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Western drama, broadcast 1959-73.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Dan Blocker
10-Dec-1928 13-May-1972 Hoss on Bonanza
David Canary
25-Aug-1938 16-Nov-2015 Stuart Chandler on All My Children
Lorne Greene
12-Feb-1915 11-Sep-1987 Ben Cartwright on Bonanza
Jack Kruschen
20-Mar-1922 2-Apr-2002 The Apartment
Michael Landon
31-Oct-1936 1-Jul-1991 Little House on the Prairie
Tim Matheson
31-Dec-1947   Otter in Animal House
Pernell Roberts
18-May-1928 24-Jan-2010 Trapper John, M.D.
Bing Russell
5-May-1926 8-Apr-2003 Dep. Clem Foster on Bonanza
Ray Teal
12-Jan-1902 2-Apr-1976 Sheriff Roy Coffee on Bonanza
Guy Williams
14-Jan-1924 7-May-1989 Prof. John Robinson on Lost in Space
Victor Sen Yung
18-Oct-1915 9-Nov-1980 Hop Sing on Bonanza


Season One (1959)
1  A Rose for Lotta (12-Sep-1959)
2  Death on Sun Mountain (19-Sep-1959)
3  The Newcomers (26-Sep-1959)
4  The Paiute War (3-Oct-1959)
5  Enter Mark Twain (10-Oct-1959)
6  The Julia Bulette Story (17-Oct-1959)
7  The Saga of Annie O'Toole (24-Oct-1959)
8  The Diedeshiemer Story (31-Oct-1959)
9  Mr. Henry Comstock (7-Nov-1959)
10  The Magnificent Adah (14-Nov-1959)
11  The Truckee Strip (21-Nov-1959)
12  The Hanging Posse (28-Nov-1959)
13  Vendetta (5-Dec-1959)
14  The Sisters (12-Dec-1959)
15  The Last Hunt (19-Dec-1959)
16  El Toro Grande (2-Jan-1960)
17  The Outcast (9-Jan-1960)
18  A House Divided (16-Jan-1960)
19  The Gunmen (23-Jan-1960)
20  The Fear Merchants (30-Jan-1960)
21  The Spanish Grant (6-Feb-1960)
22  Blood on the Land (13-Feb-1960)
23  Desert Justice (20-Feb-1960)
24  The Stranger (27-Feb-1960)
25  Escape to Ponderosa (5-Mar-1960)
26  The Avenger (19-Mar-1960)
27  The Last Trophy (26-Mar-1960)
28  San Francisco (2-Apr-1960)
29  Bitter Water (9-Apr-1960)
30  Feet of Clay (16-Apr-1960)
31  Dark Star (23-Apr-1960)
32  Death at Dawn (30-Apr-1960)

Season Two (1960)
1  Showdown (10-Sep-1960)
2  The Mission (17-Sep-1960)
3  Badge Without Honor (24-Sep-1960)
4  The Mill (1-Oct-1960)
5  The Hopefuls (8-Oct-1960)
6  Denver McKee (15-Oct-1960)
7  Day of Reckoning (22-Oct-1960)
8  The Abduction (29-Oct-1960)
9  Breed of Violence (5-Nov-1960)
10  The Last Viking (12-Nov-1960)
11  The Trail Gang (26-Nov-1960)
12  The Savage (3-Dec-1960)
13  Silent Thunder (10-Dec-1960)
14  The Ape (17-Dec-1960)
15  The Blood Line (31-Dec-1960)
16  The Courtship (7-Jan-1961)
17  The Spitfire (14-Jan-1961)
18  The Bride (21-Jan-1961)
19  Bank Run (28-Jan-1961)
20  The Fugitive (4-Feb-1961)
21  Vengeance (11-Feb-1961)
22  Tax Collector (18-Feb-1961)
23  The Rescue (25-Feb-1961)
24  The Dark Gate (4-Mar-1961)
25  The Duke (11-Mar-1961)
26  Cutthroat Junction (18-Mar-1961)
27  The Gift (1-Apr-1961)
28  The Rival (15-Apr-1961)
29  The Infernal Machine (22-Apr-1961)
30  The Thunderhead Swindle (29-Apr-1961)
31  The Secret (6-May-1961)
32  The Dream Riders (20-May-1961)
33  Elizabeth, My Love (27-May-1961)
34  Sam Hill (3-Jun-1961)

