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US Attorney General


America's highest law enforcement officer.

26-Sep-1789 26-Jan-1794 Edmund Randolph (under George Washington)
27-Jan-1794 23-Aug-1795 William Bradford (under George Washington)
10-Dec-1795 19-Feb-1801 Charles Lee (under George Washington and John Adams)
5-Mar-1801 2-Mar-1805 Levi Lincoln (under Thomas Jefferson)
2-Mar-1805 7-Aug-1805 Robert Smith (acting, under Thomas Jefferson)
7-Aug-1805 14-Dec-1806 John Breckinridge (under Thomas Jefferson)
20-Jan-1807 10-Dec-1811 Caesar A. Rodney (under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison)
11-Dec-1811 9-Feb-1814 William Pinkney (under James Madison)
10-Feb-1814 12-Nov-1817 Richard Rush (under James Madison and James Monroe)
13-Nov-1817 4-Mar-1829 William Wirt (under James Monroe and John Quincy Adams)
9-Mar-1829 19-Jul-1831 John M. Berrien (under Andrew Jackson)
20-Jul-1831 14-Nov-1833 Roger Brooke Taney (under Andrew Jackson)
15-Nov-1833 4-Jul-1838 Benjamin F. Butler (under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren)
5-Jul-1838 10-Jan-1840 Felix Grundy (under Martin Van Buren)
11-Jan-1840 4-Mar-1841 Henry Gilpin (under Martin Van Buren)
5-Mar-1841 12-Sep-1841 John J. Crittenden (under William Henry Harrison and John Tyler)
13-Sep-1841 30-Jun-1843 Hugh S. Legaré (under John Tyler)
1-Jul-1843 4-Mar-1845 John Nelson (under John Tyler)
5-Mar-1845 16-Oct-1846 John Y. Mason (under James Knox Polk)
17-Oct-1846 17-Mar-1848 Nathan Clifford (under James Knox Polk)
21-Jun-1848 4-Mar-1849 Isaac Toucey (under James Knox Polk)
8-Mar-1849 21-Jul-1850 Reverdy Johnson (under Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore)
22-Jul-1850 4-Mar-1853 John J. Crittenden (under Millard Fillmore)
7-Mar-1853 4-Mar-1857 Caleb Cushing (under Franklin Pierce)
6-Mar-1857 16-Dec-1860 Jeremiah S. Black (under James Buchanan)
20-Dec-1860 4-Mar-1861 Edwin M. Stanton (under James Buchanan)
5-Mar-1861 24-Nov-1864 Edward Bates (under Abraham Lincoln)
2-Dec-1864 22-Jul-1866 James Speed (under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson)
23-Jul-1866 16-Jul-1868 Henry Stanberry (under Andrew Johnson)
17-Jul-1868 4-Mar-1869 William M. Evarts (under Andrew Johnson)
5-Mar-1869 22-Nov-1870 Ebenezer R. Hoar (under Ulysses S. Grant)
23-Nov-1870 13-Dec-1871 Amos T. Akerman (under Ulysses S. Grant)
14-Dec-1871 25-Apr-1875 George H. Williams (under Ulysses S. Grant)
26-Apr-1875 21-May-1876 Edwards Pierrepont (under Ulysses S. Grant)
22-May-1876 4-Mar-1877 Alphonso Taft (under Ulysses S. Grant)
12-Mar-1877 4-Mar-1881 Charles Devens (under Rutherford B. Hayes)
5-Mar-1881 15-Dec-1881 Wayne MacVeagh (under James Garfield and Chester A. Arthur)
16-Dec-1881 4-Mar-1885 Benjamin H. Brewster (under Chester A. Arthur)
6-Mar-1885 4-Mar-1889 Augustus Hill Garland (under Grover Cleveland)
7-Mar-1889 4-Mar-1893 William H. H. Miller (under Benjamin Harrison)
6-Mar-1893 7-Apr-1895 Richard Olney (under Grover Cleveland)
8-Apr-1895 4-Mar-1897 Judson Harmon (under Grover Cleveland)
5-Mar-1897 25-Jan-1898 Joseph McKenna (under William McKinley)
25-Jan-1898 29-Mar-1901 John W. Griggs (under William McKinley)
