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The Facts of Life


Sitcom, broadcast 1979-88 on NBC.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Pamela Adlon
9-Jul-1966   Marcy on Californication
Mackenzie Astin
12-May-1973   The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human
Orson Bean
22-Jul-1928   Anatomy of a Murder
George Clooney
6-May-1961   E.R.
Mindy Cohn
20-May-1966   Natalie on The Facts of Life
Kim Fields
12-May-1969   Tootie on The Facts of Life
Jami Gertz
28-Oct-1965   Muffy on Square Pegs
Paul Haggis
10-Mar-1953   Crash
Mitzi Hoag
25-Sep-1932   Liz Platt on We'll Get By
Geri Jewell
13-Sep-1956   Deadwood
Cloris Leachman
30-Apr-1926   Phyllis and The Facts of Life
Nancy McKeon
4-Apr-1966   Jo on The Facts of Life
Jenny O'Hara
24-Feb-1942   Dixie Randazzo on My Sister Sam
Charlotte Rae
22-Apr-1926   Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life
Molly Ringwald
18-Feb-1968   The Breakfast Club
Alex Rocco
29-Feb-1936 18-Jul-2015 Moe Greene in The Godfather
Robert Romanus
17-Jul-1956   Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Lisa Whelchel
29-May-1963   Blair Warner on The Facts of Life


Season One (1979)
1  Rough Housing (24-Aug-1979)
2  Like Mother, Like Daughter (31-Aug-1979)
3  The Return of Mr. Garrett (7-Sep-1979)
4  I.Q. (14-Sep-1979)
5  Emily Dickinson (14-Mar-1980)
6  Dieting (21-Mar-1980)
7  The Facts of Love (4-Apr-1980)
8  Flash Flood (11-Apr-1980)
9  Adoption (25-Apr-1980)
10  Running (2-May-1980)
11  Molly's Holiday (4-Jun-1980)
12  Dope (11-Jun-1980)
13  Overachieving (10-Oct-1980)

Season Two (1980)
1  The New Girl (Part 1) (19-Nov-1980)
2  The New Girl (Part 2) (26-Nov-1980)
3  Double Standard (10-Dec-1980)
4  Who Am I? (17-Dec-1980)
5  Cousin Geri (24-Dec-1980)
6  Shoplifting (31-Dec-1980)
7  Teenage Marriage (Part 1) (7-Jan-1981)
8  Teenage Marriage (Part 2) (14-Jan-1981)
9  Breaking Point (28-Jan-1981)
10  Sex Symbol (4-Feb-1981)
11  The Secret (25-Feb-1981)
12  Pretty Babies (4-Mar-1981)
13  Bought and Sold (11-Mar-1981)
14  Free Spirit (18-Mar-1981)
15  Brian and Sylvia (25-Mar-1981)
16  Gossip (3-Jun-1981)

Season Three (1981)
1  Growing Pains (28-Oct-1981)
2  Fear Strikes Back (4-Nov-1981)
3  A Baby in the House (11-Nov-1981)
4  A Friend in Deed (18-Nov-1981)
5  Front Page (25-Nov-1981)
6  Give and Take (2-Dec-1981)
7  Sweet Sorrow (9-Dec-1981)
8  From Russia With Love (16-Dec-1981)
9  Dear Me (23-Dec-1981)
10  Cousin Geri Returns (30-Dec-1981)
11  Legacy (6-Jan-1982)
12  Green-Eyed Monster (13-Jan-1982)
13  The Americanization of Miko (20-Jan-1982)
14  The Marriage Brokers (27-Jan-1982)
15  Starstruck (3-Feb-1982)
16  The Four Musketeers (10-Feb-1982)
17  The Affair (17-Feb-1982)
18  Runaway (24-Feb-1982)
19  New York, New York (3-Mar-1982)
20  Kids Can Be Cruel (17-Mar-1982)
21  Mind Your Own Business (24-Mar-1982)
22  The Academy (31-Mar-1982)
23  Jo's Cousin (14-Apr-1982)
24  Read No Evil (5-May-1982)

TV Movie
--  The Facts of Life Goes to Paris (Part 1) (25-Sep-1982)
--  The Facts of Life Goes to Paris (Part 2) (25-Sep-1982)
--  The Facts of Life Goes to Paris (Part 3) (25-Sep-1982)
--  The Facts of Life Goes to Paris (Part 4) (25-Sep-1982)

