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The Questor Tapes (23-Jan-1974)

Director: Richard A. Colla

Writers: Gene L. Coon; Gene Roddenberry

Keywords: Sci-Fi

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Lew Ayres
28-Dec-1908 30-Dec-1996 All Quiet on the Western Front
Majel Barrett
23-Feb-1932 18-Dec-2008 Widow of Gene Roddenberry
Robert Douglas
9-Nov-1909 11-Jan-1999 Homicide
Mike Farrell
6-Feb-1939   BJ Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H
Robert Foxworth
1-Nov-1941   Chase Gioberti on Falcon Crest
Walter Koenig
14-Sep-1936   Chekov on Star Trek
James Shigeta
17-Jun-1933 28-Jul-2014 Flower Drum Song
John Vernon
24-Feb-1932 1-Feb-2005 Dean Wormer in Animal House
Dana Wynter
8-Jun-1931 5-May-2011 Sink the Bismarck!


Review by J A Slavik (posted on 29-Oct-2007)

To all those who participated in the making of "The Questor Tapes", Thank you very much. I appreciated this movie as a Saturday matinee. Or was it an "After School Special"? I am trying to remember if Questor was literally designed to explode to prevent him from falling into unauthorized hands. Or was there a malfunction, or flaw, in the reactor that powered his android body? The key theme about confiding in a friend is crucial to survival of the conscience of a "living individual", and therefore the innate awareness or "Soul" that makes us really alive. We are able to be aware of the world about us, though our minds and bodies require the kinship of our fellow men, women, boys, girls, and infants, the yet to be born, and the born again to be truly alive in an unselfish and joyful way. Thank You and God Bless Us One and All

Review by anonymous (posted on 7-Apr-2006)

The primary reason I rated The Questor Tapes 4 stars is due to the deep, emotional bond between Dr. Jerry Robinson (Mike Farrell), the engineer who built android Questor, and Questor (Robert Foxworth) himself. Questor has no explanation of his existence, and is driven to find his creator, Dr. Emile Vaslovik, with the help of Jerry Robinson and Lady Helena Trumble. After exhaustive research, and no path to the whereabouts of Dr. Vas- lovik, Questor accepts his oncoming demise in three days--he will turn into a nuclear bomb and must go to a safe blast lo- cation so no living creature will perish after he detonates. Jerry is panicked with the knowledge of losing his friend, Questor. Jerry and Questor talk in a London park. ( This scene, straight to the ending, portrays the depth of their friendship.) Questor sees a wooden structure depicting Noah's Ark children are playing upon and suddenly, the one seed of information he possessed about Vaslovik's location, something to do with 'aqua- tic vehicles', becomes clear to him--his creator can be found on the mountains of Ararat. Questor plans to return to Trumble Manor to ask Lady Helena to arrange transportation to the bib- licle site. Jerry tells Questor they cannot return to the Manor because he contacted the police, he betrayed Questor's location to the Project Questor Foundation because he wrongfully thought Questor and the research center at Trumble Manor were created for the express use of international espionage. Lady Helena had already convinced Jerry otherwise before he met with Questor in the park, but the damage is done. Questor is shot by London police; Jerry is devestated. Questor is taken to the Founda- tion where Jerry "operates" on him to repair the bullet damage. Friction and conflict arise with the foundation head, but Jer- ry's terms are met, and he and Questor are provided with a jet to take Questor to Vaslovik so his creator can disarm the nu- clear device. On Ararat, Questor is saved by Vaslovik, and his creator, before dying, asks Jerry to be Questor's guide in the ways of human emotion...as Questor's greatest desire is to feel humanity's greatest achievement--love for one another.

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