5-Apr-1901 30-Jun-1904 Philander Knox (under William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt)
1-Jul-1904 17-Dec-1906 William H. Moody (under Theodore Roosevelt)
17-Dec-1906 4-Mar-1909 Charles J. Bonaparte (under Theodore Roosevelt)
4-Mar-1909 4-Mar-1913 George W. Wickersham (under William Howard Taft)
5-Mar-1913 29-Aug-1914 James C. McReynolds (under Woodrow Wilson)
29-Aug-1914 4-Mar-1919 Thomas Watt Gregory (under Woodrow Wilson)
5-Mar-1919 4-Mar-1921 A. Mitchell Palmer (under Woodrow Wilson)
4-Mar-1921 6-Apr-1924 Harry M. Daugherty (under Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge)
7-Apr-1924 1-Mar-1925 Harlan Fiske Stone (under Calvin Coolidge)
7-Mar-1925 4-Mar-1929 John G. Sargent (under Calvin Coolidge)
4-Mar-1929 4-Mar-1933 William D. Mitchell (under Herbert Hoover)
4-Mar-1933 1-Jan-1939 Homer S. Cummings (under Franklin D. Roosevelt)
2-Jan-1939 18-Jan-1940 Frank Murphy (under Franklin D. Roosevelt)
18-Jan-1940 25-Jan-1941 Robert H. Jackson (under Franklin D. Roosevelt)
26-Jan-1941 26-Jun-1945 Francis Biddle (under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman)
27-Jun-1945 26-Jul-1949 Tom C. Clark (under Harry S. Truman)
27-Jul-1949 3-Apr-1952 J. Howard McGrath (under Harry S. Truman)
4-Apr-1952 20-Jan-1953 James P. McGranery (under Harry S. Truman)
21-Jan-1953 23-Oct-1957 Herbert Brownell, Jr. (under Dwight D. Eisenhower)
23-Oct-1957 20-Jan-1961 William P. Rogers (under Dwight D. Eisenhower)
20-Jan-1961 3-Sep-1964 Robert F. Kennedy (under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson)
4-Sep-1964 28-Nov-1966 Nicholas Katzenbach (under Lyndon B. Johnson)
28-Nov-1966 20-Jan-1969 Ramsey Clark (under Lyndon B. Johnson)
20-Jan-1969 15-Feb-1972 John Mitchell (under Richard M. Nixon)
15-Feb-1972 25-May-1973 Richard G. Kleindienst (under Richard M. Nixon)
25-May-1973 20-Oct-1973 Elliot Richardson (under Richard M. Nixon)
20-Oct-1973 4-Jan-1974 Robert Bork (acting, under Richard M. Nixon)
4-Jan-1974 14-Jan-1975 William B. Saxbe (under Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford)
14-Jan-1975 20-Jan-1977 Edward H. Levi (under Gerald Ford)
26-Jan-1977 16-Aug-1979 Griffin Bell (under Jimmy Carter)
16-Aug-1979 19-Jan-1981 Benjamin R. Civiletti (under Jimmy Carter)
23-Jan-1981 25-Feb-1985 William French Smith (under Ronald Reagan)
25-Feb-1985 12-Aug-1988 Ed Meese (under Ronald Reagan)
12-Aug-1988 15-Aug-1991 Dick Thornburgh (under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush)
16-Aug-1991 20-Jan-1993 William Barr (under George H.W. Bush)
20-Jan-1991 12-Mar-1993 Stuart M. Gerson (acting, under Bill Clinton)
12-Mar-1993 20-Jan-2001 Janet Reno (under Bill Clinton)
2-Feb-2001 3-Feb-2005 John Ashcroft (under Bill Clinton)
3-Feb-2005 17-Sep-2007 Alberto Gonzales (under George W. Bush)
17-Sep-2007 18-Sep-2007 Paul Clement (acting, under George W. Bush)
18-Sep-2007 9-Nov-2007 Peter D. Keisler (acting, under George W. Bush)
9-Nov-2007 20-Jan-2009 Michael Mukasey (under George W. Bush)
3-Feb-2009 27-Apr-2015 Eric H. Holder, Jr. (under Barack Obama)
27-Apr-2015 -- Loretta E. Lynch (under Barack Obama)

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