Season Three (1961)
1  The Smiler (24-Sep-1961)
2  Springtime (1-Oct-1961)
3  The Honor of Cochise (8-Oct-1961)
4  The Lonely House (15-Oct-1961)
5  The Burma Rarity (22-Oct-1961)
6  Broken Ballad (29-Oct-1961)
7  The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch (5-Nov-1961)
8  The Friendship (12-Nov-1961)
9  The Countess (19-Nov-1961)
10  The Horse Breaker (26-Nov-1961)
11  Day of the Dragon (3-Dec-1961)
12  The Frenchman (10-Dec-1961)
13  The Tin Badge (17-Dec-1961)
14  Gabrielle (24-Dec-1961)
15  Land Grab (31-Dec-1961)
16  The Tall Stranger (7-Jan-1962)
17  The Lady from Baltimore (14-Jan-1962)
18  The Ride (21-Jan-1962)
19  The Storm (28-Jan-1962)
20  The Auld Sod (4-Feb-1962)
21  Gift of Water (11-Feb-1962)
22  The Jackknife (18-Feb-1962)
23  The Guilty (25-Feb-1962)
24  The Wooing of Abigail Jones (4-Mar-1962)
25  The Lawmaker (11-Mar-1962)
26  Look to the Stars (18-Mar-1962)
27  The Gamble (1-Apr-1962)
28  The Crucible (8-Apr-1962)
29  Inger, My Love (15-Apr-1962)
30  Blessed Are They (22-Apr-1962)
31  The Dowry (29-Apr-1962)
32  The Long Night (6-May-1962)
33  The Mountain Girl (13-May-1962)
34  The Miracle Worker (20-May-1962)

Season Four (1962)
1  The First Born (23-Sep-1962)
2  The Quest (30-Sep-1962)
3  The Artist (7-Oct-1962)
4  A Hot Day for a Hanging (14-Oct-1962)
5  The Deserter (21-Oct-1962)
6  The Way Station (29-Oct-1962)
7  The War Comes to Washoe (4-Nov-1962)
8  Knight Errant (18-Nov-1962)
9  The Beginning (25-Nov-1962)
10  The Deadly Ones (2-Dec-1962)
11  Gallagher's Sons (19-Dec-1962)
12  The Decision (16-Dec-1962)
13  The Good Samaritan (23-Dec-1962)
14  The Jury (30-Dec-1962)
15  The Colonel (6-Jan-1963)
16  Song in the Dark (13-Jan-1963)
17  Elegy for a Hangman (20-Jan-1963)
18  Half a Rogue (27-Jan-1963)
19  The Last Haircut (3-Feb-1963)
20  Marie, My Love (10-Feb-1963)
21  The Hayburner (17-Feb-1963)
22  The Actress (24-Feb-1963)
23  A Stranger Passed This Way (3-Mar-1963)
24  The Way of Aaron (10-Mar-1963)
25  A Woman Lost (17-Mar-1963)
26  Any Friend of Walter's (24-Mar-1963)
27  Mirror of a Man (31-Mar-1963)
28  My Brother's Keeper (7-Apr-1963)
29  Five into the Wind (21-Apr-1963)
30  The Saga of Whizzer McGee (28-Apr-1963)
31  The Thunder Man (5-May-1963)
32  Rich Man, Poor Man (12-May-1963)
33  The Boss (19-May-1963)
34  Little Man -- Ten Feet Tall (26-May-1963)

