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Latter Days (10-Jul-2003)

Director: C. Jay Cox

Writer: C. Jay Cox

Music by: Eric Allaman

Producers: Kirkland Tibbels; Jennifer Schaefer

Keywords: Romantic Drama, Gay, Mormons

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Amber Benson
8-Jan-1977   Tara Maclay on Buffy
Jacqueline Bisset
13-Sep-1944   The Deep
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
17-Feb-1981   Third Rock From the Sun
Erik Palladino
10-May-1968   Dr. Dave Malucci on ER
Mary Kay Place
23-Sep-1947   Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Wes Ramsey
6-Oct-1977   Latter Days
Steve Sandvoss
23-Jun-1980   Latter Days


Steve Sandvoss   ...   Davis
Wes Ramsey   ...   Christian
Joseph Gordon-Levitt   ...   Ryder
Rebekah Jordan   ...   Julie
Jim Ortlieb   ...   Farron Davis
Khary Payton   ...   Andrew
Amber Benson   ...   Traci
Dave Power   ...   Gilford
Rob McElhenney   ...   Harmon
Erik Palladino   ...   Keith
Mary Kay Place   ...   Gladys Davis
Jacqueline Bisset   ...   Lila
Linda Pine   ...   Susan Davis
Bob Gray   ...   Susan's Husband
Judith Morton Fraser   ...   Noreen
Robert LaCroix   ...   Elizabeth's Date
Terry Simpson   ...   Dirk
Brian Patrick Wade   ...   Stacy
Kurt Hargan   ...   Stacy's Husband
Mik Scriba   ...   Maintenance Man
Jason-Shane Scott   ...   Christian's Sublet
John Giansiracusa   ...   Man in Black #1
Robert Ramirez   ...   Man in Black #2
Restaurant Patrons
Toni Blair   ...   Restaurant Patron
Pamela Dominey   ...   Restaurant Patron
Margaret Fitzpatrick   ...   Restaurant Patron
Ed Garber   ...   Restaurant Patron
Nadine Griffith   ...   Restaurant Patron
Richard Growe   ...   Restaurant Patron
Kristen Egues   ...   Restaurant Patron
Aleksei Ilnitsky   ...   Restaurant Patron
Yvonne Grey   ...   Restaurant Patron
MacGareo "Mank" Thomas   ...   Restaurant Patron
Michelle Moolchan   ...   Restaurant Patron
Stefano Pujals   ...   Restaurant Patron
Steve Spellman   ...   Restaurant Patron
Mary Lou Ahlenius   ...   Restaurant Patron
Robin Barberis   ...   Restaurant Patron
Renee Lyle   ...   Restaurant Patron
Hilary Bell   ...   Hollywood Starlet
Michael Moriarty   ...   Body Guard
Matthew Mertens   ...   Body Guard
Doyle and Trudi Wolfgang   ...   Couple Waiting for Table
Oneil Cespedes   ...   Christian's Hook Up
Rich Moriarty   ...   Man Taking Picture
Joseph Dipippa   ...   New Mormon
Laurent Weber   ...   Mormon at Airport
Ed Cha   ...   Itchy the Cook
Daisy Lewis   ...   Hostess
Rob Gunnerson   ...   Bartender at Club
Club Goers
Dwayne Strickland   ...   Club Goer
Ron Hutchings   ...   Club Goer
Greg Kelly   ...   Club Goer
Aaron Lee Harvey   ...   Club Goer
Renato O'Neal   ...   Club Goer
Joe Clemens   ...   Club Goer
Mike Fallon   ...   Club Goer
Steban Demari   ...   Club Goer
Dante Silicato   ...   Club Goer
Adi Cabada   ...   Club Goer
Tim Sanchez   ...   Club Goer
George Bendele   ...   Club Goer
David Welch   ...   Club Goer
Allan Shadoan   ...   Club Goer
Michael Wool   ...   Club Goer
Robbie Wong   ...   Club Goer
Mike Schmidt   ...   Club Goer
Airport Passengers
Melinda Howze   ...   Airport Passenger
Keri Ports   ...   Airport Passenger
Michelle Saffai   ...   Airport Passenger
Chris Kinder   ...   Airport Passenger
Tim Sanchez   ...   Airport Passenger
Wayne Webb   ...   Airport Passenger
Art Villa   ...   Airport Passenger
Kurt Hargan   ...   Airport Passenger
John Bennet   ...   Airport Passenger
Deborah Pixley   ...   Airport Passenger
Jeff Barberis   ...   Airport Passenger
Alicia Barberis   ...   Airport Passenger
Robin Barberis   ...   Airport Passenger
Lonnie Beard   ...   Airline Pilot
Miriam Sue Bolber   ...   Airline Attendant
Church Elders
Lord Abenz   ...   Church Elder
Steven Cischke   ...   Church Elder
Nick Coroneens   ...   Church Elder
Edward Garber   ...   Church Elder
Patrick George   ...   Church Elder
William Hood   ...   Church Elder
Jack Kincaid   ...   Church Elder
Daniel Latch   ...   Church Elder
Nick Murray   ...   Church Elder
James Ozasky   ...   Church Elder
Glen Peterson   ...   Church Elder
William Platt   ...   Church Elder
Stefano Pujals   ...   Church Elder
Steven Sellas   ...   Church Elder
Andre Araujo   ...   Project Angel Food Volunteer
Bill Gill   ...   Project Angel Food Volunteer
Jarris   ...   Project Angel Food Volunteer
Marc-Allen Barker   ...   Project Angel Food Volunteer
Bob Schuck   ...   Thanksgiving Dinner Guest
Daisy Lewis   ...   Thanksgiving Dinner Guest
Alexandra Swanland   ...   Nurse
Dale Hawes   ...   Doctor
Joey Balthozar   ...   Hospital Patron
Quintella Turner   ...   Hospital Patron
Charles Edwards   ...   Cher Impersonator
Leora Lutz   ...   Angel Impersonator
Roger Dertinger   ...   Devil Impersonator


