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The Real McCoys


Sitcom, broadcast 1957-63 on ABC except September 1962-3 on CBS.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Joan Blondell
30-Aug-1906 25-Dec-1979 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Walter Brennan
25-Jul-1894 21-Sep-1974 Three Oscars for Best Supporting Actor
Andy Clyde
25-Mar-1892 18-May-1967 Cully Wilson on Lassie
Richard Crenna
30-Nov-1927 18-Jan-2003 Our Miss Brooks
Tony Martinez
27-Jan-1920 16-Sep-2002 Pepino on The Real McCoy's
Kathleen Nolan
27-Sep-1933   President, Screen Actors Guild, 1975-79
Butch Patrick
2-Aug-1953   Eddie on The Munsters
Willard Waterman
29-Aug-1914 2-Feb-1995 The Great Gildersleeve


Season One (1957)
1  Californy, Here We Come (3-Oct-1957)
2  The Egg War (10-Oct-1957)
3  Kate's Dress (17-Oct-1957)
4  Grampa Sells His Gun (24-Oct-1957)
5  A Question of Discipline (31-Oct-1957)
6  You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (7-Nov-1957)
7  Luke Gets His Freedom (14-Nov-1957)
8  Grampa's Date (21-Nov-1957)
9  The Fishing Contest (28-Nov-1957)
10  It's a Woman's World (5-Dec-1957)
11  The Bigger They Are (12-Dec-1957)
12  Gambling Is a Sin (19-Dec-1957)
13  Let's Be Buddies (26-Dec-1957)
14  Grampa and the Driver's License (2-Jan-1958)
15  The Lady's Man (9-Jan-1958)
16  Luke's Mother-in-Law (16-Jan-1958)
17  The Matchmaker (23-Jan-1958)
18  The Goodys Come to Town (30-Jan-1958)
19  Little Luke's Education (6-Feb-1958)
20  Time to Retire (13-Feb-1958)
21  Grampa's Proposal (20-Feb-1958)
22  The Homeymoon (27-Feb-1958)
23  Once There was a Traveling Saleswoman (6-Mar-1958)
24  My Favorite Uncle (13-Mar-1958)
25  Grampa's Brithday (20-Mar-1958)
26  New Doctor in Town (27-Mar-1958)
27  For Love or Money (3-Apr-1958)
28  Kate's Career (10-Apr-1958)
29  When a Fellow Needs a Friend (17-Apr-1958)
30  It Pays to Be Poor (24-Apr-1958)
31  The Life of the Party (1-May-1958)
32  Three Is a Crowd (8-May-1958)
33  The New Look (15-May-1958)
34  Volunteer Fire Department (22-May-1958)
35  You Can't Always Be a Hero (29-May-1958)
36  The Homely Boy (5-Jun-1958)
37  Her Flaming Youth (12-Jun-1958)
38  The Corn Eating Contest (19-Jun-1958)
39  You're Never Too Old (26-Jun-1958)

Season Two (1958)
1  The New Car (2-Oct-1958)
2  Grampa Learns About Teenagers (9-Oct-1958)
3  Blow the House Down (16-Oct-1958)
4  The Dancin' Fool (23-Oct-1958)
5  The New Well (30-Oct-1958)
6  The New Dog (4-Nov-1958)
7  Sing for Your Supper (13-Nov-1958)
8  Do You Kiss Your Wife? (20-Nov-1958)
9  The Perfect Swine (27-Nov-1958)
10  Leave It to the Girls (4-Dec-1958)
11  The Gift (11-Dec-1958)
12  The New Hired Hand (18-Dec-1958)
13  The New Neighbors (25-Dec-1958)
14  Luke Gets a Job (1-Jan-1959)
15  The McCoys Visit Hollywood (8-Jan-1959)
16  The Bank Loan (15-Jan-1959)
17  The Great Discovery (22-Jan-1959)
18  Son of the Mystic Nile (29-Jan-1959)
19  Kate Learns to Drive (5-Feb-1959)
20  Grampa's Private War (12-Feb-1959)
21  The Rainmaker (19-Feb-1959)
22  The Perfect Houseguest (26-Feb-1959)
23  The Wedding (5-Mar-1959)
24  Kate's Diet (12-Mar-1959)
25  What's a Family For? (19-Mar-1959)
26  Grampa Takes the Primrose Path (26-Mar-1959)
27  Batter Up! (2-Apr-1959)
28  Sweet Fifteen (9-Apr-1959)
29  Go Fight City Hall (16-Apr-1959)
30  Two's Company (23-Apr-1959)
31  The Tax Man Cometh (30-Apr-1959)
32  The Mrs. Homemaker Contest (7-May-1959)
33  The Insurance Policy (14-May-1959)
34  How to Paint a House (21-May-1959)
35  The Great Woodsman (28-May-1959)
36  The Big Skeet Shoot (4-Jun-1959)
37  Grampa's New Job (11-Jun-1959)
38  The Actor (18-Jun-1959)
39  Fire When Ready, Grampa (25-Jun-1959)

