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Melrose Place


Drama, broadcast 1992-99, revived 2009-.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Deborah Adair
23-May-1952   The Young and the Restless
Carmen Argenziano
27-Oct-1943   Selmak on Stargate: SG-1
Linden Ashby
23-May-1960   Dr. Brett Cooper on Melrose Place
Jason Beghe
12-Mar-1960   Sean McGrail on To Have and to Hold
Josie Bissett
5-Oct-1970   Jane Andrews Mancini on Melrose Place
Thomas Calabro
3-Feb-1959   Dr. Michael Mancini on Melrose Place
Janet Carroll
24-Dec-1940 22-May-2012 Risky Business
David Charvet
15-May-1972   Matt Brody on Baywatch
Dan Cortese
TV Personality
14-Sep-1967   Hosted MTV Sports
Marcia Cross
25-Mar-1962   Desperate Housewives
James Darren
8-Jun-1936   The Time Tunnel
Kristin Davis
23-Feb-1965   Good girl Charlotte on Sex and the City
Anthony John Denison
20-Sep-1949   Det. Andy Flynn on The Closer
Michael Des Barres
24-Jan-1948   Murdoc on MacGyver
David James Elliott
21-Sep-1960   JAG
Rob Estes
22-Jul-1963   Kyle McBride on Melrose Place
Chad Everett
11-Jun-1936 24-Jul-2012 Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center
Greg Evigan
14-Oct-1953   B.J. and the Bear
James Farentino
24-Feb-1938 24-Jan-2012 The Final Countdown
Dan Gauthier
2-Dec-1963   Tour of Duty
Gina Gershon
10-Jun-1962   Showgirls
Nancy Lee Grahn
28-Apr-1956   Julia Wainwright on Santa Barbara
Linda Gray
12-Sep-1940   Sue Ellen on Dallas
David Groh
21-May-1939 12-Feb-2008 Joe Gerard on Rhoda
Stacy Haiduk
24-Apr-1968   Seaquest DSV
Ken Howard
28-Mar-1944 23-Mar-2016 The White Shadow
Anne-Marie Johnson
18-Jul-1960   In The Heat Of The Night
Stanley Kamel
1-Jan-1943 8-Apr-2008 Dr. Kroger on Monk
Brooke Langton
27-Nov-1970   The Replacements
Hudson Leick
9-May-1969   Callisto on Xena
Laura Leighton
24-Jul-1968   Sydney Andrews on Melrose Place
Amy Locane
19-Dec-1971   Bongwater
Heather Locklear
25-Sep-1961   Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place
Chad Lowe
15-Jan-1968   Jesse McKenna on Life Goes On
Jamie Luner
12-May-1971   Lexi on Melrose Place
Stephen Macht
1-May-1942   General Hospital
Monte Markham
21-Jun-1935   The Second Hundred Years
Alyssa Milano
19-Dec-1972   Charmed
Donna Mills
11-Dec-1940   Play Misty for Me
Belita Moreno
1-Nov-1949   Benny on George Lopez
Phil Morris
4-Apr-1959   Mission: Impossible revival
Patrick Muldoon
27-Sep-1968   Starship Troopers
Tracy Nelson
25-Oct-1963   Father Dowling Mysteries
John Newton
29-Dec-1965   Tony Pagano on The Untouchables
Jeffrey Nordling
11-Mar-1962   Jake Manning on Once and Again
Scott Plank
11-Nov-1958 24-Oct-2002 L.A. Takedown
Priscilla Presley
24-May-1945   Elvis's wife
Lisa Rinna
11-Jul-1963   Taylor McBride on Melrose Place
Kelly Rutherford
6-Nov-1968   Megan Mancini on Melrose Place
Antonio Sabato, Jr.
29-Feb-1972   Mindstorm
Doug Savant
21-Jun-1964   Dr. Matt Fielding on Melrose Place
Grant Show
27-Feb-1962   Jake Hanson on Melrose Place
Andrew Shue
20-Feb-1967   Melrose Place
Rena Sofer
2-Dec-1968   General Hospital
Darren Star
Film/TV Producer
c. 1961   Creator of Beverly Hills 90210 franchise
Morgan Stevens
16-Oct-1951   David Reardon on Fame
Parker Stevenson
4-Jun-1952   The Hardy Boys Mysteries
Gail Strickland
18-May-1947   First Monday
Courtney Thorne-Smith
8-Nov-1967   Long-suffering wife on According to Jim
Jack Wagner
3-Oct-1959   Frisco Jones on General Hospital
Susan Walters
28-Sep-1963   The Young and the Restless
Megan Ward
24-Sep-1969   Kimberly Sayers on Dark Skies
James Wilder
5-Aug-1968   A Face to Die For
Vanessa Williams
12-May-1963   Maxine Chadway on Soul Food
Daphne Zuniga
28-Oct-1962   Princess Vespa in Spaceballs


