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Troll 2 (3-Oct-1990)

Director: Claudio Fragasso (as "Drake Floyd")

Writer: Claudio Fragasso (as "Drake Floyd")

Original Music Score by: Carlo Maria Cordio

Keywords: Horror, Fantasy, Unintentional Comedy


Michael Stephenson   ...   Joshua
George Hardy   ...   Michael
Margo Prey   ...   Diana
Connie McFarland   ...   Holly
Robert Ormsby   ...   Seth
Deborah Reed   ...   Creedence
Jason Wright   ...   Elliott
Darren Ewing   ...   Arnold
Jason Steadman   ...   Drew
David McConnell   ...   Brent
Gary Carlson   ...   Sheriff Freak
Mike Hamill   ...   Bells
Don Packard   ...   Drugstore Owner
Christina Reynolds   ...   Cindy
Glenn Gerner   ...   Peter
Michelle Abrams   ...   Wood Tales Girl
Presents' Family
L. Williams   ...   Father
Elli Case   ...   Mother
Gavin Reed   ...   Son
Melissa Bridge   ...   Daughter


Review by anonymous (posted on 3-Oct-2006)

This is known to be the worst film of all time. One reason is because, unlike many camp flops, it was mean't to actually be scary. It isn't. It's unintentially hilarious. The acting is so bad you'll cringe. The story, involving a city family who swaps homes for an entire month with a country family and then being hunted by goblins (there is not one single troll in this movie), is incredibly bad. But this movie is totally entertaining. The camp praise is at it's peak. There have been two sold-out screenings for Troll 2 where the actors have travelled from Utah (the entire film was shot in Utah by an Italian crew) and even a website. You must see this movie, it will blow you away. I give this movie one star as opposed to no stars simply because it's so fun to watch. Especially the scenes involving the family, which are classic. The scenes involving the Troll Queen (although she too is a goblin) get kind of long and boring. Also great are the scenes involving the daughter's boyfriend and his three buddies, most of whom get picked off as the movie progresses. And oh how it progresses. From beginning to end, you'll be blown away. You won't be on the edge of your seat, you'll be inside it.

Review by anonymous (posted on 22-Apr-2006)

Ever see one of those flicks that makes you want to host a party in celebration of it's badness? This film has so inspired me and a small cult of followers in my hometown. This movie has may positive apsects to the bad-movie seeing clique that satisfies our need for camp, bad acting, poor direction, terrible effects, and just plain suckiness in one 87 minute ball of joy. It is one of the few movies where you can hear the line "Go away, monster!!!" uttered. That kid, Joshua should have a statue erected for him in honor of possibly the worst film role in existance. The ending of defeating an entire army of vegetarian goblins by eating a double-decker bologna sandwich (which conincedentially looks like two slices of candian bacon, but I digress)is the lamest ending to have ever been dreamt up. I want to know where to buy the the crack it would have taken to come up with the corncob seduction scene so I can punch out the dealer. It's sad, really when the sequel sucks more than the original WITHOUT Sunny Bono! I fully encourage anyone who wants to be able to brag that they own the worst movie ever filmed to buy the two pack set with the original. Watch it sparingly, however as repeated watchings will inspire one to utter lines from the film that only others "in the know" would appreciate. Bust out your guilty pleasures like a Charlston Chew bar and put on that Journey CD. This will be a dream come true for bad movie lovers everywhere!

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