Season Four (1982)
1  Ain't Miss Beholden (29-Sep-1982)
2  The Source (6-Oct-1982)
3  The Sound of Silence (27-Oct-1982)
4  The Oldest Living Graduate (3-Nov-1982)
5  Different Drummer (10-Nov-1982)
6  Dearest Mommie (17-Nov-1982)
7  A Woman's Place (24-Nov-1982)
8  Daddy Girl (1-Dec-1982)
9  The Big Fight (8-Dec-1982)
10  For the Asking (15-Dec-1982)
11  September Song (22-Dec-1982)
12  A Royal Pain (5-Jan-1983)
13  Magnificent Obsession (12-Jan-1983)
14  Under Pressure (19-Jan-1983)
15  Teacher's Pet (26-Jan-1983)
16  Let's Party (9-Feb-1983)
17  Best Sister (Part 1) (16-Feb-1983)
18  Best Sister (Part 2) (23-Feb-1983)
19  Guess What's Coming to Dinner? (9-Mar-1983)
20  Who's On First (30-Mar-1983)
21  Help from Home (6-Apr-1983)
22  Take My Finals, Please (27-Apr-1983)
23  Graduation (Part 1) (4-May-1983)
24  Graduation (Part 2) (4-May-1983)

Season Five (1983)
1  Brave New World (Part 1) (21-Sep-1983)
2  Brave New World (Part 2) (21-Sep-1983)
3  Gamma Gamma or Bust (28-Sep-1983)
4  Just My Bill (12-Oct-1983)
5  What Price Glory? (19-Oct-1983)
6  The Halloween Show (26-Oct-1983)
7  Advanced Placement (2-Nov-1983)
8  I'm Dancing as Fast As I Can (9-Nov-1983)
9  Small But Dangerous (16-Nov-1983)
10  Store Games (30-Nov-1983)
11  The Second Time Around (14-Dec-1983)
12  The Christmas Show (21-Dec-1983)
13  Chain Letter (28-Dec-1983)
14  Next Door (4-Jan-1984)
15  Crossing the Line (11-Jan-1984)
16  All or Nothing (18-Jan-1984)
17  A Death in The Family (1-Feb-1984)
18  Big Fish/Little Fish (8-Feb-1984)
19  Star at Langley (15-Feb-1984)
20  Dream Marriage (22-Feb-1984)
21  Mother and Daughter (29-Feb-1984)
22  All by Herself (14-Mar-1984)
23  Seems Like Old Times (21-Mar-1984)
24  Joint Custody (2-May-1984)
25  The Way We Were (Part 1) (9-May-1984)
26  The Way We Were (Part 2) (9-May-1984)

Season Six (1984)
1  The Summer of '84 (26-Sep-1984)
2  Slices of Life (3-Oct-1984)
3  Love at First Byte (17-Oct-1984)
4  My Boyfriend's Back (24-Oct-1984)
5  Cruisin' (31-Oct-1984)
6  Taking a Chance on Love (Part 1) (7-Nov-1984)
7  Taking a Chance on Love (Part 2) (7-Nov-1984)
8  E.G.O.C (Edna Garrett on Campus) (14-Nov-1984)
9  Dear Apple (21-Nov-1984)
10  Talk, Talk, Talk (28-Nov-1984)
11  Smile (5-Dec-1984)
12  The Rich Aren't Different (12-Dec-1984)
13  Christmas in the Big House (19-Dec-1984)
14  Me and Eleanor (2-Jan-1985)
15  Working it Out (9-Jan-1985)
16  Jazzbeau (16-Jan-1985)
17  Two Guys From Appleton (23-Jan-1985)
18  With a Little Help from My Friends (30-Jan-1985)
19  Gone With the Wind (Part 1) (13-Feb-1985)
20  Gone With the Wind (Part 2) (20-Feb-1985)
21  Man in the Attic (27-Feb-1985)
22  The Last Drive-In (13-Mar-1985)
23  Sisters (20-Mar-1985)
24  It's Lonely at the Top (27-Mar-1985)
25  Bus Stop (8-May-1985)
26  The Interview Show (15-May-1985)