Season One (1992)
1  Pilot (8-Jul-1992)
2  Friends and Lovers (15-Jul-1992)
3  Lost and Found (22-Jul-1992)
4  For Love and Money (29-Jul-1992)
5  Leap of Faith (5-Aug-1992)
6  Second Chances (12-Aug-1992)
7  My Way (19-Aug-1992)
8  Lonely Hearts (2-Sep-1992)
9  Responsibly Yours (9-Sep-1992)
10  Burned (16-Sep-1992)
11  A Promise Broken (30-Sep-1992)
12  Polluted Affairs (21-Oct-1992)
13  Dreams Come True (28-Oct-1992)
14  Drawing the Line (4-Nov-1992)
15  House of God (11-Nov-1992)
16  The Whole Truth (18-Nov-1992)
17  Jake vs. Jake (25-Nov-1992)
18  A Melrose Place Christmas (16-Dec-1992)
19  Single White Sister (6-Jan-1993)
20  Peanut Butter and Jealousy (13-Jan-1993)
21  Picture Imperfect (27-Jan-1993)
22  Three's a Crowd (3-Feb-1993)
23  My New Partner (10-Feb-1993)
24  Bye Bye Billy (17-Feb-1993)
25  Irreconcilable Similarites (3-Mar-1993)
26  End Game (24-Mar-1993)
27  The Test (31-Mar-1993)
28  Pushing Boundaries (7-Apr-1993)
29  Pas de Trois (21-Apr-1993)
30  Carpe Diem (28-Apr-1993)
31  State of Need (12-May-1993)
32  Suspicious Minds (26-May-1993)

Season Two (1993)
1  Much Ado About Everything (8-Sep-1993)
2  A Long Night's Journey (15-Sep-1993)
3  Revenge (22-Sep-1993)
4  Fire Power (29-Sep-1993)
5  Of Bikes and Men (6-Oct-1993)
6  Hot and Bothered (13-Oct-1993)
7  Flirting With Disaster (20-Oct-1993)
8  No Bed of Roses (27-Oct-1993)
9  Married to It (3-Nov-1993)
10  The Tangled Web (10-Nov-1993)
11  Collision Course (17-Nov-1993)
12  Cold Turkey (24-Nov-1993)
13  Duet For One (1-Dec-1993)
14  Strange Bedfellows (15-Dec-1993)
15  Under the Mistletoe (22-Dec-1993)
16  Reunion Blues (5-Jan-1994)
17  Michael's Game (12-Jan-1994)
18  Arousing Suspicions (26-Jan-1994)
19  The Young Men and the Sea (2-Feb-1994)
20  Parting Glances (9-Feb-1994)
21  Swept Away (16-Feb-1994)
22  With This Ball and Chain (23-Feb-1994)
23  Otherwise Engaged (2-Mar-1994)
24  Love, Mancini-Style (16-Mar-1994)
25  The Two Mrs. Mancinis (23-Mar-1994)
26  In Bed With the Enemy (6-Apr-1994)
27  Psycho Therapy (20-Apr-1994)
28  The Bitch is Back (27-Apr-1994)
29  Imperfect Strangers (4-May-1994)
30  Devil With the G-String On (11-May-1994)
31  Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1) (18-May-1994)
32  Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2) (18-May-1994)

