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Star Trek (6-Apr-2009)

Director: J. J. Abrams

Writers: Roberto Orci; Alex Kurtzman

Music by: Michael Giacchino

Producers: J. J. Abrams; Damon Lindelof

Keywords: Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Revenge, Time Travel

Eleventh film in the franchise, Star Trek reboots everything from the original TV series, with new actors playing Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and all the other familiar characters. Set before the events of the TV series, the story follows young James Kirk from birth to juvenile delinquency, enlistment with Star Fleet, cheating at the Academy, and stowing away on the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise, where he inevitably saves the day, the ship, and the world. Remains true to the spirit of the original right down to reprising the TV show's spacey theme song, while tweaking the timeline and amping up the adrenaline.

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NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Eric Bana
9-Aug-1968   Hulk, Chopper
Majel Barrett
23-Feb-1932 18-Dec-2008 Widow of Gene Roddenberry
John Cho
16-Jun-1972   Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Clifton Collins, Jr.
16-Jun-1970   One Eight Seven
Ben Cross
16-Dec-1947   Chariots of Fire
Bruce Greenwood
12-Aug-1956   Dr. Griffin on St. Elsewhere
Greg Grunberg
11-Jul-1966   Matt Parkman on Heroes
Chris Hemsworth
11-Aug-1983   The Mighty Thor
Paul McGillion
5-Jan-1969   Dr. Beckett on Stargate: Atlantis
Jennifer Morrison
12-Apr-1979   Dr. Cameron on House, MD
Leonard Nimoy
26-Mar-1931 27-Feb-2015 Commander Spock on Star Trek
Simon Pegg
14-Feb-1970   Shaun of the Dead
Tyler Perry
Film Director
13-Sep-1969   Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Chris Pine
26-Aug-1980   Star Trek's new Captain Kirk
Zachary Quinto
2-Jun-1977   Sylar on Heroes
Deep Roy
1-Dec-1957   Dwarf Indian actor
Winona Ryder
29-Oct-1971   Edward Scissorhands
Zoe Saldana
19-Jun-1978   Avatar and Star Trek
Karl Urban
7-Jun-1972   Éomer in the Lord of the Rings
Lisa Vidal
13-Jun-1965   Insp. Ramirez on The Division
Anton Yelchin
11-Mar-1989 19-Jun-2016 Delivering Milo


Chris Pine   ...   Kirk
Zachary Quinto   ...   Spock
Leonard Nimoy   ...   Spock Prime
Eric Bana   ...   Nero
Bruce Greenwood   ...   Pike
Karl Urban   ...   Bones
Zoe Saldana   ...   Uhura
Simon Pegg   ...   Scotty
John Cho   ...   Sulu
Anton Yelchin   ...   Chekov
Ben Cross   ...   Sarek
Winona Ryder   ...   Amanda Grayson
Chris Hemsworth   ...   George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison   ...   Winona Kirk
Rachel Nichols   ...   Gaila
Faran Tahir   ...   Capt. Robau
Clifton Collins, Jr.   ...   Ayel
Antonio Elias   ...   Officer Pitts
Sean Gerace   ...   Tactical Officer
Randy Pausch   ...   Kelvin Crew Member
Tim Griffin   ...   Kelvin Engineer
Freda Foh Shen   ...   Kelvin Helmsman
Katarzyna Kowalczyk   ...   Kelvin Alien
Jason Brooks   ...   Romulan Helmsman
Sonita Henry   ...   Kelvin Doctor
Kelvin Yu   ...   Medical Technician
Marta Martin   ...   Medical Technician
Tavarus Conley   ...   Kelvin Crew Member
Jeff Castle   ...   Kelvin Crew Member
Billy Brown   ...   Med Evac Pilot
Jimmy Bennett   ...   Young James T. Kirk
Greg Grunberg   ...   Stepdad (voice)
Spencer Daniels   ...   Johnny
Jeremy Fitzgerald   ...   Iowa Cop
Zoe Chernov   ...   Vulcan Student
Max Chernov   ...   Vulcan Student
Jacob Kogan   ...   Young Spock
James Henrie   ...   Vulcan Bully
Colby Paul   ...   Vulcan Bully
Cody Klop   ...   Vulcan Bully
Akiva Goldsman   ...   Vulcan Council Member
Anna Katarina   ...   Vulcan Council Member
Douglas Tait   ...   Long Face Bar Alien
Tony Guma   ...   Lew the Bartender
Gerald W. Abrams   ...   Barfly
James McGrath, Jr.   ...   Barfly
Jason Matthew Smith   ...   Burly Cadet
Marcus Young   ...   Burly Cadet
Robert Clendenin   ...   Shipyard Worker
Darlena Tejeiro   ...   Flight Officer
Reggie Lee   ...   Test Administrator
Jeffrey Byron   ...   Test Administrator
Jonathan Dixon   ...   Simulator Tactical Officer
Tyler Perry   ...   Admiral Richard Barnett
Ben Binswagner   ...   Admiral James Komack
Margot Farley   ...   College Council Stenographer
Paul McGillion   ...   Barracks Leader
Lisa Vidal   ...   Barracks Officer
Alex Nevil   ...   Shuttle Officer
Kimberly Arland   ...   Cadet Alien
Sufe M. Bradshaw   ...   Cadet Alien
Jeff Chase   ...   Cadet Alien
Charlie Haugk   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Nana Hill   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Michael Saglimbeni   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
John Blackman   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Jack Millard   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Shaela Luter   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Sabrina Morris   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Michelle Parylak   ...   Enterprise Crew Member
Oz Perkins   ...   Enterprise Communiations Officer
Amanda Foreman   ...   Hannity
Michael Berry, Jr.   ...   Romulan Tactical Officer
Lucia Rijker   ...   Romulan Communications Officer
Pasha Lychnikoff   ...   Romulan Commander
Matthew Beisner   ...   Romulan Crew Member
Neville Page   ...   Romulan Crew Member
Jesper Inglis   ...   Romulan Crew Member
Greg Ellis   ...   Chief Engineer Olson
Marlene Forte   ...   Transport Chief
Leonard O. Turner   ...   Vulcan Elder
Mark Bramhall   ...   Vulcan Elder
Ronald F. Hoiseck   ...   Vulcan Elder
Irene Roseen   ...   Vulcan Elder
Jeff O'Haco   ...   Vulcan Elder
Scottie Thompson   ...   Nero's Wife
Deep Roy   ...   Keenser
Majel Barrett   ...   Starfleet Computer (voice)


Review by Patrick M. (posted on 13-May-2009)

This movie was amazing! It was action-packed from beginning to end and kept viewers aboard the rollercoaster ride. You do not need to be a veteran Trekky to appreciate the movie (although many jokes can only be understood by Trekkies or people who have somewhat seen the original series with Kirk and Spock). The screenplay was unlike the past few Star Trek movies, in my opinion, and was really fresh and clever. The young actors did the best they could in terms of character development but it still remains an action flick first and foremost. The visual/special effect were amazing and the sound engineers greatly enhanced the feel and finish of it all. I can't wait to see the next films featuring this new cast and more in-depth look at the characters!

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