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Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHayeAKA Timothy F. LaHaye

Born: 27-Apr-1926
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Died: 25-Jul-2016
Location of death: San Diego, CA
Cause of death: unspecified

Gender: Male
Religion: Baptist
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Religion, Novelist
Party Affiliation: Republican

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Left Behind series

Left Behind is a 13-book series (plus three prequels) in the "Christian fiction" genre, dramatizing the circumstances surrounding our inevitable Rapture (scheduled to transpire any day now). And as of 2004, the series has sold more than 62 million copies. According to Newsweek, 71% of Left Behind readers reside in the South and Midwest, and just 6% from the Northeast. Evidently their core demographic is a 44-year-old born-again married mother living in the South.

The Left Behind books were the brainchild of Dr. Tim LaHaye, well known in conservative circles as a key player in the Religious Right movement. The books were primarily written by LaHaye's coauthor Jerry B. Jenkins, a former sportswriter. According to Jenkins: "I write the best I can. I know I'm never going to be revered as some classic writer. I don't claim to be C. S. Lewis. The literary-type writers, I admire them. I wish I was smart enough to write a book that's hard to read, you know?"

He has also co-authored (with Bob Phillips) a second series of novels beginning with Babylon Rising in 2003. These novels are less popular but perhaps more action-packed, following the fictional adventures of Michael Murphy, a scholar of Biblical prophecy, through events allegedly based on present-day fulfillment of whatever prophecies were neglected in the Left Behind books.

LaHaye believes that the Catholic Church "is more dangerous than no religion because she substitutes religion for truth. [...] Rome is also dangerous because some of her doctrines are pseudo-Christian."

When I ask him what he has against Catholics -- he says often that they will be under-represented among Christians taken up at the Rapture -- he is at a loss to answer. It is as if they were simply bad in his book, and that's that. Pressed, he suggests that it's because they do not believe that the way to salvation is to receive Jesus into their hearts.

"What about Holy Communion?" I ask. "Isn't that all about receiving Jesus, body and soul?"

The great scholar of religion looks at me blankly. "Maybe," he says. "I really don't know."

Evidently LaHaye believes that the Illuminati is secretly engineering world affairs. "I myself have been a forty-five year student of the satanically-inspired, centuries-old conspiracy to use government, education, and media to destroy every vestige of Christianity within our society and establish a new world order. Having read at least fifty books on the Illuminati, I am convinced that it exists and can be blamed for many of man's inhumane actions against his fellow man during the past two hundred years."

Believes that homosexuality can be cured.

Father: Frank LaHaye (Ford auto worker, d. 1936)
Mother: Margaret Palmer
Wife: Beverly LaHaye (m. 5-Jul-1947, until his death, two daughters, two sons)
Daughter: Linda
Son: Larry
Son: Lee
Daughter: Lori

    Theological: BA, Bob Jones University (1962)
    Theological: DMin, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, OR (1977)

    Coalition for Religious Freedom Cochairman
    Coalition on Revival
    Concerned Women for America Cofounder
    Council for National Policy President, Cofounder
    Huckabee for President
    John Birch Society
    Moral Majority Board of Directors
    Evolution Skeptics
    Time Magazine 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America
    Risk Factors: Homophobia

Official Website:

Author of books:
How to Be Happy though Married (1968, non-fiction)
Transformed Temperaments (1971, non-fiction)
The Beginning of the End (1972, apocalypse study)
Revelation: Illustrated and Made Plain (1975, apocalypse study)
How to Win over Depression (1976, non-fiction)
The Ark on Ararat (1976, Bible analysis; with John David Morris)
The Act of Marriage (1976, non-fiction; with Beverly LaHaye)
How to study the Bible for Yourself (1976, non-fiction)
Understanding the Male Temperament (1977, non-fiction)
The Battle for the Mind (1980, political comment)
The Battle for the Family (1982, political comment)
Anger Is A Choice (1982, non-fiction; with Bob Phillips)
The Battle for the Public Schools (1982, political comment)
The Hidden Censors (1984, political comment)
The Race for the 21st Century (1986, political comment)
How to Study Bible Prophecy for Yourself (1990, apocalypse study)
Against the Tide: How to Raise Sexually Pure Kids in an "Anything-Goes" World (1993, non-fiction; with Beverly LaHaye)
A Nation without A Conscience (1994, political comment; with Beverly LaHaye)
Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days (1995, with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind (1996, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#2)
Jesus: Who Is He? (1996, non-fiction)
Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist (1997, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#3)
Opposites Attract (aka I Love You, but Why Are We So Different? (1998, non-fiction)
Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides (1998, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#4)
Power of the Cross: Real Stories, Real People, A Real God (1998, devotions)
Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed (1999, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#5)
Are We Living In the End Times? (1999, apocalypse study; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Revelation Unveiled (1999, apocalypse study)
The Act of Marriage after 40 (2000, non-fiction; with Beverly LaHaye and Mike Yorkey)
Assassins: Assignment Jerusalem, Target Antichrist (2000, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#6)
The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession (2000, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#7)
All the Rave (2000, Christian fiction; with Bob DeMoss)
Mind Siege: Battle for Truth in the New Millennium (2000, political comment; with David A. Noebel)
The Mark: The Beast Rules the World (2000, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#8)
Charting the End Times (2001, apocalypse study; with Thomas Ice)
Perhaps Today: Living Every Day in the Light of Christ's Return (2001, devotions; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Seduction of the Heart: How to Guard and Keep Your Heart from Evil (2001, non-fiction; with Edward E. Hindson)
Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne (2001, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#9)
The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon (2002, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#10)
The Last Dance (2002, Christian fiction; with Bob DeMoss)
The Merciful God of Prophecy: His Loving Plan for You In the End Tmes (2002, apocalypse study; with Steve Halliday)
Babylon Rising (2003, with Bob Phillips)
The End Times Controversy (2003, apocalypse study; with Thomas Ice)
Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages (2003, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#11)
God Always Keeps His Promises (2003, apocalypse study; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
These Will Not Be Left Behind: Incredible Stories of Lives Transformed after Reading the Left behind Novels (2003, non-fiction; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Why Believe in Jesus? (2004, non-fiction)
Glorious Appearing: The End of Days (2004, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#12)
Jesus and the Hope of His Coming (2004, apocalypse study; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
The Secret On Ararat (2004, with Bob Phillips; Babylon Rising #2)
The Rising: Antichrist is Born (2005, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB prequel)
The Regime: Evil Advances (2005, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB prequel)
The Authorized Left Behind Handbook (2005, with Jerry B. Jenkins and Sandi L. Swanson)
The Europa Conspiracy (2005, with Bob Phillips; Babylon Rising #3)
The Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye (2006, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB prequel)
The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary (2006, apocalypse study; with Edward E. Hindson)
The Edge of Darkness (2006, with Bob Phillips; Babylon Rising #4)
John's Story: The Last Eyewitness (2006, Biblical fiction; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Kingdom Come: The Final Victory (2007, with Jerry B. Jenkins; LB#13)
Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter (2007, Biblical fiction; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Global Warning (2007, apocalypse study; with Edward E. Hindson)
Always Grace (2008, romance novel; with Gregory S. Dinallo)
Jesus: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him (2009, non-fiction; with David Minasian)
Luke's Story (2009, Biblical fiction; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Matthew's Story: From Sinner to Saint (2010, Biblical fiction; with Jerry B. Jenkins)
Edge of Apocalypse (2010, apocalyptic fiction; with Craig Parshall)

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