Season Five (1963)
1  She Walks in Beauty (22-Sep-1963)
2  A Passion for Justice (29-Sep-1963)
3  Rain from Heaven (6-Oct-1963)
4  Twilight Town (13-Oct-1963)
5  The Toy Soldier (20-Oct-1963)
6  A Question of Strength (27-Oct-1963)
7  Calamity over the Comstock (3-Nov-1963)
8  Journey Remembered (10-Nov-1963)
9  The Quality of Mercy (17-Nov-1963)
10  The Waiting Game (8-Dec-1963)
11  The Legacy (15-Dec-1963)
12  Hoss and the Leprechauns (22-Dec-1963)
13  The Prime of Life (29-Dec-1963)
14  The Lila Conrad Story (5-Jan-1964)
15  Ponderosa Matador (12-Jan-1964)
16  My Son, My Son (19-Jan-1964)
17  Alias Joe Cartwright (26-Jan-1964)
18  The Gentleman from New Orleans (2-Feb-1964)
19  The Cheating Game (9-Feb-1964)
20  Bullet for a Bride (16-Feb-1964)
21  King of the Mountain (23-Feb-1964)
22  Love Me Not (1-Mar-1964)
23  The Pure Truth (8-Mar-1964)
24  No Less a Man (15-Mar-1964)
25  Return to Honor (22-Mar-1964)
26  The Saga of Muley Jones (29-Mar-1964)
27  The Roper (5-Apr-1964)
28  A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay (12-Apr-1964)
29  The Companeros (19-Apr-1964)
30  Enter Thomas Bowers (26-Apr-1964)
31  The Dark Past (3-May-1964)
32  The Pressure Game (10-May-1964)
33  Triangle (17-May-1964)
34  Walter and the Outlaws (17-May-1964)

Season Six (1964)
1  Invention of a Gunfighter (20-Sep-1964)
2  The Hostage (27-Sep-1964)
3  The Wild One (4-Oct-1964)
4  Thanks for Everything, Friend (11-Oct-1964)
5  Logan's Treasure (18-Oct-1964)
6  The Scapegoat (25-Oct-1964)
7  A Dime's Worth of Glory (1-Nov-1964)
8  Square Deal Sam (8-Nov-1964)
9  Between Heaven and Earth (15-Nov-1964)
10  Old Sheba (22-Nov-1964)
11  A Man to Admire (6-Dec-1964)
12  The Underdog (13-Dec-1964)
13  A Knight to Remember (20-Dec-1964)
14  The Saga of Squaw Charlie (27-Dec-1964)
15  The Flapjack Contest (3-Jan-1965)
16  The Far, Far Better Thing (10-Jan-1965)
17  Woman of Fire (17-Jan-1965)
18  The Ballerina (24-Jan-1965)
19  The Flannel-Mouth Gun (31-Jan-1965)
20  Ponderosa Birdman (7-Feb-1965)
21  The Search (14-Feb-1965)
22  The Deadliest Game (21-Feb-1965)
23  Once a Doctor (28-Feb-1965)
24  Right Is the Fourth R (7-Mar-1965)
25  Hound Dog (21-Mar-1965)
26  The Trap (28-Mar-1965)
27  Dead and Gone (4-Apr-1965)
28  A Good Night's Rest (11-Apr-1965)
29  To Own the World (18-Apr-1965)
30  Lothario Larkin (25-Apr-1965)
31  The Return (2-May-1965)
32  The Jonah (9-May-1965)
33  The Spotlight (16-May-1965)
34  Patchwork Man (23-May-1965)

