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Chiefs (13-Nov-1983)

Director: Jerry London

Writer: Robert W. Lenski

From novel by: Stuart Woods

Keywords: Drama

TV miniseries in 3 parts.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Keith Carradine
8-Aug-1949   Thieves Like Us
Stephen Collins
1-Oct-1947   Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven
Brad Davis
6-Nov-1949 8-Sep-1991 Midnight Express
Michael Durrell
6-Oct-1943   Alex Nikolas on Santa Barbara
Chris Ellis
14-Apr-1956   Character actor
Danny Glover
22-Jul-1946   Lethal Weapon
John Goodman
20-Jun-1952   King Ralph
Tess Harper
15-Aug-1950   Crimes of the Heart
Charlton Heston
4-Oct-1923 5-Apr-2008 The Ten Commandments
Wanda Jackson
20-Oct-1937   United States' first female rock and roll singer
Paula Kelly
21-Oct-1943   Sweet Charity
Leon Rippy
30-Oct-1949   Earl on Saving Grace
Lane Smith
29-Apr-1936 13-Jun-2005 The Final Days
Paul Sorvino
13-Apr-1939   Det. Cerreta on Law & Order
Victoria Tennant
30-Sep-1950   LA Story
Wallace Wilkinson
12-Dec-1941 5-Jul-2002 Governor of Kentucky, 1987-91
Billy Dee Williams
6-Apr-1937   Lando Calrissian, Colt-45 malt liquor pitchman


Review by Theresa Allen (posted on 1-Apr-2005)

I saw Chiefs in 1983 and I have to tell you it's perhaps the best miniseries I have seen since Rich Man, Poor Man in the mid 70's, that was also a great miniseries. In Chiefs I think the story, that little town of Delano, GA, and all of the actors were fabulous.

I can still remember every actor and every scene, especially when Billy Dee Williams arrived in Delano and what he uncovered, being the third police chief in Delano.

Chiefs should be really be in all video stores so people can see this miniseries. I think it is a shame that more of these miniseries aren't available in videos stores.

I'm still trying to find it on DVD.

Review by Jessie J. (posted on 27-Sep-2005)

I loved this minieries. I taped it on VHS and watched it so many times in 83. I lent the tape to my friend who decided to watch something else on those nights. I couldn't stop talking about the miniseries; so she finally agreed to watch it. I think she wanted to see for herself exactly what I was talking about, and if it was indeed that great. Well, wouldn't you know that she loved it; but what wasn't there to love about it? I never did get that tape back. She moved away not long after that and took my tape with her. I think I miss my copy of Chiefs more then I miss my friend!

Review by scout (posted on 3-Mar-2005)

Loved this mini series. It was great! I've been searching for this movie on the web for a while, but I couldn't find anything a couple of years ago. Haven't seen it for a while, would love to own this as a DVD. Keith Carradine was great, so were Brad Davis, Billy Dee Williams, Stephen Collins, Wayne Rogers, et al.

Review by Neil (posted on 16-Jun-2007)

Probably the single greatest TV miniseries ever made. Don't get me wrong, Roots was phenomanal and Shogun was absolutaly fantastic. But Chiefs had something more to it that made it so riviting. For one thing, it had some of the best acting your ever likely to see in a TV movie. The whole cast gave it there all and it shows. It tackles so many different topics besides the main story, but never wanders or fails to work them seamlessly into the main story. If anyone knows where I can buy a new copy on dvd, please let me know. I would love to own it, as I lost the copy I taped so many years ago.

Review by Patricia (posted on 6-Apr-2008)

A total surprise considering TV mostly leaves alot to be desired when it comes to movies. But, this was the best Mini-series I've ever watched. Night after night the suspense kept building and the ending was totally fantastic; superb acting and directing and what a story! I remember watching it on Television and having nobody to discuss it with because none of my friends watched it...but then I found out my Auntie was hooked and we just went on and on about how great the show was. Why can't more movies like this be on TV? What ever happened to the TV Mini-series? I'd like to rent this but no video store or Netflix has it.

Review by anonymous (posted on 2-Sep-2006)

Chiefs started out slow and steady, with the cast members grabbing your interest soon and holding it until the moment you were hooked on the experience, both by the acting, and also by the quietly horrific subject matter. You became emotionally involved when the killer had been identified by the first chief (Wayne Rogers), and that chief took his secret to his grave in an untimely and tragic death, caused by a good neighbor and friend. I too am looking for this wonderful film, and hope someone will reach the company that produced it so that we can view it again.

Review by Michael (posted on 28-Jun-2007)

In my opinion, the absolute best TV movie ever, great acting, great cast, amazing story line. Why this isnt more readily available is beyond me. This needs to be released on DVD! Everyone should see this movie.

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