Season Three (1959)
1  The Farmer Took a Wife (16-Jul-1959)
2  The Game Warden (23-Jul-1959)
3  The Screen Test (30-Jul-1959)
4  Work No More, My Lady (6-Aug-1959)
5  The Garden Club (13-Aug-1959)
6  The Weaker Sex? (27-Aug-1959)
7  The Fighter and the Lady (3-Sep-1959)
8  The Gas Station (10-Sep-1959)
9  Grampa Fights the Air Force (17-Sep-1959)
10  The Girls at Mom's Place (24-Sep-1959)
11  The Politician (8-Oct-1959)
12  Pepino Takes a Bride (15-Oct-1959)
13  Hot Rod (22-Oct-1959)
14  The Ghostbreakers (5-Nov-1959)
15  The Marriage Broker (12-Nov-1959)
16  How to Build a Boat (19-Nov-1959)
17  The Artist (26-Nov-1959)
18  The Perfume Salesman (3-Dec-1959)
19  The Television Set (10-Dec-1959)
20  The Lawsuit (17-Dec-1959)
21  The Town Councilman (24-Dec-1959)
22  Cousin Naomi (7-Jan-1960)
23  The Bowling Champ (28-Jan-1960)
24  The Talk of the Town (4-Feb-1960)
25  Once There Was a Man (11-Feb-1960)
26  Weekend in Los Angeles (18-Feb-1960)
27  First Date (3-Mar-1960)
28  How To Discover Oil (10-Mar-1960)
29  A House Divided (17-Mar-1960)
30  Foreman of the Jury (4-Aug-1960)
31  One for the Money (11-Aug-1960)
32  That Was No Lady (18-Aug-1960)
33  The Tycoon (25-Aug-1960)
34  Where There's a Will (1-Sep-1960)
35  The Jinx (8-Sep-1960)
36  The Delagates (15-Sep-1960)
37  The Gigolo (22-Sep-1960)
38  Teenage Wedding (29-Sep-1960)
39  McCoys, Ahoy (6-Oct-1960)

Season Four (1960)
1  Beware a Smart Woman (13-Oct-1960)
2  Excutive Wife (20-Oct-1960)
3  Pepino McCoy (27-Oct-1960)
4  Father & Son Day (10-Nov-1960)
5  Farmer or Scientist (17-Nov-1960)
6  The New Librarian (24-Nov-1960)
7  Smothered in Love (1-Dec-1960)
8  Baldy (8-Dec-1960)
9  The Hermit (15-Dec-1960)
10  The Legacy (22-Dec-1960)
11  A Bundle from Japan (12-Jan-1961)
12  The Horse Expert (19-Jan-1961)
13  The City Boy (26-Jan-1961)
14  The Investors (2-Feb-1961)
15  If You Can't Lick 'Em (9-Feb-1961)
16  The Rival (16-Feb-1961)
17  The Good Neighbor Policy (23-Feb-1961)
18  You Can't Beat The Army (2-Mar-1961)
19  The Bazaar (9-Mar-1961)
20  The Swedish Girl (16-Mar-1961)
21  The New Sunday School Teacher (23-Mar-1961)
22  Baseball vs. Love (30-Mar-1961)
23  Theatre in the Barn (6-Apr-1961)
24  George Retires (13-Apr-1961)
25  Pepino's Wedding (27-Apr-1961)
26  Sorority Girl (4-May-1961)
27  Kate Comes Home (11-May-1961)
28  Money in the Bank (18-May-1961)
29  A Man of Influence (25-May-1961)
30  Back to West Virginny (27-Jul-1961)
31  Fly Away Home (3-Aug-1961)
32  September Song (10-Aug-1961)
33  Kate's Competition (17-Aug-1961)
34  Lost and Found (24-Aug-1961)
35  First Love (31-Aug-1961)
36  Hassie's European Trip (7-Sep-1961)
37  How to Win Friends (14-Sep-1961)
38  The Matador (21-Sep-1961)
39  George's Housekeeper (28-Sep-1961)