Season Seven (1965)
1  The Debt (12-Sep-1965)
2  The Dilemma (19-Sep-1965)
3  The Brass Box (26-Sep-1965)
4  The Other Son (3-Oct-1965)
5  The Lonely Runner (10-Oct-1965)
6  Devil on Her Shoulder (17-Oct-1965)
7  Found Child (24-Oct-1965)
8  The Meredith Smith (31-Oct-1965)
9  Mighty is the Word (7-Nov-1965)
10  The Strange One (14-Nov-1965)
11  The Reluctant Rebel (21-Nov-1965)
12  Five Sundowns to Sunup (5-Dec-1965)
13  A Natural Wizard (12-Dec-1965)
14  All Ye His Saints (19-Dec-1965)
15  A Dublin Lad (2-Jan-1966)
16  To Kill a Buffalo (9-Jan-1966)
17  Ride the Wind (Part 1) (16-Jan-1966)
18  Ride the Wind (Part 2) (23-Jan-1966)
19  Destiny's Child (30-Jan-1966)
20  Peace Officer (6-Feb-1966)
21  The Code (13-Feb-1966)
22  Three Brides for Hoss (20-Feb-1966)
23  The Emperor Norton (27-Feb-1966)
24  Her Brother's Keeper (6-Mar-1966)
25  The Trouble with Jamie (20-Mar-1966)
26  Shining in Spain (27-Mar-1966)
27  The Genius (3-Apr-1966)
28  The Unwritten Commandment (10-Apr-1966)
29  Big Shadows on the Land (17-Apr-1966)
30  The Fighters (24-Apr-1966)
31  Home from the Sea (1-May-1966)
32  The Last Mission (8-May-1966)
33  A Dollar's Worth of Trouble (15-May-1966)

Season Eight (1966)
1  Something Hurt, Something Wild (11-Sep-1966)
2  Horse of a Different Hue (18-Sep-1966)
3  A Time to Step Down (25-Sep-1966)
4  The Pursued (Part 1) (2-Oct-1966)
5  The Pursued (Part 2) (9-Oct-1966)
6  To Bloom for Thee (16-Oct-1966)
7  Credit for a Kill (23-Oct-1966)
8  Four Sisters from Boston (30-Oct-1966)
9  Old Charlie (6-Nov-1966)
10  Ballad of the Ponderosa (13-Nov-1966)
11  The Oath (20-Nov-1966)
12  A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town (27-Nov-1966)
13  The Bridegroom (4-Dec-1966)
14  Tommy (18-Dec-1966)
15  A Christmas Story (25-Dec-1966)
16  Ponderosa Explosion (1-Jan-1967)
17  Justice (8-Jan-1967)
18  A Bride for Buford (15-Jan-1967)
19  Black Friday (22-Jan-1967)
20  The Unseen Wound (29-Jan-1967)
21  Journey to Terror (5-Feb-1967)
22  Amigo (12-Feb-1967)
23  A Woman in the House (19-Feb-1967)
24  Judgment at Red Creek (26-Feb-1967)
25  Joe Cartwright, Detective (5-Mar-1967)
26  Dark Enough to See the Stars (12-Mar-1967)
27  The Deed and the Dilemma (26-Mar-1967)
28  The Prince (2-Apr-1967)
29  A Man Without Land (9-Apr-1967)
30  Napoleon's Children (16-Apr-1967)
31  The Wormwood Cup (23-Apr-1967)
32  Clarissa (30-Apr-1967)
33  Maestro Hoss (7-May-1967)
34  The Greedy Ones (14-May-1967)

