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Holy Roman Emperor


25-Dec-800 28-Jan-814 Charlemagne
11-Sep-813 20-Jun-840 Louis I
5-Apr-823 29-Sep-855 Lothair I
29-Sep-855 12-Aug-875 Louis II
29-Dec-875 6-Oct-877 Charles the Bald
12-Feb-881 13-Jan-888 Charles the Fat
891 12-Dec-894 Guy I
30-Apr-892 15-Oct-898 Lambert I
22-Feb-896 8-Dec-899 Amulph
22-Feb-901 21-Jul-905 Louis III
Dec-915 7-Apr-924 Berengar I
2-Feb-962 7-May-973 Otto I
25-Dec-967 7-Dec-983 Otto II
21-May-996 23-Jan-1002 Otto III
14-Feb-1014 13-Jul-1024 Henry II
26-Mar-1027 4-Jun-1039 Conrad II
25-Dec-1046 5-Oct-1056 Henry III
5-Oct-1056 7-Aug-1106 Henry IV
13-Apr-1111 23-May-1125 Henry V
4-Jun-1133 4-Dec-1137 Lothair II
18-Jun-1155 10-Jun-1190 Frederick I
14-Apr-1191 28-Sep-1197 Henry VI
21-Oct-1209 1215 Otto IV
22-Nov-1220 13-Dec-1250 Frederick II
29-Jun-1312 24-Aug-1313 Henry VII
17-Jan-1328 11-Oct-1347 Louis IV
5-Apr-1355 29-Nov-1378 Charles IV
31-May-1433 9-Dec-1437 Sigismund
16-Mar-1452 19-Aug-1493 Frederick III
4-Feb-1508 12-Jan-1519 Maximilian I
28-Jun-1519 27-Aug-1556 Charles V
27-Aug-1556 25-Jul-1564 Ferdinand I
25-Jul-1564 12-Oct-1576 Maximilian II
12-Oct-1576 20-Jan-1612 Rudolph II
13-Jun-1612 20-Mar-1619 Matthias
28-Aug-1619 15-Feb-1637 Ferdinand II
15-Feb-1637 2-Apr-1657 Ferdinand III
18-Jul-1658 5-May-1705 Leopold I
5-May-1705 17-Apr-1711 Joseph I
12-Oct-1711 20-Oct-1740 Charles VI
24-Jan-1742 20-Jan-1745 Charles VII
13-Sep-1745 18-Aug-1765 Francis I
18-Aug-1765 20-Feb-1790 Joseph II
30-Sep-1790 1-Mar-1792 Leopold II
5-Jul-1792 6-Aug-1806 Francis II

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