I Remember (23-Jan-1978)
17  Be My Friend (30-Jan-1978)
18  The Inheritance (6-Feb-1978)
19  The Stranger (20-Feb-1978)
20  A Most Precious Gift (27-Feb-1978)
21  I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 1) (6-Mar-1978)
22  I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (Part 2) (13-Mar-1978)

Season Five (1978)
1  As Long As We're Together (Part 1) (11-Sep-1978)
2  As Long As We're Together (Part 2) (18-Sep-1978)
3  The Winoka Warriors (25-Sep-1978)
4  The Man Inside (2-Oct-1978)
5  There's No Place Like Home (Part 1) (9-Oct-1978)
6  There's No Place Like Home (Part 2) (16-Oct-1978)
7  Fagin (23-Oct-1978)
8  Harriet's Happenings (30-Oct-1978)
9  The Wedding (6-Nov-1978)
10  Men Will Be Boys (13-Nov-1978)
11  The Cheaters (20-Nov-1978)
12  Blind Journey (Part 1) (27-Nov-1978)
13  Blind Journey (Part 2) (4-Dec-1978)
14  The Godsister (18-Dec-1978)
15  The Craftsman (8-Jan-1979)
16  Blind Man's Bluff (15-Jan-1979)
17  Dance With Me (22-Jan-1979)
18  The Sound of Children (5-Feb-1979)
19  The Lake Kezia Monster (12-Feb-1979)
20  Barn Burner (19-Feb-1979)
21  Enchanted Cottage (26-Feb-1979)
22  Someone Please Love Me (5-Mar-1979)
23  Mortal Mission (12-Mar-1979)
24  The Odyssey (19-Mar-1979)

Season Six (1979)
1  Back to School (Part 1) (17-Sep-1979)
2  Back to School (Part 2) (24-Sep-1979)
3  The Family Tree (1-Oct-1979)
4  The Third Miracle (8-Oct-1979)
5  Annabelle (15-Oct-1979)
6  The Preacher Takes a Wife (22-Oct-1979)
7  The Halloween Dream (29-Oct-1979)
8  The Little House Years (Part 1) (15-Nov-1979)
9  The Little House Years (Part 2) (15-Nov-1979)
10  The Little House Years (Part 3) (15-Nov-1979)
11  The Return of Mr Edwards (5-Nov-1979)
12  The King Is Dead (12-Nov-1979)
13  The Faith Healer (19-Nov-1979)
14  Author, Author (26-Nov-1979)
15  Crossed Connections (10-Dec-1979)
16  The Angry Heart (17-Dec-1979)
17  The Werewolf of Walnut Grove (7-Jan-1980)
18  What Ever Happened to the Class of '56? (14-Jan-1980)
19  Darkness Is My Friend (21-Jan-1980)
20  Silent Promises (28-Jan-1980)
21  May We Make Them Proud (4-Feb-1980)
22  Wilder and Wilder (11-Feb-1980)
23  Second Spring (18-Feb-1980)
24  Sweet Sixteen (25-Feb-1980)
25  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 1) (5-May-1980)
26  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Part 2) (12-May-1980)

Season Seven (1980)
1  Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 1) (22-Sep-1980)
2  Laura Ingalls Wilder (Part 2) (29-Sep-1980)
3  A New Beginning (6-Oct-1980)
4  Fight Team Fight! (13-Oct-1980)
5  The Silent Cry (20-Oct-1980)
6  Portrait of Love (27-Oct-1980)
7  Divorce, Walnut Grove Style (10-Nov-1980)
8  Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You (17-Nov-1980)
9  The In-Laws (24-Nov-1980)
10  To See the Light (Part 1) (1-Dec-1980)
11  To See the Light (Part 2) (8-Dec-1980)
12  Oleson Versus Oleson (5-Jan-1981)
13  Come, Let Us Reason Together (12-Jan-1981)
14  The Nephews (19-Jan-1981)
15  Make a Joyful Noise (26-Jan-1981)
16  Goodbye, Mrs Wilder (2-Feb-1981)
17  Sylvia (Part 1) (9-Feb-1981)
18  Sylvia (Part 2) (16-Feb-1981)
19  Blind Justice (23-Feb-1981)
20  I Do, Again (2-Mar-1981)
21  The Lost Ones (Part 1) (4-May-1981)
22  The Lost Ones (Part 2) (11-May-1981)

Season Eight (1981)
1  The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 1) (5-Oct-1981)
2  The Reincarnation of Nellie (Part 2) (12-Oct-1981)
3  Growin' Pains (9-Oct-1981)
4  Dark Sage (26-Oct-1981)
5  A Wiser Heart (2-Nov-1981)
6  Gambini the Great (9-Nov-1981)
7  The Legend of Black Jake (16-Nov-1981)
8  Chicago (23-Nov-1981)
9  For the Love of Nancy (30-Nov-1981)
10  Wave of the Future (7-Dec-1981)
11  A Christmas They Never Forgot (21-Dec-1981)
12  No Beast So Fierce (4-Jan-1982)
13  Stone Soup (18-Jan-1982)
14  The Legacy (25-Jan-1982)
15  Uncle Jed (1-Feb-1982)
16  Second Chance (8-Feb-1982)
17  Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 1) (15-Feb-1982)
18  Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (Part 2) (22-Feb-1982)
19  A Promise to Keep (1-Mar-1982)
20  A Faraway Cry (8-Mar-1982)
21  He Was Only Twelve (Part 1) (3-May-1982)
22  He Was Only Twelve (Part 2) (10-May-1982)

Season Nine (1982)
1  Times Are Changing (Part 1) (27-Sep-1982)
2  Times Are Changing (Part 2) (4-Oct-1982)
3  Welcome to Olesonville (11-Oct-1982)
4  Rage (18-Oct-1982)
5  Little Lou (25-Oct-1982)
6  The Wild Boy (Part 1) (1-Nov-1982)
7  The Wild Boy (Part 2) (8-Nov-1982)
8  The Return of Nellie (15-Nov-1982)
9  The Empire Builders (22-Nov-1982)
10  Love (29-Nov-1982)
11  Alden's Dream (6-Dec-1982)
12  Marvin's Garden (3-Jan-1983)
13  Sins of the Fathers (10-Jan-1983)
14  The Older Brothers (17-Jan-1983)
15  Once Upon a Time (24-Jan-1983)
16  Home Again (7-Feb-1983)
17  A Child With No Name (14-Feb-1983)
18  The Last Summer (21-Feb-1983)
19  For the Love of Blanche (7-Mar-1983)
20  May I Have This Dance (14-Mar-1983)
21  Hello and Goodbye (21-Mar-1983)

TV Movies
1  Look Back to Yesterday (12-Dec-1983)
2  The Last Farewell (6-Feb-1984)
3  Bless All the Dear Children (17-Dec-1984)

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