Season Nine (1967)
1  Second Chance (17-Sep-1967)
2  Sense of Duty (24-Sep-1967)
3  The Conquistadors (1-Oct-1967)
4  Judgment at Olympus (8-Oct-1967)
5  Night of Reckoning (15-Oct-1967)
6  False Witness (22-Oct-1967)
7  The Gentle Ones (29-Oct-1967)
8  Desperate Passage (5-Nov-1967)
9  The Sure Thing (12-Nov-1967)
10  Showdown at Tahoe (19-Nov-1967)
11  Six Black Horses (26-Nov-1967)
12  Check Rein (3-Dec-1967)
13  Justice Deferred (17-Dec-1967)
14  The Gold Detector (24-Dec-1967)
15  The Trackers (7-Jan-1968)
16  A Girl Named George (14-Jan-1968)
17  The Thirteenth Man (21-Jan-1968)
18  The Burning Sky (28-Jan-1968)
19  The Price of Salt (4-Feb-1968)
20  Blood Tie (18-Feb-1968)
21  The Crime of Johnny Mule (25-Feb-1968)
22  The Late Ben Cartwright (3-Mar-1968)
23  Star Crossed (10-Mar-1968)
24  Trouble Town (17-Mar-1968)
25  Commitment at Angelus (7-Apr-1968)
26  A Dream to Dream (14-Apr-1968)
27  In Defense of Honor (28-Apr-1968)
28  To Die in Darkness (5-May-1968)
29  The Bottle Fighter (12-May-1968)
30  The Arrival of Eddie (19-May-1968)
31  The Stronghold (26-May-1968)
32  Pride of a Man (2-Jun-1968)
33  A Severe Case of Matrimony (7-Jul-1968)
34  Stage Door Johnnies (28-Jul-1968)

Season Ten (1968)
1  Different Pines, Same Wind (15-Sep-1968)
2  Child (22-Sep-1968)
3  Salute to Yesterday (29-Sep-1968)
4  The Real People of Muddy Creek (6-Oct-1968)
5  The Passing of a King (13-Oct-1968)
6  The Last Vote (20-Oct-1968)
7  Catch as Catch Can (27-Oct-1968)
8  Little Girl Lost (3-Nov-1968)
9  The Survivors (10-Nov-1968)
10  The Sound of Drums (17-Nov-1968)
11  Queen High (1-Dec-1968)
12  Yonder Man (8-Dec-1968)
13  Mark of Guilt (15-Dec-1968)
14  A World Full of Cannibals (22-Dec-1968)
15  Sweet Annie Laurie (5-Jan-1969)
16  My Friend, My Enemy (12-Jan-1969)
17  Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds (19-Jan-1969)
18  Erin (26-Jan-1969)
19  Company of Forgotten Men (2-Feb-1969)
20  The Clarion (9-Feb-1969)
21  The Lady and the Mountain Lion (23-Feb-1969)
22  Five Candles (2-Mar-1969)
23  The Wish (9-Mar-1969)
24  The Deserter (16-Mar-1969)
25  Emily (23-Mar-1969)
26  The Running Man (30-Mar-1969)
27  The Unwanted (6-Apr-1969)
28  Speak No Evil (20-Apr-1969)
29  The Fence (27-Apr-1969)
30  A Ride in the Sun (11-May-1969)

Season Eleven (1969)
1  Another Windmill to Go (14-Sep-1969)
2  The Witness (21-Sep-1969)
3  The Silence at Stillwater (28-Sep-1969)
4  A Lawman's Lot Is Not a Happy One (5-Oct-1969)
5  Anatomy of a Lynching (12-Oct-1969)
6  To Stop a War (19-Oct-1969)
7  The Medal (26-Oct-1969)
8  The Stalker (2-Nov-1969)
9  Meena (16-Nov-1969)
10  A Darker Shadow (23-Nov-1969)
11  Dead Wrong (7-Dec-1969)
12  Old Friends (14-Dec-1969)
13  Abner Willoughby's Return (21-Dec-1969)
14  It's a Small World (4-Jan-1970)
15  Danger Road (11-Jan-1970)
16  The Big Jackpot (18-Jan-1970)
17  The Trouble with Amy (25-Jan-1970)
18  The Lady and the Mark (1-Feb-1970)
19  Is There Any Man Here (8-Feb-1970)
20  The Law and Billy Burgess (15-Feb-1970)
21  Long Way to Ogden (22-Feb-1970)
22  Return Engagement (1-Mar-1970)
23  The Gold Mine (8-Mar-1970)
24  Decision at Los Robles (22-Mar-1970)
25  Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing (29-Mar-1970)
26  The Horse Traders (5-Apr-1970)
27  What Are Pardners For? (12-Apr-1970)
28  A Matter of Circumstance (19-Apr-1970)

