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Hillary Clinton

Politician, First Lady (born 26-Oct-1947)


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  1. Stress Over Family Finances Propelled Hillary Clinton Into Corporate World
    by Amy Chozick. The New York Times, 10-Aug-2016.

  2. How Hillary Became "Hillary"
    A 1980 defeat set in motion a process of endless revision, by herself and her opponents, that has defined her career.
    by Robert Draper. The New York Times Magazine, 11-Oct-2016.

  3. Hillary's War
    Her support for the Senate resolution giving President Bush the authority to use force against Iraq remains a problem for the Democratic Party's base. The way she arrived at that decision -- and at subsequent decisions on Iraq -- may point to what sort of president she would be.
    by Jeff Gerth; Don Van Natta. The New York Times Magazine, 29-May-2007.

  4. "I'm the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse"
    Inside the final weeks of Hillary Clinton's cautious -- and surprisingly risky -- campaign.
    by Mark Leibovich. The New York Times Magazine, 11-Oct-2016.

  5. Hillary Clinton Is Furious. And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried.
    The surreal post-election life of the woman who would have been president.
    by Rebecca Traister. New York Magazine, 26-May-2017.


  1. Official Website:

  2. Twitter: @hillaryclinton


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