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Slaughter in San Francisco (16-Aug-1974)

Director: Wei Lo

Writer: Wei Lo

Keywords: Action/Adventure, San Francisco

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Chuck Norris
10-Mar-1940   Walker: Texas Ranger


Review by anonymous (posted on 16-Jun-2005)

This film is the English language version of a film, "The Yellow-Faced Tiger" and has the distinction of being written for Bruce Lee to star in. Lee declined the film and formed his own production company and made his film, "The Way of the Dragon," instead. Director, Lo Wei (who directed Bruce Lee's first two films) made this film with Chinese-American Don Wong in the Bruce Lee role. Filmed in Daly City (masquerading as neighbor-city, San Francisco,) the film actually includes some footage frilemd on the streets of San Francisco, (including abrief glimpse of my home.) Production values and plotlines are laughable and the film is only watchable because of the appearance of Chuck Norris as the kingpin of the crime syndicate. Always good for a few laughs.

Review by gg allin (posted on 15-Sep-2005)

This movie could be for some people the best kung fu movie ever... god damn man, screw "Enter The Dragon". This film has the best mafia/kung fu/sabotage trama ever written.

In this film you'll get to see police corruption, sabotage, Don Wong riding a motorbike with an early 70s sweater, a dog barking without opening his mouth, cool cars, Chuck Norris trying to rape a chinese girl, and a lot of black guys beaten by Don Wong.

The film starts with some 70's cop music and two cops (one chinese and the other black) on his cars making their duty, then you get to see some big letters that say: "CHUCK NORRIS IN" and then "slaughter in san francisco". And so the film goes but then you realize that big o' Chuck isn't the primary character, in fact he's just a mafia guy that appears like 2 times in 30 minutes, he wears some real funny sun glasses and talks like high pitched, don't worry about that, all the cast of this film talk high pitched, that makes the film funnier. Another fun factor is that when somebody finish his dialogue, you can listen to some air or something like that, i mean "ssssss" something like that, and everything gets really quiet.

Alright, now that we all know what kind of low budget movie is this, we can get to the story...

Not much to say here, is the typical 70's/80's action thing, we have a cop and we have his black cop friend, who is murdered because he saw too much. Then the chinese cop starts to investigate who killed his favorite black friend.Then we can see our hero walking on the street with a cool 70's funk, searching for answers, visiting his friend's grave, his friend's wife and child (by the way, blackie's daughter was smiling and playing with some toys while his mother was like crying, that could mean that blackie beat her). And so, Don Wong (our hero) gets to the bottom of all adn realizes that Chuck Norris (AKA "the boss") is the new San Francisco's drug lord and his men killed Don Wong's friend. So here we get to the typical final fight...a lot of extra guys who had no idea of what karate is, we got a lot of shots of Don Wong beating the hell out some black guys, 70's suits, Don Wong cutting a black guy's face with a shovel and the final Don Wong vs Chuck Norris fight. After the fight Wong is on ecstasi and he just want to kill the boss, so his police station friend finally gets to the crime scene to stop him, then, Wong turns around and realizes that the entire Chuck Norris mafia is arrested by a few cops in like 30 seconds. Excelent movie. Recommended for nostalgia people, and 70's kung-fu lovers.

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