Season Twelve (1970)
1  The Night Virginia City Died (13-Sep-1970)
2  A Matter of Faith (20-Sep-1970)
3  The Weary Willies (27-Sep-1970)
4  The Wagon (5-Oct-1970)
5  The Power of Life and Death (11-Oct-1970)
6  Gideon, the Good (18-Oct-1970)
7  The Trouble with Trouble (25-Oct-1970)
8  Thornton's Account (1-Nov-1970)
9  The Love Child (8-Nov-1970)
10  El Jefe (15-Nov-1970)
11  The Luck of Pepper Shannon (22-Nov-1970)
12  The Imposters (13-Dec-1970)
13  Honest John (20-Dec-1970)
14  For a Young Lady (27-Dec-1970)
15  A Single Pilgrim (3-Jan-1971)
16  The Gold Plated Rifle (10-Jan-1971)
17  Top Hand (17-Jan-1971)
18  A Deck of Aces (31-Jan-1971)
19  The Desperado (7-Feb-1971)
20  The Reluctant American (14-Feb-1971)
21  Shadow of a Hero (21-Feb-1971)
22  The Silent Killer (28-Feb-1971)
23  Terror at 2:00 (7-Mar-1971)
24  The Stillness Within (14-Mar-1971)
25  A Time to Die (21-Mar-1971)
26  Winter Kill (28-Mar-1971)
27  Kingdom of Fear (11-Apr-1971)
28  An Earthquake Called Callahan (11-Apr-1971)

Season Thirteen (1971)
1  The Grand Swing (19-Sep-1971)
2  Fallen Woman (26-Sep-1971)
3  Bushwhacked (3-Oct-1971)
4  Rock-a-Bye, Hoss (10-Oct-1971)
5  The Prisoners (17-Oct-1971)
6  Cassie (24-Oct-1971)
7  Don't Cry, My Son (31-Oct-1971)
8  Face of Fear (14-Nov-1971)
9  Blind Hunch (21-Nov-1971)
10  The Iron Butterfly (28-Nov-1971)
11  The Rattlesnake Brigade (5-Dec-1971)
12  Easy Come, Easy Go (12-Dec-1971)
13  A Home for Jamie (19-Dec-1971)
14  Warbonnet (26-Dec-1971)
15  A Lonely Man (2-Jan-1972)
16  Second Sight (9-Jan-1972)
17  Saddle Stiff (16-Jan-1972)
18  Frenzy (30-Jan-1972)
19  Customs of the Country (6-Feb-1972)
20  Shanklin (13-Feb-1972)
21  Search in Limbo (20-Feb-1972)
22  He Was Only Seven (5-Mar-1972)
23  The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother (12-Mar-1972)
24  A Place to Hide (19-Mar-1972)
25  A Visit to Upright (26-Mar-1972)
26  One Ace Too Many (2-Apr-1972)

Season Fourteen (1972)
1  Forever (Part 1) (12-Sep-1972)
2  Forever (Part 2) (12-Sep-1972)
3  Heritage of Anger (19-Sep-1972)
4  The Initiation (26-Sep-1972)
5  Riot! (3-Oct-1972)
6  New Man (10-Oct-1972)
7  Ambush at Rio Lobo (24-Oct-1972)
8  The 26th Grave (31-Oct-1972)
9  Stallion (14-Nov-1972)
10  The Hidden Enemy (28-Nov-1972)
11  The Sound of Sadness (5-Dec-1972)
12  The Bucket Dog (19-Dec-1972)
13  First Love (26-Dec-1972)
14  The Witness (2-Jan-1973)
15  The Marriage of Theodora Duffy (9-Jan-1973)
16  The Hunter (16-Jan-1973)

TV Movies
1  Bonanza: The Next Generation (20-Apr-1988)
2  Bonanza: The Return (28-Nov-1993)
3  Bonanza: Under Attack (15-Jan-1995)

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