Sesaon Five (1961)
1  Excess Baggage (5-Oct-1961)
2  The Trailor Camp (12-Oct-1961)
3  Luke Leaves Home (19-Oct-1961)
4  The New Piano (26-Oct-1961)
5  The Handsome Salesman (2-Nov-1961)
6  Honesty Is the Best Policy (9-Nov-1961)
7  Cyrano McCoy (16-Nov-1961)
8  The Diamond Ring (23-Nov-1961)
9  The Berry Crisis (30-Nov-1961)
10  The Rich Boy (7-Dec-1961)
11  The Gamblers (14-Dec-1961)
12  The Marriage Counselor (21-Dec-1961)
13  The Washing Machine (11-Jan-1962)
14  Pepino McCoy, Citizen (18-Jan-1962)
15  Meeting Hassie's Friends (25-Jan-1962)
16  The Law and Mr. McCoy (1-Feb-1962)
17  George's Nephew (8-Feb-1962)
18  Made in Italy (22-Feb-1962)
19  Who's Margie? (1-Mar-1962)
20  You're as Young as You Feel (8-Mar-1962)
21  Double Date (15-Mar-1962)
22  In Grampa We Trust (22-Mar-1962)
23  Never a Lender Be (29-Mar-1962)
24  Allergies Anonymous (5-Apr-1962)
25  Pepino's Fortune (12-Apr-1962)
26  Pepino's Vacation (19-Apr-1962)
27  Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble (26-Apr-1962)
28  Don't Judge a Book (3-May-1962)
29  The Raffle Ticket (10-May-1962)

Season Six (1962)
1  Grampa Pygmalion (30-Sep-1962)
2  Three Strikes and Out (7-Oct-1962)
3  Army Reunion (14-Oct-1962)
4  The Roofing Salesman (21-Oct-1962)
5  The Good Will Tour (28-Oct-1962)
6  Money from Heaven (4-Nov-1962)
7  Actress in the House (11-Nov-1962)
8  The New Housekeeper (18-Nov-1962)
9  Pepino's Inheritance (25-Nov-1962)
10  The Girl Veterinarian (2-Dec-1962)
11  The Health Addict (9-Dec-1962)
12  The Love Bug Bites Pepino (16-Dec-1962)
13  Luke the Reporter (23-Dec-1962)
14  The Farmer and Adele (30-Dec-1962)
15  The Crop Duster (6-Jan-1963)
16  Cupid Wore a Tail (13-Jan-1963)
17  The Other Side of the Fence (20-Jan-1963)
18  Sir Fergus McCoy (27-Jan-1963)
19  The Little Boy Blew (3-Feb-1963)
20  Luke in the Ivy League (10-Feb-1963)
21  Aunt Win Arrives (17-Feb-1963)
22  Aunt Win's Conquest (24-Feb-1963)
23  Grampa Apron Strings (3-Mar-1963)
24  Aunt Win Steps In (10-Mar-1963)
25  How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? (17-Mar-1963)
26  Luke the Dog Catcher (24-Mar-1963)
27  The Incorruptibles (31-Mar-1963)
28  The McCoy Hex (7-Apr-1963)
29  Skeleton in the Closet (14-Apr-1963)
30  Uncle Rightly and the Musical Milker (21-Apr-1963)
31  Up to Their Ears in Corn (28-Apr-1963)
32  The McCoy Sound (5-May-1963)
33  Luke Grows a Beard (12-May-1963)
34  The Auction (19-May-1963)
35  The Partners (26-May-1963)
36  The Peacemakers (2-Jun-1963)
37  Don't Be Nosey (9-Jun-1963)
38  Pals (16-Jun-1963)
39  Pepino's Mama (23-Jun-1963)

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