Season Seven (1985)
1  Out of the Fire... (Part 1) (14-Sep-1985)
2  Into the Frying Pan (Part 2) (21-Sep-1985)
3  Grand Opening (Part 3) (28-Sep-1985)
4  Teacher, Teacher (5-Oct-1985)
5  Men for all Seasons (19-Oct-1985)
6  A New Life (26-Oct-1985)
7  Doo Wah (2-Nov-1985)
8  Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green (9-Nov-1985)
9  Born Too Late (16-Nov-1985)
10  3, 2, 1 (23-Nov-1985)
11  We Get Letters (30-Nov-1985)
12  Ballroom Dance (7-Dec-1985)
13  Christmas Baby (14-Dec-1985)
14  Tootie Drives (21-Dec-1985)
15  Stake-Out Blues (11-Jan-1986)
16  The Agent (18-Jan-1986)
17  The Reunion (1-Feb-1986)
18  Concentration (8-Feb-1986)
19  Atlantic City (15-Feb-1986)
20  The Lady Who Came to Dinner (22-Feb-1986)
21  The Candidate (1-Mar-1986)
22  Big Time Charlie (29-Mar-1986)
23  The Graduate (Part 1) (3-May-1986)
24  The Apartment (Part 2) (10-May-1986)

Season Eight (1986)
1  Out of Peekskill (Part 1) (27-Sep-1986)
2  Out of Peekskill (Part 2) (27-Sep-1986)
3  Ready or Not (4-Oct-1986)
4  Another Room (11-Oct-1986)
5  Off Broadway Baby (1-Nov-1986)
6  The Little Chill (8-Nov-1986)
7  The Ratings Game (15-Nov-1986)
8  The Wedding Day (22-Nov-1986)
9  Fast Food (29-Nov-1986)
10  Where's Poppa? (6-Dec-1986)
11  Write & Wrong (13-Dec-1986)
12  Seven Little Indians (3-Jan-1987)
13  The Greek Connection (10-Jan-1987)
14  Post-Christmas Card (17-Jan-1987)
15  A Star is Torn (31-Jan-1987)
16  A Winter's Tale (7-Feb-1987)
17  Cupid's Revenge (14-Feb-1987)
18  62 Pick-Up (21-Feb-1987)
19  Boy About the House (28-Feb-1987)
20  Ex Marks the Spot (7-Mar-1987)
21  Younger Than Springtime (21-Mar-1987)
22  This is Only a Test (18-Apr-1987)
23  Rites of Passage (Part 1) (2-May-1987)
24  Rights of Passage Too (Part 2) (9-May-1987)

TV Movie
--  The Facts of Life Down Under (Part 1) (15-Feb-1987)
--  The Facts of Life Down Under (Part 2) (15-Feb-1987)
--  The Facts of Life Down Under (Part 3) (15-Feb-1987)
--  The Facts of Life Down Under (Part 4) (15-Feb-1987)

Season Nine (1987)
1  Down and Out in Malibu (Part 1) (26-Sep-1987)
2  Down and Out in Malibu (Part 2) (3-Oct-1987)
3  Rumor Has It (17-Oct-1987)
4  Before the Fall (24-Oct-1987)
5  Sweet Charity (7-Nov-1987)
6  Up From Down Under (14-Nov-1987)
7  The More the Marrier (21-Nov-1987)
8  A Rose By Any Other Age (28-Nov-1987)
9  Adventures in Baileysitting (5-Dec-1987)
10  It's a Wonderful Christmas (12-Dec-1987)
11  Golden Oldies (2-Jan-1988)
12  A Thousand Frowns (9-Jan-1988)
13  Something in Common (16-Jan-1988)
14  Peekskill Law (23-Jan-1988)
15  A House Divided (30-Jan-1988)
16  The First Time (6-Feb-1988)
17  Let's Face the Music (13-Feb-1988)
18  Less Than Perfect (20-Feb-1988)
19  Till Marriage Do Us Part (27-Feb-1988)
20  Present Imperfect (5-Mar-1988)
21  On the Edge (12-Mar-1988)
22  Big Apple Blues (19-Mar-1988)
23  The Beginning of the End (Part 1) (30-Apr-1988)
24  The Beginning of the Beginning (Part 2) (7-May-1988)

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