Season Three (1994)
1  I Am Curious Melrose (12-Sep-1994)
2  It's a Bad World After All (19-Sep-1994)
3  In-Laws and Outlaws (26-Sep-1994)
4  Grand Delusions (3-Oct-1994)
5  Nonsexual Healing (10-Oct-1994)
6  No Strings Attached (17-Oct-1994)
7  The Cook, the Creep, His Lover and Her Sister (24-Oct-1994)
8  Love Reeks (31-Oct-1994)
9  Dr. Jeckyl Saves His Hide (7-Nov-1994)
10  And Justice For None (14-Nov-1994)
11  The Days of Wine and Vodka (21-Nov-1994)
12  The Doctor That Rocks the Cradle (28-Nov-1994)
13  Just Say No (5-Dec-1994)
14  Sex, Drugs and Rockin' the Cradle (12-Dec-1994)
15  Holiday on Ice (19-Dec-1994)
16  Bye Bye Baby (2-Jan-1995)
17  Love Thy Neighbor: The Baddest and the Best of Melrose Place (9-Jan-1995)
18  They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? (Part 1) (16-Jan-1995)
19  They Shoot Mothers, Don't They? (Part 2) (16-Jan-1995)
20  Another Perfect Day in Hell (23-Jan-1995)
21  Boxing Sydney (6-Feb-1995)
22  St. Valentine's Day Massacre (13-Feb-1995)
23  Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Eight (20-Feb-1995)
24  And the Winner Is... (27-Feb-1995)
25  Love and Death 101 (13-Mar-1995)
26  To Live and Die in Malibu (20-Mar-1995)
27  All About Brooke (3-Apr-1995)
28  Melrose Impossible (10-Apr-1995)
29  Hose By Any Other Name (1-May-1995)
30  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (8-May-1995)
31  Framing of the Shrews (15-May-1995)
32  The Big Bang (Part 1) (22-May-1995)
33  The Big Bang (Part 2) (22-May-1995)

Season Four (1995)
1  Post Mortem Madness (11-Sep-1995)
2  Melrose is Like a Box of Chocolates (18-Sep-1995)
3  Blind Ambition (20-Sep-1995)
4  Simply Shocking (25-Sep-1995)
5  Drawing Henry (2-Oct-1995)
6  The Jane Mutiny (9-Oct-1995)
7  Let the Games Begin (16-Oct-1995)
8  Dial M for Melrose (23-Oct-1995)
9  Amanda Unplugged (30-Oct-1995)
10  El Syd (6-Nov-1995)
11  Free Kimmy (13-Nov-1995)
12  Kimberly Does L.A. (20-Nov-1995)
13  Hook, Line and Hayley (27-Nov-1995)
14  Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (4-Dec-1995)
15  Oy! To the World (11-Dec-1995)
16  Holy Strokes (1-Jan-1996)
17  The Brooke Stops Here (8-Jan-1996)
18  Sydney, Bothered and Bewildered (15-Jan-1996)
19  The Bobby Trap (22-Jan-1996)
20  No Lifeguard on Duty (Part 1) (5-Feb-1996)
21  No Lifeguard on Duty (Part 2) (5-Feb-1996)
22  Devil In a Wet Dress (12-Feb-1996)
23  Circle of Strife (19-Feb-1996)
24  Run Billy Run (26-Feb-1996)
25  Ruthless People (4-Mar-1996)
26  The Burning Couch (11-Mar-1996)
27  Triumph of The Bill (18-Mar-1996)
28  What Comes Up, Must Come Down (1-Apr-1996)
29  True Fibs (15-Apr-1996)
30  Melrose Unglued (29-Apr-1996)
31  Peter's Excellent Adventure (6-May-1996)
32  Full Metal Betsy (15-May-1996)
33  Dead Sisters Walking (Part 1) (20-May-1996)
34  Dead Sisters Walking (Part 2) (20-May-1996)

Season Five (1996)
1  Living With Disaster (9-Sep-1996)
2  Over Dick's Dead Body (16-Sep-1996)
3  Moving Violations (23-Sep-1996)
4  Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love (30-Sep-1996)
5  Un-Janed Melody (28-Oct-1996)
6  Jane's Addiction (4-Nov-1996)
7  Young Doctors in Heat (11-Nov-1996)
8  Mission: Interpersonal (11-Nov-1996)
9  Farewell Mike's Concubine (18-Nov-1996)
10  Nice Work if You Can Get It (25-Nov-1996)
11  Sole Sister (2-Dec-1996)
12  Quest for Mother (9-Dec-1996)
13  Crazy Love (16-Dec-1996)
14  The Accidental Doctor (6-Jan-1997)
15  Escape From L.A. (13-Jan-1997)
16  Eyes of the Storm (20-Jan-1997)
17  Better Homes and Condos (27-Jan-1997)
18  Great Sex-pectations (Part 1) (3-Feb-1997)
19  Great Sex-pectations (Part 2) (3-Feb-1997)
20  Catch Her in the Lie (10-Feb-1997)
21  Men Are From Melrose (17-Feb-1997)
22  Frames 'R' Us (24-Feb-1997)
23  Screams From a Marriage (3-Mar-1997)
24  101 Damnations (10-Mar-1997)
25  From Here to Maternity (17-Mar-1997)
26  Last Exit to Ohio (31-Mar-1997)
27  The Dead Wives Club (7-Apr-1997)
28  Deja Vu All Over Again (14-Apr-1997)
29  All Beths Are Off (21-Apr-1997)
30  Ultimatums and the Single Guy (28-Apr-1997)
31  Going Places (5-May-1997)
32  Secrets and Lies and More Lies (12-May-1997)
33  Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward? (Part 1) (19-May-1997)
34  Who's Afraid Of Amanda Woodward? (Part 2) (19-May-1997)