Review by jeanie (posted on 4-Mar-2005)

Loved the Latter Days movie! I bought the movie purely by chance, not realising what an empact it would have on me. Steve Sandvoss and Wes Ramsey did a fantastic job in this movie. I think both of them have a very bright acting careers ahead of them. I know I want to see more! I loved the basketball scene where Christian flirts with Aaron and scores, and Aaron's buddy, Ryder running into the basketball pole {When Christian and his roommate stripped their shirts off, to be "skins"} really made me laugh out loud. The scene I loved the most, is when Aaron walks into "Lila's" and tells her the hell he had been going through. When he tells her of the voice like an Angel he heard and the vidio "3 AM" plays on the TV in a flashback, it gets me every time. I still cry when that scene comes on. The music score is fantastic. This is a must see movie! And it has a happy ending!

Review by smjeffrey (posted on 17-Apr-2007)

The is a superbly touching film. I had no idea it was about two gays who fall in love -- but it was so carefully crafted and well acted that I fell in love with it! I have no idea if Wes Ramsey and Steve Sandvoss are gay -- and I don't care! They are quite arresting in their performances. Jacqueline Bisset is, as always, superb -- as are the supporting players, especially the AIDs victim whose name I do not recall. Yes, the final "happy ending" scene seems, to some, a bit hokey -- but if you think about it, what better way to end a terrific love story. It may be fashionable to have unhappy endings -- but I'm delighted that this tale of unlikely lovers ended with an upbeat note -- and Bisset's toast to friendship and love!

Review by anonymous (posted on 7-May-2005)

I was totally knocked off my feet by this movie. If it had come out when I was 17, I'm sure my whole life would have been different. Love is a precious thing, and it's rarely ever depicted as real in gay movies. Most of them are so negative and such downers. This movie, however, grabs you by the throat at the onset and never lets go. I was put off by some of the language in one scene, but all in all, I have to say that this is now my favorite movie (too bad Star Wars). The two straight male actors who play Aaron (Steve Sandvoss), and Christian (Wesley Ramsey), both do an excellent job, as do Mary Kay Place and Jacqueline Bisset. However, the movie belongs to Steve Sandvoss. His uptight closeted Mormon Missionary is, to me, one of the most vivid and realistic depictions of a difficult character that I have seen in my lifetime. Steve Sandvoss is awesome. There's just not any other way to say it. I think he's got James Dean potential (but hopefully by living through it). I will be on the lookout for anything else that's he's in (Rumor Has It, I think is the slated film), but I will never forget Latter Days, and I will watch it again -- and again -- and again. C. Jay Cox deserves a medal for this movie, and, even though I really liked Sweet Home Alabama, I have to say that he outdid himself this time.

Review by anonymous (posted on 19-May-2006)

This movie started out looking like a flaky B movie. I bought the DVD just because I like to try movies I haven't heard of sometimes. As the movie progresses, it becomes clear that there is more to it that first appearances. The Mormon (the dreamy Steve Sandvoss) isn't as naive as he first appears and the 'LA pretty boy' (Wes Ramsey) turns out to find something real after all under his transparent surface. That and the way 'coincidences' are used as signs gives us a feeling of a deeper meaning of things. I highly recommend this movie if you have an open mind and want to believe.

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