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Titanic (17-Nov-1996)

Director: Robert Lieberman

Writers: Ross LaManna; Joyce Eliason

Keywords: Action/Adventure

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Tim Curry
19-Apr-1946   Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show
Peter Gallagher
19-Aug-1955   American Beauty
Marilu Henner
6-Apr-1952   Taxi
Katharine Isabelle
10-Mar-1982   Ginger Snaps
Harley Jane Kozak
28-Jan-1957   All I Want for Christmas
Molly Parker
14-Jun-1972   Widow Garret on Deadwood
Barry Pepper
4-Apr-1970   The Green Mile
Roger Rees
5-May-1944 10-Jul-2015 Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Eva Marie Saint
4-Jul-1924   North by Northwest
George C. Scott
18-Oct-1927 22-Sep-1999 Patton
Kavan Smith
6-May-1970   Maj. Evan Lorne on Stargate: Atlantis
Catherine Zeta-Jones
25-Sep-1969   Traffic


Review by anonymous (posted on 6-May-2006)

A classic television film in my book, which I by far preferred over the enormously over-hyped theatrical version. Brought down only by the unexpected, incongruous, and jarring openning scene, in a piece that was destined to be, as we all knew, jarring anyway.. Secondly, by the fact that it did not have the fantastic Kathy Bates, {as did James Cameron's version}, in the role of Molly Brown. Marilu Henner was allright, but who can beat Kathy Bates.. I mean come onn! This version DID, however, star two out-of-this-world actors which I believe the big, grandeous, full-of-itself theatrical version did NOT! The first of the two, being the striking, manly, drop-dead handsome Peter Gallagher! The other shining star, the stunning, poised, and equally drop-dead gorgeous, {new at the time} actress, Katherine Zeta-Jones-and-soon-after-DOUGLAS! They were PERFECT! They BELONGED together! Their chemistry was sheer magic! ~{The two main stars in the other feature, by many people's standards, were woefully miscast! Chemistry?..none there I could feel}~ This television take.. was an unpretensious gem, showing, yes, the grandure, and opulance of THE TITANIC, but it also was a sweeping portrait of the every day people who were aboard.. it gave us, in painstaking detail, a vivid look at the personalities, the rythms, the struggles, the nightmares, the fears.. the ruthlessness, the honour.. the hopes, and the dreams of a magnificently woven tapestry of people.. all kinds of people, of every class and distinction. No, it didn't bend over backwards to get terrible technical, or scientifically precise as to what actually happened, it stayed very much on a "people" level, and what they were doing, and thinking.. what was important to them in their lives, whether they were virtuous, or dastardly. It made you feel the time. Neither did it feed you a seemingly endless.. shreiking musical melody that would be ringing in your ears for the next 5 months! ..Once? Okay, it was beautiful.. In a few days again? Yes, it might have been beautiful then too.. But repeatedly, over and over again, through an almost 4 hour movie, {nevermind that it took place at sea!}.. I mean.. I was ready toss my cookies OVERBOARD by the end of it all!... ONE place though, where BOTH versions did equally well, I think, was in the casting of Captain Smith. There, the theatre version had a man whom I had never seen before, and.. he.. was.. perfect! He LOOKED like the real Capt. Smith, he personafied him eerily spot on! He breathed Captain Smith! ...And George C. Scott? Well, again, it just doesn't get any better than that! He got into the head, and mindset of the real Capt. Smith, he portrayed him in true Scott style.. strong and passionate! Yet he brought a quiet honour, and peace of mind to the role, that certainly was entirely Captain Smith himself! BOTH performances were truly remarkable. If I had to, I could not choose one over the other.. each was purely outstanding. Finally, I felt there were more people, real people, to care about, who we got to know.. as if personally, throughout the entire two-part television epic. You even felt compassion for Tim Curry's character.. a sharp, yet hopeless, scheming thief, and all-around rotton scoundral, caught up in his own greed, trapped by his inability to put his knowledge, {and he did have plenty!}, to any good and noble use! I hope if you haven't yet seen the television, ABC-movie, version of "Titanic", you will now seek it out, and watch it. I'll wager many of you will prefer it over the "blockbuster" theatrical version!

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