Season Six (1997)
1  Brand New Day (8-Sep-1997)
2  Trojan Stork (15-Sep-1997)
3  No Time for Sperm Banks (22-Sep-1997)
4  The Doctor is In... Deep (29-Sep-1997)
5  Desperately Seeking Samantha (20-Oct-1997)
6  The Light at the End of the Tumble (27-Oct-1997)
7  Secrets and Wives (3-Nov-1997)
8  A Shot in the Dark (10-Nov-1997)
9  Attack of the Scalpel Woman (17-Nov-1997)
10  My Little Coma Girl (24-Nov-1997)
11  Everybody Comes to Kyle's (1-Dec-1997)
12  A Bump in the Night (15-Dec-1997)
13  A Tree Talks in Melrose (22-Dec-1997)
14  To Kill a Whirlybird (5-Jan-1998)
15  Amanda's Back (12-Jan-1998)
16  Kyle of the Desert (19-Jan-1998)
17  Coop de Grace (26-Jan-1998)
18  Mama Mia (2-Feb-1998)
19  Last Train to Baghdad (Part 1) (9-Feb-1998)
20  Last Train to Baghdad (Part 2) (9-Feb-1998)
21  A Swing and a Mrs. (16-Feb-1998)
22  Blunt Drama (23-Feb-1998)
23  A Christine Runs Through It (2-Mar-1998)
24  Too Romantic for Words (9-Mar-1998)
25  Four Affairs and a Pregnancy (16-Mar-1998)
26  M.P. Confidential (30-Mar-1998)
27  The Nasty Minded Professor (30-Mar-1998)

Season Seven (1998)
1  Divorce Dominican Style (27-Jul-1998)
2  A Long Way to Tip-A-Rory (3-Aug-1998)
3  A Match Made in Hell (10-Aug-1998)
4  Ball N'Jane (17-Aug-1998)
5  As Bad as it Gets (24-Aug-1998)
6  Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell (Part 1) (31-Aug-1998)
7  Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell (Part 2) (7-Sep-1998)
8  The World According to Matt (14-Sep-1998)
9  Where the Hookers Grow (21-Sep-1998)
10  Dr. Jealousy (28-Sep-1998)
11  Not Quite All About Eve (19-Oct-1998)
12  The Rumor Whisperer (26-Oct-1998)
13  The Night the Lights Went Out at Melrose (2-Nov-1998)
14  Suspicion (9-Nov-1998)
15  Fiddling on the Roof (16-Nov-1998)
16  Lethal Wedding 4 (23-Nov-1998)
17  When Cheerleaders Attack (30-Nov-1998)
18  Suddenly Sperm (14-Dec-1998)
19  The Usual Santas (21-Dec-1998)
20  The Kyle High Club (11-Jan-1999)
21  I Married a Jock Murderer (18-Jan-1999)
22  A Fist Full of Secrets (25-Jan-1999)
23  The Younger Son Also Rises (8-Feb-1999)
24  Saving Ryan's Privates (15-Feb-1999)
25  They Shoot Blanks, Don't They? (22-Feb-1999)
26  How Amanda Got Her Groove Back (1-Mar-1999)
27  Unpleasantville (8-Mar-1999)
28  Ryan's Choice (5-Apr-1999)
29  McBride's Head Revisited (12-Apr-1999)
30  The Daughterboy (19-Apr-1999)
31  Bitter Homes and Guardians (26-Apr-1999)
32  Floral Knowledge (3-May-1999)
33  Lexi Gets Stiffed (10-May-1999)
34  Dead Men Don't Shut Up (17-May-1999)
35  Asses to Ashes (24-May-1999)

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